Laid the ear: what to do at home

What to do if the ear does not hear at home?

Stuffy ears can occur at any time regardless of the age and of the human immune system. Factors of the appearance of this symptom are inflammation or trauma of the ear canal. It does not matter if this symptom arose once. But if the loss of hearing acuity hurts and periodic basis, you must commence the treatment as soon as possible.

Before the drug therapy, it is important to establish the root cause of the disease. To do this, consult a qualified physician and pass the necessary examinations. Only after identifying all symptoms and signs, your physician will be able to make the course of therapies. However, if opportunities to consult with health professionals in the near future, and your ears what to do at home? Let us examine this issue in more detail.

When ears pop

Stuffy ears is manifested because of many reasons, but the main symptom is the formation of inflammation. If you recently had otitis media, or influenza, it’s possible that my ears began worsening in the form of otitis media.

Average and internal otitis may cause common cold. It often occurs in younger children. Due to the fact that kids do not know how to vysmarkivatsya, they pull mucus back. Thus, mucus gets into the Eustachian tube, causing blockage of the ducts, whereby the patient experiences the ears.

However, the passage of mucus in the auditory tube may cause more serious consequences than just congestion.

It is known that stagnation of fluid, including mucus are favorable conditions for the development of bacteria and germs. Not vyskakovaci and ignoring the runny nose, the patient can trigger the onset of otitis media or sinusitis.

In addition, among the causes of congestion are often found:

  • getting a foreign object in the ears;
  • allergic reaction to long use of antibiotics;
  • hypertension;
  • the change in internal pressure;
  • education of hearing loss;
  • trauma to the ear canal;
  • the lack of hygiene.

In addition, there are serious inflammation:

  • acute otitis media;
  • disease of the labyrinth;
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • the appearance of cysts and tumors.
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In each situation it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive study of the causes.

Remember that the treatment assignment itself can only aggravate the situation.

However, even the modern man does not always have the opportunity to consult with a professional. And if the inflammation is caught you unexpectedly, and the ear does not hear what to do in the home will consider in the next section.

What to do at home if laid his ear

The most common cause is the ingress of liquid into the ear. If this happens to you, from liquid it is urgent to get rid of. If this process tighten, the moisture will trigger the appearance of germs and bacteria, which adversely affect the body.

For moisture removal, use cotton swabs, however, to pursue them at the hearing passage should be carefully not to injure the delicate skin of the ear. Therefore, the choice of ear cotton sticks give the preference to those who have constraints.

Remember that statistically the greatest number of perforations is due to injury to the ears it sticks for purification.

If you do not use chopsticks, turn the head to one side and jump. So, water will flow out via the Eustachian tube into the outer passage. Then the ear should be wiped with dry cotton pad.

There is another method of removing moisture from the ears. To do this, prepare the flagellum gauze and lubricate it in a small slightly warmed tea tree oil. Enter turundas in the aisle for twenty minutes. After that, the ear should be wiped with a clean non-synthetic cloth.

If the ears are laid in air, for example. during his landing, and once home, you continue to suffer this symptom, do some exercise. Yawn deeply a few times or make a few swallowing movements. Activation of the jaw will intensify the functioning of the ears and the congestion goes away quickly.

In the future to avoid that symptom by using chewing. And at sharp change of height is required to lift the mouth. This will contribute to the regulation of the internal pressure in the Eustachian tube.

Sometimes the cause of congestion and deteriorating hearing may consist in the formation of sulphur deposits. Discover it yourself is hard enough, so you must pay attention to additional symptoms of the body.

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Cerumen consists of outdated skin particles and secretions of the sebaceous glands and dirt or dust.

In contact with sulphur, they unite in one mass and causing severe hearing loss.

So if after bathing you feel a sense of swelling in the ear and severe pain, probably localized in the ear tube.

Sulfur has the ability to withdraw, but the lack of hygiene or, conversely, enhanced removal of sulfur glands it begins to be produced in increased quantity.

In this production, the body has no time to withdraw sulphur and traffic jams. They can take up to seventy percent of the space of the ear canal and greatly interfere with person.

Therefore, it is necessary to deduce as soon as possible. For self-elimination is necessary to determine the nature of the sediments. If it took a dark color and has a soft structure, allowed the use of different ear drops. The most effective are Remo-wax or cerumen And. Enter these funds in accordance with the instructions.

With soft tube, you must enter five drops in each ear. To secure the result the ear can be closed with the pellet for a few minutes.

If the tube has acquired a dark brown color, instillation of drugs will be inadequate. And in this case it is recommended to consult a specialist.

Therefore, the hydrogen peroxide, if laid his ear, and the question arose what to do at home, an indispensable medicine.

Enter a small amount of the drug in the ears for fifteen to twenty minutes. The peroxide will help to soften the tube, and then you will be able to hold the wash procedure.

Enter the composition in the syringe, and then remove the needle.

  1. Attach the syringe to the back wall of the ear canal.
  2. Smoothly enter one milliliter of solution into the ear.
  3. Softened sulphur has fully emerge, so repeat the procedure until, until the liquid is clear, without any additional elements.

Usually the whole procedure is painless and takes about half an hour of pretreatment. Lavage yourself difficult, therefore ask for help in the household.

If congestion was the result of penetration into the ear foreign object, contact a doctor can not, perform the following operation:

  1. Sit the patient on a hard chair.
  2. Gently pull the earlobe down and using tweezers, grab the foreign element.
  3. Ask the household to help and highlights are the ear of a lantern. So you can see better localization of the object.
  4. Your movements should not be sharp, because if you’re not careful you can push the object further down the aisle.
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In case of contact with insect before it to get in his ear urgently, you must enter the water with the antiseptic. So, you will kill the insect. After this it is necessary carefully to get him out as described above.

If the reason is an allergic reaction, it is necessary to revise the course of treatment with your doctor.

All other reasons for treatment at home can only hurt the patient, so if the congestion caused by otitis or any other inflammatory process is to find an opportunity to go to the doctor.


Remember that self-treatment in any case should be discussed with a specialist. If after the congestion has passed three days, and self-therapy does not produce results or being of the patient is deteriorating, contact the doctor.