Lays ear when swallowing: why and what to do

Why ears pop when swallowing, and what to do about it?

Some faced with the fact that lays ear when swallowing saliva or food. Lay a can also and both ears.

In this case someone has a similar phenomenon takes place rapidly, that is it happens once, and the other becomes a real problem, causing not only discomfort, but discomfort, and soon the pain.

Why ears pop when swallowing and yawning

When a person works his facial muscles and cheekbones — for example, eating or yawning, talking, there is a slight offset in the field of hearing. A section is clamped, again decompressed.

If no ear diseases, these processes remain invisible and usually painless.

If there are abnormalities of the organs of hearing, yawning and swallowing food can cause pain.

Laying the ears is due to the fact that under certain pathological process overlaps, completely or partially, the lumen of the auditory tube.

For example, lay the ears may develop severe swelling in the region of the auditory canal, which gradually develops into swelling of the pharynx, or increasing inflammation of the eardrum.

However, in these cases additional symptoms of pain, increased temperature, fatigue, chills.

To provoke a similar phenomenon may be common cold, which often happens with colds, sore throats and stuffy nose.

Provoke such a pathology of ENT organs:

  • adenoids;
  • pharyngitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • sore throat;
  • a deviated septum in the nose.

The reasons may be hidden in diseases of viral and infectious nature. Some dental problems cause jaw almost immobilization, swollen and usually when swallowing or yawning pain is felt and stuffy ears.

This happens in people who suffered serious injury of the head, face or ears and if the surgery was performed, and the process of recovery. Usually in this case the symptoms are not as pronounced and in a few days start to pass.

What to do in such cases

When I first laid ears on swallowing, many do not know what to do. First, they don’t pay any attention to such a rare phenomenon. Noticing, start to panic, realizing that something is wrong.

Initially, you should try to eliminate symptoms provoked disease, that is, to remove inflammation of the ear canal, swelling. If the ear canal has accumulated some substance to clean.

If the ears seemed stuffed with something, and the congestion persists, you can drip a couple of drops in the nose:

  • vasoconstrictor substances, to facilitate the expression of runny nose (a Cold, Rinofluimutsil);
  • anti-inflammatory drugs (Nurofen, claritin);
  • in viral diseases — antiseptics, for example, Miramistin;
  • decongestant drugs such as Bad.

Drip something into the ears themselves no meaning, it’s not going to help. The ear drum will not allow the substance to penetrate deep into the inner channel and relieve swelling or inflammation. Drugs have to bury the nose only or to handle the throat when severe swelling.

If this caused by enlarged tonsils, located near the passageway evstafievich tubes, then surgery is sometimes needed.

With the disease of teeth, you need not waste time on the removal of inflammation, and immediately go to the hospital.

Methods of folk medicine

When swallowing lays right ear or left, can alleviate the condition, traditional medicine. However, their use depending on the precipitating factor. So, when cold, it is necessary to lavage nasal passages with saline. Additionally, for moisture you can dig 9% sodium chloride. To reduce swelling will help Aqua Maris.

During the development of angina, the throat is treated not only with antiseptics and anti-inflammatory drugs, but with baking soda, diluted in a small amount in a glass of warm water. You can add equal amounts of salt, gargle with a weak solution of iodine or potassium permanganate.

When swelling occurs due to allergic reactions is a feeling of stuffiness of the ears. First you need to wash the place that got allergen, skin, face, eyes. If substance has got into the mouth with food as soon as possible call an ambulance, and in the meantime the patient to arrange to drink plenty of liquids.


To predict this phenomenon of course is impossible. However, it can be prevented. In the preventive purposes it is necessary to carry out the following measures:

  • to support your body in a healthy condition, which often provides a good immune system and healthy lifestyle;
  • try not to have contact with people suffering from viral and infectious diseases of a respiratory nature;
  • in any contact, rinse the eyes, the nose running water, not forgetting the hands.

We must do everything to prevent swelling of the pharynx and nasal sinuses. Try to vyskakovaci nose that it was not going great accumulation of mucus.

If you have a disease of the hearing, strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations to eliminate it. With such ailments not to be trifled with, otherwise, otherwise, very soon the question: «why, when you yawn, ears pop?», can be changed to «what caused the hearing loss?»

Always try to dress for the weather to prevent chilling and overheating of your body, remember – weakened body most susceptible to the diseases of ENT-organs.

Allergies and does need to be very careful. Many of them know what they are allergic. You should try to avoid such contacts, and always carry first aid.

If you have anything similar of the signs there, to look with your body’s all normal, and the ears when yawning and swallowing are periodically laid, as soon as possible to seek help from the otolaryngologist.

Perhaps you have developed a serious pathology associated with diseases of the organs of hearing, respiratory, and symptoms still has implicitly expressed.

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