Laid the ear when bismarkian — what to do and how to get rid of

What to do if bismarkian ears and why is this happening?

Colds and viral diseases always have a profound effect on the region of the nasopharynx. Runny nose and nasal congestion, soreness in throat – one of the first symptoms of SARS, bringing a lot of inconvenience and difficulties. They may join the nasal and other sounds in the ears, signifying the development of diseases of organs of hearing. Most patients feel that laying the ear upon bismarkian, in the moment of greatest pressure on the nasal passages and eardrum.

Stuffy ear can be intermittent, transient or permanent, and severe, significantly reducing the hearing and the impact on the health. It creates a feeling of isolation from the outside world. Severe congestion can be accompanied by whistling sounds, secretions from the ear and sharp pain that causes a lot of suffering to the patient. So if you laid the ear when you bismarkallee, do not leave that symptom without attention and proper timely treatment.

Why ears pop when bismarkian?

The answer to this question lies in communicating the nature of the organs of ear and the nasopharynx. Inflammation, beginning in the sinuses and expressed in a cold, often spread easily to the ears.

The reasons for this can be:

  • wrong bismarckiana – the patient tries to free two nostrils, instead of alternating bismarckiana mucus;
  • excessive force for the liberation of nose from mucus;
  • ignoring vasoconstrictor saline and drugs, contributing to the more successful discharge of mucus from the nasal passages;
  • individual organs and chronic diseases of the organs of hearing.

The presence of at least one of these reasons may cause penetration mucus in the ear passages or cause excessive pressure on the eardrum.

The result stops the normal operation of the Eustachian tube, it narrows, swells and ceases to function normally. The pressure changes of the middle ear.

The difference between external and internal pressures on the auditory organ feels as stuffy.

If you have bismarkian ears it can be a sign of sinusitis or sinusitis. In this case, the ears merely reflect inflammatory processes in the sinuses, but they are not affected.

Help. Depending on the assigned treatment and its duration, congestion in the ears may persist long enough, accompanying the process of recovery.

Whistling and pain in bismarkian

To the stuffiness of the ear may be characteristic whistle. If the patient feels that whistles in your ear when bismarkian, you need to consult a doctor who will perform the necessary diagnostics. The whistle can be felt as a sharp sound, the ticking, clicking and accompanied by pain.

Sharp pain in the ear may be an independent symptom that is felt by the patient after the liberation of the nasal passages. The pain and whistling sharply worsen the patient’s condition, because it has an impact not only physically but also psychologically.

Reduced quality hearing overall health. Whistling and ear pain when bismarkian occur due to improper bismarckiana – sharp and strong exhalations in the expectoration of mucus, the wrong position of the head.

Important! Changes in the ear can arise from wrong through nasal lavage with different drugs (saline, Furacilinum, herbal, which is poured into one nostril and out of another at a certain tilt of the head).

Whistling during and after bismarckiana may indicate a damaged tympanic membrane, the presence of the lumen through which the air penetrates. In addition, it can be a symptom of the inflammatory or septic processes in the ear, which require immediate medical care.

Self-medication in this case will only complicate the disease. The patient is talking about pain in the ear when bismarckiana, is likely to have already acquired the inflammatory process and pain – symptom severe violations pressure in the middle ear. This is another sign of complications from the virus and colds.


Treatment of congestion in the ears impossible without going to the doctor because the ENT needs to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Typically, this is a package of measures to relieve the symptoms of the disease and the treatment of the inflammatory process:

  1. The use of vasoconstrictor drops, relieve swelling in the sinuses and reduce the burden on the Eustachian tube.
  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. Drops).
  3. In the presence of exacerbations may prescription antibiotics, local and General actions.
  4. Cleaning the ears in the presence of cerumen or purulent discharge. These procedures are conducted only in the office of the otolaryngologist with further recommendations for the care of the ear passages.
  5. The appointment of drugs that reduce the inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx.

How to get rid of the problem at home

If a visit to the doctor temporarily impossible or delayed, should go some ways to ease the pain in my ears.

What if after bismarckiana laid his ear:

  1. To warm up the ears, using dry heat or reflector of Minin. For prophylaxis is recommended to warm both ears: sick and healthy.
  2. Blown ears. Released through mucus from the nose is typed in, the air inflates the cheeks, nostrils clamped fingers is a sharp exhalation, his fingers unclenched, swallows saliva. The procedure is repeated 5-10 times, several times in a day.
  3. To perform the massage of the ears.

Several methods of massage:

  1. Palm tightly pressed against his ears, creating additional pressure, and then sharply detached from them. The movement is repeated several times.
  2. The palm of your hand tightly cover your ears, fingers on the back of the head. The middle finger is superimposed on the index, they are a light tapping motion.
  3. Capturing the upper part of the ear between thumb and forefinger, produced intense kneading from the top down to the earlobe.
  4. Pulling of the ear in different directions, grasping it with two fingers.

Each exercise is repeated 5 to 24 times, depending on the age of the patient and the severity of the condition.

Important! If the patient questioned the integrity of the hearing, for example, feels getting medicines from the ear to the throat, you should stop blowing and the massage and consult a doctor.

As medicines beneficial use:

  • vasoconstrictor drops, which are due to relieve swelling, relieve nasal and the ear;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs for the ears (Otipax);
  • tonic medicines, which increases the overall immunity.

Favorable influence on the General condition of the patient have herbal teas.

Infusion of lemon balm or tea with this herb used for several weeks, is able to favorably affect the overall condition of the patient with fatigue from the pain, whistling and congestion after bismarckiana.

Reduces swelling and whistling in the ears propolis, coupled with olive oil (1:4). A cotton swab moistened with a solution, put in the ear for a long time (up to 36 hours), a day procedure is repeated.

Important! More serious medication in the case when bismarkian sore or stuffy ear, should be prescribed by a doctor-otolaryngologist.

You need to remember about the General rules of treatment – to protect the ears from water and lay them in the bath and other water procedures a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil. The cold also can aggravate the disease is the presence of a headdress in the cold and windy weather will help to avoid complications.

Nasal congestion, whistling and pain in the ears can become satellites of major diseases affecting the quality of hearing and interfere with normal life. Measures taken in time, attentive to his condition and the treatment to the doctor will help to avoid surgical interventions and difficult rehabilitation.

It should be remembered that the hearing never rest. This means that they require a particularly careful treatment even when the treatment is exposed to the throat and nose. So if you have ears when you vysmarkivayutsya, do not delay visit to the doctor.

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