Laryngitis during pregnancy: how to treat a pregnant

How to treat laryngitis in pregnant women

In addition to the pleasant burden of waiting for a baby pregnancy often cause a woman a lot of discomfort, and a bunch of various illnesses. Among the most common diseases, the cause of which becomes hormonal changes and a weakened immune system, should be called laryngitis.

Causes and symptoms

The main symptoms of illness rather unpleasant and can significantly worsen quality of life and worsen the physical condition of the pregnant woman, a cough, pain in the throat, a tickle, the difficulty associated with meal. Treatment during pregnancy is complicated by the fact that when a woman is not to take drugs.

The basis for the treatment of laryngitis in pregnant and similar diseases should be herbal medicine and adherence.

The most common reasons that may cause the development of laryngitis, both conventional and in the form of an exacerbation, can be attributed the following:

  • A significant decrease in immunity. During pregnancy the immune power of the body is directed to primarily to protect the unborn is still a child, and a woman more susceptible to various viruses and pathogenic bacteria than in any other period.
  • Hormonal changes in the body as a whole. Usually in connection with these factors, there is swelling of the mucous, the cause of which is not a consequence of infection of the organism of influenza, colds, or other diseases of a similar nature.
  • The disease can also be the consequence of any disease, classified as cold. It usually develops after there is a complete recovery.

As for the symptoms of laryngitis, they may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the pregnant woman.

In most cases the patient still concerned about the most common signs:

  • Cough dry, barking like a few. Sputum usually, especially in the early stages of the disease, separated is bad enough in a small amount.
  • The difficulties that cause so familiar manipulations, like eating, drinking, or conversation. This is due to the fact that the inflammation primarily affects the larynx and vocal cords.
  • There might be a rise the body temperature, which increases the chances of coughing. However, this characteristic is not mandatory.
  • Soreness, a feeling of tickling and dryness, burning sensation in the throat.
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How to treat laryngitis in pregnant? First and foremost it should be noted that in the period of carrying a baby most of drugs is contraindicated in a woman, respectively, allowed the use of exclusively local resources. Most often chosen an integrated approach to the treatment of laryngitis, and it usually includes the use of the following medications:

  • Sprays which are based on the maximum amount of natural components. Currently this is the most common and convenient method of treatment. The container of medicine is equipped with a diffuser that allows you to irrigate a healing means more surface area exposed to the changes of a pathological nature. Besides, sprays are mostly effectively relieve the pain and reduce the area of edema (for example, Bioparox).
  • Rinse. Gargle drugs given to a pregnant woman, her doctor, should more often. Regular Commission of this procedures will do away with pathogenic microorganisms that caused the disease in minimum time.For example, you can rinse infusion of chamomile or calendula.
  • Medications that strengthen and enhance the immune system. The body’s defenses — the main obstacle on the way of pathogenic viruses. Accordingly, when sufficient immune power to cure disease will be much easier.

  • Also, in the absence of contraindications, use of the inhalation (for example, physical solution or Borjomi). This procedure will facilitate the sputum, make it much less viscous. In addition, significantly reduced the process of inflammation, struck the region of the larynx.
  • Due to the fact that one of the main symptoms of laryngitis is a dry cough, to deliver the major share of the inconvenience, allowed the admission of drugs are also made on the basis of natural components and is designed for thinning and removal of phlegm.

Additional methods

Not every woman is in a position to agree to the treatment of disease in hospital, as great a risk of Contracting additional diseases of viral nature. Accordingly, it is a question of the following nature: «how to treat laryngitis during pregnancy at home?»

First and foremost, the expectant mother should pay attention on the routine and nutrition. For faster and successful recovery of the pregnant need to comply with more strict bed rest.

During the treatment period, as indeed in any other, should not be nervous, as stress can aggravate health. Wet and thorough cleaning of the premises in which during the disease time a woman is a must, in addition, it is necessary and airing.

Also, in order to avoid overstrain of the ligaments is best for a certain time period to comply with the voice mode. Shouldn’t talk too loud, so as not to aggravate the condition.

You should follow a certain diet. There are spicy, fatty, hot and cold dishes is not recommended. Better to eat mashed food to the best temperature.

Treatment in pregnant women involves the use of large amounts of water. Some women in the position there are some problems with the appearance of the swelling, in such cases, water excess fluid will not be useful. However, if there are no contraindications, on the day of admission at least a couple of liters of both water and other beverages, with the exception of black, too strong tea and coffee.

During treatment of disease should not be walking, especially in those cases when the weather is clearly not conducive to this. Sufficient regular airing of rooms of all residential premises in General.

To relieve the pain in the throat, as well as to eliminate dryness, you should as frequently as possible, gargle the decoction or infusion of the common chamomile. This simple remedy has powerful anti-inflammatory effect and also is designed to soothe the affected tissue.

Preventive measures

Any, even the most mild illness is much easier to prevent than to deal with after treatment, including laryngitis. Preventive measures, to observe that it is desirable for every woman in state of pregnancy, are as follows:

  • A guarantee that the disease will pass side is strong and a strong immune system. To strengthen it you need by taking the most appropriate set of vitamins and biologically active additives.
  • Also important is proper nutrition. Hot drinks, spicy food, you need some time to forget.
  • You also need to constantly humidify the air not only in the same room where you sleep pregnant, but throughout the home.

Compliance with these simple rules will allow if not to avoid the disease, then to cure it more quickly and easily.