Laryngitis in adults: symptoms and treatment photo

How to treat laryngitis in the adult

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx, developed for a number of reasons. It provoked infectious diseases, hypothermia, allergies, frequent Smoking, professional tension of the vocal cords, hazardous working conditions. This disease in adults is usually well treatable. It is enough one week adequate therapies for the disappearance of its main symptoms, and another two or three days until full recovery. Treatment of laryngitis in adults, medications and folk remedies for this – the theme of our article.

Symptoms of laryngitis

Signs of inflammation of the larynx can be suspected yourself. The development of laryngitis can specify the following symptoms:

  • The appearance of dry cough;
  • Hoarseness;
  • Irritation and soreness of the throat;
  • Soreness when swallowing;
  • General malaise;
  • The rise in body temperature;
  • Increased numbers of leukocytes in the blood.

Photo of laryngitis in adults symptoms and treatment which are the essence of our articles, allows you to easily see expressed hyperemia mucous membrane of the larynx and narrowing of its lumen due to inflammatory swelling. This provokes the appearance of all these symptoms, and may cause breathing difficulties.

First aid for suspected laryngitis

As mentioned above, symptoms of laryngitis in adults is so obvious that to remain undetected, they can not. But this is not a reason to ignore the doctor’s visit. After all, only a qualified person is entitled, and to confirm the presumptive diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment.

But since to get to the doctor on the day of the appearance of the first symptoms of inflammation of the larynx was not always possible, for their relief and stabilization of the General state of health is required to follow the following principles:

  • To refrain from Smoking;
  • To avoid very hot food and hot, spicy and salty dishes;
  • Try to speak without the tension of the vocal cords, ideally in a whisper;
  • Ventilate the apartment and try to make her room the optimum humidity.

All of this will diminish the signs of rawness in the throat, relieve bouts of dry cough and let me sleep.

The principles of treatment of laryngitis

In adult patients with inflammation of the larynx is most often acute. It provokes the accession of bacterial infection to SARS and other viral diseases. What to take for laryngitis in adults attending doctor talks, he also gives recommendations concerning the withdrawal of its acute symptoms.This, of course, is voice rest, drink plenty of liquids, avoidance of hypothermia. To eliminate the cough can be assigned expectorant and cough medicines, at a high temperature – antipyretics.

Adults treat laryngitis on an outpatient basis under strict medical supervision. If you suspect a bacterial nature of the pathogen, it may indicate a fever and severe pain, the patient is prescribed antibiotic therapy. And difficult waste sputum – inhalation of solutions of proteolytic enzymes that are effective mucolytic properties.

If the patient was found catarrhal – need more effective physiotherapy – UHF, hot compress, local treatment of the larynx antibiotic. Drugs for the treatment of laryngitis in adults prescribed by the doctor. Self-treatment and self-modify their dosages, or cancel, totally unacceptable.

Left without treatment, acute laryngitis may not only become chronic, but also cause an abscess of the larynx or perichondrium with its undesirable and irreversible consequences.

A chronic form of laryngitis in adults almost always affects the vocal cords.

Too long it can disrupt voice function and completely change the voice of the patient. And people suffering from chronic laryngitis, are at risk for cancer of the larynx. Therefore, to treat this disease is necessary in a complex and always until complete recovery. His therapy will consist of the following procedures:

  • Medication and vitamins;
  • Alkaline and antibiotic inhalations;
  • Physical therapy;
  • Methods of traditional medicine.

Only a qualified doctor can decide how and what to treat laryngitis in the adult. Medications can sometimes be powerless in the acute form without performing any additional procedures.

Features of drug therapy in the treatment of laryngitis

Medication laryngitis in adults required to reduce the risk of complications and prevent its of chronic. Patients prescribed:

  1. Expectorant drugs. The purpose of their technique is an investment expectoration through the revitalization of the bronchial glands. This can be marshmallow root, grass thermopsis, etc.
  2. Antihistamines. They are needed to relieve swelling of the mucosa of the larynx and prevent stenosis because of pathological narrowing of the lumen. These include loratadine, Hloropiramin etc.
  3. Microbicides, which have anti-inflammatory effect. For example – Bioparoks.
  4. Mucolytics. This group of drugs can be administered like steam inhalation and taking internally. For Example, Ambroxol.
  5. Antipyretic drugs (e.g. Paracetamol) and antitussives (e.g., Codeine) if necessary.

Important: April 15, 2016, the health Ministry revoked the license for the sale and use of the drug «Bioparox (INN: Fusafungine), an aerosol for inhalations dosed out» the registration certificate № P N015629/O1 dated 16.07.2009, the holder of the registration certificate of the Laboratory Servier (France). The resolution here

Sometimes prescribed and antibiotics for laryngitis in adults. Quick treatment of this disease is necessary to prevent formation of foci of chronic infection in the throat. But if it has lasted, it requires a powerful therapy, including antibacterial drugs. Other indications for such therapy will be:

  • Expectoration mixed with pus;
  • Detection of the mucous membrane of the larynx fibro-purulent crusts;
  • If you have symptoms of stenosis of the larynx;
  • At high risk of developing complications.

To do this in medical practice antibiotics are used new generation of the group tsefalosporinov and macrolides. Shown the administration of antibacterial drugs penicillin.

At the end of antibiotic therapy, patients are administered a course of immunomodulation and other supporting the body means.

The methods of traditional medicine in the treatment of laryngitis in adults

Pills from laryngitis in adults will be more effective if we add to them the methods of traditional medicine, the therapeutic effect of which is tested for centuries. The simplest of them will be:

  • Drink plenty of liquids;
  • Often ventilate the room;
  • Regular moistening of air and optimum temperature.

You can add gargling medicinal herbal teas or soda-salt solution. Decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs can be used for steam inhalation to soothe irritated mucous membranes of the throat, relieve irritation and bouts of coughing. In the absence of temperature it is possible to do steam baths for the feet. Suitable herbs such as calendula, sage, mint, St. John’s wort, chamomile etc.

Excellent folk remedy is the juice of black radish with honey. For its preparation it is required to cut the tip of the root and make its flesh a small indentation. In this deepening to be put a few tablespoons of honey and cover with the cut off top as a lid. By evening, the radish will let the juice, and in the morning – he will be ready for use. Regular intake of this medicinal juice by half shortens the duration of the disease and promotes a speedy recovery.

Ways to prevent laryngitis in adults

Laryngitis often overtakes people with a weakened immune system or lack of vitamins. In order to avoid these diseases need to eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle and, if necessary, periodically take a course of vitamin therapy. Note you also need timely and complete follow-up care of all ENT diseases. Because the inflammation of the larynx may cause any untreated infection.

But if this disease befall you, for a speedy recovery you need to:

  • As early as possible to visit a doctor;
  • Strictly follow all his instructions;
  • Not to neglect home remedies treatment laryngitis;
  • To stop Smoking;
  • Regularly ventilate the apartment.

Laryngitis does not belong to serious diseases, but neglected his cases sometimes require surgical intervention. To prevent this, treats it in a timely manner to end.

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