Laparoscopy ovarian cyst: postoperative period

Abdominal surgery to remove ovarian cysts is carried out in extreme cases, when the tumor has a huge size, high growth rate of seals and when he confirmed its degeneration into malignancy. Preparation for surgery includes a lot of laboratory research, and the postoperative period is fraught with complications and a long recovery. Today, medicine offers an alternative method of surgical intervention – laparoscopy, which, unlike traditional surgery, leaves barely noticeable marks on the body and promotes a speedy recovery of the patient during the rehabilitation period.

You should carefully consider the recommendations that doctors give after the laparoscopy appendages.


Although much has advantages laparoscopy ovarian cyst before abdominal surgery, there are some contraindications for its implementation:

  • obesity grade 3-4;
  • adhesive disease in the organs of the peritoneum and pelvis;
  • diagnosis of cancer of the reproductive system;
  • the recent treatment of viral and infectious diseases (from colds to cystitis).

Stages of the operation

Laparoscopy of ovarian cyst is performed under General anesthesia, and the technology of its implementation includes the following steps:

  1. Anesthesia and installation of a urinary catheter.
  2. Disinfection of skin surface and performing 3 incisions for the introduction into the abdominal cavity of a laparoscope and surgical instruments.
  3. After medical equipment near the patient’s body, starts filling the peritoneum with air to clean the viewing space of the optical chamber.
  4. Carefully examining the body, the surgeon incision ovarian tissue and suctions the fluid that fills the cyst.
  5. In order to avoid adhesions excess epithelium sutured or removed, depending on how much excess fabric there is.
  6. Then retrieves all fixtures and sucked air.
  7. Sutured for a 2-cut, and the 3rd is to insert a chest tube.

In General, laparoscopy ovarian cyst lasts from 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the cyst and of course the operation itself.

Preparation of the patient to laparoscopy ovarian cyst

The number of examinations and tests prior to surgery, depends on the woman’s age, life history and characteristics of the disease. From the same patient is required to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions and to strictly observe the diet during the 2-3 days prior to laparoscopic surgery ovarian cyst:

  • The complete absence in the food menu, increase the flatulence of the intestine: bakery and pastries, fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, rye and black bread, milk drinks, coffee, soda and fatty meats.
  • Is laparoscopy ovarian cyst on an empty stomach, which was not filled even plain water. So the last supper must be finished no later than 18:00, and Breakfast or tea with a sandwich it is better to avoid.
  • From food before surgery is allowed to eat are: fish, lean meat, boiled potatoes, cereal porridge.
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Final preparations: abrevaya pubic hair and a cleansing enema in the evening and morning before surgery to remove ovarian cysts.

How long does rehabilitation treatment after laparoscopy ovarian cysts?

Usual hospital postoperative period of rehabilitation in hospital lasts during the 1st work week, sometimes with the capture of the weekend. The total period of full recovery of the body has a month duration, during which you must complete all medical advice, without overloading itself, either physically or psychologically.

1 day after laparoscopy ovarian cyst there are residual effects after the anesthesia. This — drowsiness, weakness, fever, and discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, vomiting) and nasopharynx (unpleasant sensations left by the tube for anesthesia). Ends on the 1st hospital day after surgery significant successes of the young patients in self service in the limits of the possible functions: toilet, food, hygiene. The diet should contain broth and ordinary water.

The following 2-3 days after laparoscopy ovarian cyst the woman feels the effects of air pressure on the diaphragm — pain in the cervical area and shoulders. Possible bloody discharge from the vagina, which is also the norm. General weakness, a slight fever and pain in the places where stitches — this symptoms lasts for 4-5 days max. Treatment of medical drugs in this period includes antibiotics, antispasmodic, and vitamin drugs.

The power of the patient in the postoperative period should consist of a variety of food. Starting from the 2nd day after laparoscopy ovarian cyst, you can eat white bread and viscous liquid food: soup, jelly. The increase in volume of food consumed is necessary to produce with the inclusion of boiled, lean products, which are preferably steamed.

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The stitches and drainage is usually removed after 4-5 days on the background of positive dynamics in the General condition of the patient. After satisfactory results of the control ultrasound the woman will be discharged for outpatient treatment with recommendations on the hormonal and birth control drugs.

The postoperative period at home

Despite the fact that the woman is under the supervision of a physician, most of the time it is left to the house itself. How many temptations to violate medical advice may be, it is necessary strictly to soblyudat:

  1. Seams after carrying out laparoscopic ovarian cyst completely healed within 2 weeks, so this period of time is very carefully to protect yourself from various injuries and overloads.
  2. The exclusion of sexual and sports activities for 1 month – the best treatment, and the prerequisite to successful recovery.
  3. Heavy lifting, sudden movements. exhausting physical exercise in the recovery period should be avoided .
  4. Treatment of folk remedies, and the application of creams and ointments, resolving postoperative scar, should be postponed for at least 1-2 months.
  5. Itching, characteristic of healing wounds, to stop the brilliant green, or potassium permanganate. In any case, it seams impossible to comb.
  6. Water treatments better to reduce to a dousing in the shower for the entire postoperative period, until the end of outpatient treatment.
  7. Closet need to pick up with the exception of compressive rubber bands or other items of clothing that when driving cause discomfort in the joint area.
  8. Excludes warming up procedures: sauna, beach, Solarium, etc.
  9. Proper diet and nutrition during 1-1,5 months after the laparoscopy ovarian cyst is essential. Home treatment eliminates the consumption of oily, spicy, canned, fried and smoked dishes. Will have to wait 2 months without the use of stimulants: coffee, alcohol, cocoa, strong tea; carbohydrate as well as sweets and chocolate. Frequent smaller meals, rich dairy products, steam and boiled vegetables and meat or fish – the best menu for a quick recovery.
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Symptoms of complications after laparoscopy ovarian cyst that require immediate medical care

Surgery to remove ovarian cysts is a challenging procedure, requiring strict compliance with the requirements of the physician during the postoperative period. Despite the fact that laparoscopic surgery gives a woman more benefits than abdominal surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, still complications may occur after it. These include:

  • severe pain, which persisted more than 1 week;
  • hyperemia of the skin around the joints;
  • bleeding demonstrating nature;
  • the fever up to 38-38,5 C;
  • strong growing weakness;
  • discomfort from the stomach: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

If you experience these warning signs should immediately contact the doctor, as any delay can cost not only health, but life. Take care of your health!