Laid the ear with a cold — what causes

What to do if laid his ear with a cold and why?

In situations of viral or respiratory inflammation in humans, often stuffy ears. This symptom occurs due to a variety of symptoms, but in all cases it delivers serious discomfort to the person.

In some aspects, for example, when you travel or driving on mountainous terrain, this symptom is when the swallowing movements. However, there are times when the ears occurs after the disease. It is important to pay attention to it and to prevent complications of inflammation. So in this article we will examine the main question, if after a cold has laid an ear on what to do in the first place?

The structure of the ears

To determine the cause of ear stuffiness, you need to understand the structure of the ear organ. The human ear consists of three parts:

  • the outer part;
  • middle area;
  • inner ear.

The outer area of the ear – this is what is available human. It consists of the following components:

  • curl;
  • the tragus;
  • pair on tragus — proteomelab;
  • earlobe.

Further, the ear part is connected with the auditory region. She, in turn, connects the outer ear with the eardrum. The membrane is combined with an average region, which houses the auditory ossicles.

In addition, the average area consists of the Eustachian tube which connects ear, nose and throat.

After the middle ear is the inner region. Because of its specific structure, this organ called a labyrinth.

If you get an infection through the nose or throat, the bacteria pass into the middle ear via the Eustachian tube. However, this can only happen under the condition of dysfunction of the tube or with a weakened immune system due to long use of antibiotics or other reasons. For this reason, when the cold fills your ears.

Why can lay the ear with a cold

A feeling of stuffiness of the ears is familiar to everyone. However, this symptom is often ignored.

This is the most common mistake of every person who recently had a cold.

It is important to understand that this symptom is a separate disease and may be a harbinger of many serious diseases, for example, bilateral otitis media.

It is known that a hearing aid is directly connected with the nasopharynx. Regardless of the location of the inflammation, if untreated, the infection progresses to the ears and provokes serious diseases.

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At the first sign of a cold, you need to see a specialist and begin treatment.

To lay the ear can for many reasons. The most common of these are the following signs:

  1. The most known cause of congestion in the right or left ear – cold. Commonly infection if it enters the nose, moves at lightning speed in the throat, and then the Eustachian tube penetrates into the organ of hearing.
  2. The second common reason is the disease is otitis of the middle, inner or outer ear. In addition to the described symptom, usually a person feels shooting pain, watery or purulent discharge and pain. In this case, the patient urgently needs to start treatment for the inflammation is not turned into a more serious stage.
  3. In addition to the reasons described note the lymph nodes. When the inflammation is marked congestion of the ears.
  4. In the course of the disease of the body ear organ produces a greater amount of sulfur than usual. Cause of congestion can be formed in a sulfuric stopper. To eliminate this problem, please see a doctor or eliminate sulfur at home with the help of «Remo-Vaks». This drug gently eliminates excess and gently removes from the body hearing excess fluid and dirt.
  5. The reason for the congestion in the ears could be inflammation of the facial nerve. However, this problem is extremely rare.

In addition to the described causes may be secondary signs. These include:

  1. Cough.
  2. Headache.

Both symptoms of a cold have a negative impact on the condition of the ears. It is known that a cough by itself provokes a strong pressure in the Eustachian tube and straining throat.

While head and ear pain, consult a specialist. Two commonly described symptoms are signs of serious diseases.

Laid the ear with a cold — what to do in the first place

To facilitate the patient’s General condition before visiting the doctor, try the following methods. They help to eliminate liquid discharge from the nose, and also improve the tone of the whole body.

However, remember that though these methods facilitate the patient’s condition, but do not replace comprehensive treatment.

First and foremost, the patient must get rid of the secretions from the nose. It is possible to blow your nose, and then rinse with a solution of seawater or salt solution.

For washing, use a syringe without a needle. Enter in each nostril a small amount of solution and then blow your nose.

Pay attention to the following factor. If in the process of rinsing the nose of the patient laying the ear, the operation of cleansing must be stopped.

Instead, use vasoconstrictor drops for nose.

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Next, you need to restore the natural pressure in the Eustachian tube. To do this, use the most common method using a rubber ball.

To do this, inflate the balloon through a straw for drinking. Then pinch the nostrils and try to exhale. In this case, you will hear a weak Bang. It symbolizes the normalization of the pressure.

In addition to the described methods are recommended procedure of self-massage on the ears. For this postukivanie gently on the outer ear. Then lightly RUB them with his hands. Then close his ears with his hands and sharply lower.

In addition to the ear on note on the nose. RUB it massaged. Pay particular attention to the area of the nose wings.

The duration of the massage should be at least ten to fifteen minutes.


After you’ve spent facilitating methods, seek qualified help. Commonly, treatment for cold and congestion of the ears is comprehensively with the use of drugs.

Remember that self-use of drugs can significantly harm your health. Be sure to complete the full survey and install the root cause of the disease.

If the inflammation of the organ of hearing and stuffy ears due to infections, the doctor prescribes a specialized drops, tinctures and solutions, designed to vasoconstriction.

As these preparations are made on the basis of salty or sea water, in the case of individual intolerance specialist prescribes a specialized ear drops and ointments.

They aim to reduce swelling and eliminate the bacteria that penetrated the ear of man.

Before applying drops, it is recommended to clean the outer ear with the help of additional drops. Commonly used for this «HHonors» or hydrogen peroxide.

Immediately before instillation warm bottle in his hands. It is necessary to improve the effect.

If the cause of the inflammation is otitis media, the patient prescribed the following medications:

  1. In the case of external otitis, the pain is assigned to «Normaks». It has an antibacterial property, and quickly removes pockets of inflammation.
  2. In the case of chronic otitis prescribers with rifamycin. In this case, a drug may be «Otofa».
  3. When otitis media and strong shooting and pain prescribers, which is composed of lidocaine or other pain relievers.Usually experts advise to buy the «Drops» or «Atarax».
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In addition to drops for the ears, doctors provide thermotherapy. However, the application of dry heat may be applied only in the absence of a perforation in the eardrum. And this method of physical therapy are not allowed in the case of purulent discharge from the ears.

In addition to the described reasons for the blockage of ears, you need to make sure that no cerumen.

It is necessary to hold an external examination from a competent professional.

At home to clear the ear of excess dirt and sulfur can «Remo-Vaks». The tool has a mild effect and are allowed to use even the smallest patients.

Remember that ear treatment should always be comprehensive. Therefore, some doctors allow the use of a compress of oil or alcohol-based products. These operations are best implemented in the evening before bedtime.


Remember that a runny nose by itself is not a dangerous disease. However, it can have a significant impact on the overall state of the organism and in the absence of proper treatment can cause more serious inflammation.

In case of congestion of the ears, while maintaining treatment, cold place for three days. Symptom is congestion of the ears will be almost immediately after full recovery.

If congestion persists, you need to urgently contact a doctor, as is likely, the body began to have serious inflammatory process.
Most often, a runny nose provokes the appearance of otitis media. Therefore, do not delay treatment. Only in this case, you will be able to avoid significant side effects.