Lays left ear: possible causes and what to do when ear laid

Why provides the left ear?

Every person for ever tormented by the ears. If it is caught and you need to look at the state of your own health. Symptom of hearing loss is formed as a Herald of ear inflammation that may cause significant harm to your health. So, if the patient will ignore the congestion of one or two ears, the person can remain without the ability to hear forever.

The reason if laid his left ear, may lie in deep pathological forms of the disease, and trauma or dysfunction of the Eustachian tube. To find out why provides the left ear and what to do if a stuffy left ear or both, read on.

Causes of stuffiness left ear

Everyone once experienced stuffiness in one or two ears for yourself. This symptom can occur only once. In this case, to worry about your health not worth it, and a course of tablets and the introduction of drops is not necessary.

In the case of nasal congestion for a long time, it is important to think seriously about the health of the ear organ and the organism as a whole.

This symptom does not go away on their own and require medical treatment, but first you must find out the root causes of its formation.

Please contact the medical centre for examination of the entire body. When pronounced symptoms, an experienced physician is sufficient only external examination for the diagnosis of the disease.

Do not ignore signs of inflammation, or the treatment cure can seriously change its direction: people prescribed surgery and a long course of physiotherapy. Therefore, treat the inflammation at the first signs. In this case, a course of therapies will be quick, and you will not need to be afraid of relapse of the disease.

Often lays his left ear dysfunction of the auditory apparatus. Disrupts the function and tasks of the Eustachian tube, which in the normal state controls the pressure and is responsible for the function of adaptation when changing the ambient pressure.

The change of pressure

By the way, in the case of severe changes in ambient pressure also comes the stuffy ears. Most often this occurs during flights or travel by car through the mountainous terrain, as well as when diving into the water.

Most often, this symptom affects coaches, water gymnastics and swimmers, as the professional activities in this case related to pressure changes.

Particularly sensitive people feel the change during the descent to the subway or a sudden movement of the Elevator.

If the patient has a disease in which there is an increase in blood pressure, or hypertension, congestion of the ears occurs with every change in atmospheric pressure. In addition, patients with marked severe pain, fatigue and decreased performance.

Sulfuric tube

The common sign of aging are the excess sulfur.

Monthly ear of a man is about 15-20 mg of sulfur glands, which improper removal, the absence of the adoption of showering, or when the enhanced development of sulfur will accumulate in the tube.

They can stagnate and cover almost the entire auditory canal, resulting in the ears and loss of hearing acuity. In addition, people may feel dizziness, loss of coordination and other signs.

If, after the adoption of water treatments, in the ear a sharp pain, it is the right signal about congestion. Water entering into the passage and sulfur, causes a swelling. Subsequently, sulfur is hard on the passage , causing pain.

Moisture must be eliminated from the ear canal and outer ear, regardless of the presence or absence of cerumen. The liquid entering the ear canal, can occur in the middle ear, thereby causing serious inflammation.

Any water in the middle ear is a favorable environment for the development of viruses and germs which spread rapidly throughout the body. And because of the close proximity of the ears to the brain, the person may become ill with meningitis and other dangerous diseases.

The flu and its complications

Check the absence of a cold. If any necessary to make the lavage of nasal sinus saline solution, because mucus from the nose can cause not only congestion, but sinusitis and otitis.

Most often, these inflammation appear in children. This is due to the inability of children to vysmarkivatsya.

The slime gets into the auditory tube and runs to the middle ear of the patient. Consequently children have stuffy ears and not knowing it, provoked the beginning of the inflammatory process.

Remember that nasal discharge when injected into the sinuses or Eustachian tube are favorable environment for microbes. Thus, you may receive acute otitis media or purulent disease.

Otitis media is characterized by severe pain in the ears, head and forehead. At this time in the ears of the patient may appear extraneous sounds and noises, and also gradually cause hearing acuity. So, some people have noted a complete loss of hearing. It can last up to a full recovery.

In addition, among the symptoms of otitis media noted dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stuffiness in ears and loss of appetite and sleep disturbance, rapid loss of strength and energy.

If it hurts the baby, who because of age can’t say about symptoms, the baby will cry and cry for no reason. In addition, he refuses to eat because swallowing a child is experiencing intense pain that radiates to the head and temples.

Hearing loss

In addition, the reason for the blockage of ears can consist in education of the hearing loss. The first symptoms of this inflammation:

  1. The patient can’t spell out loud human speech, which is at a distance of six metres.
  2. Can’t hear the whisper.
  3. Often asks.
  4. Ceases to disassemble it from the TV or radio.

Treatment of hearing loss is particularly effective in the early stages, so consult a specialist as soon as possible. The last stage of the disease often drug treatment is ineffective. In this situation, the patient is prescribed a hearing aid.

To determine why provides the left ear if you are taking different medications is easy.

Often prolonged course of antibiotics or antidepressants, the patient produced an allergic reaction to the use of drugs.

In this case, it is necessary to see vehicle or go to a different course of treatment.

In what diseases ears

Lay the ears may of the following conditions:

  1. The otitis.
  2. Acute otitis media maze.
  3. Disease of the lymphatic system.
  4. In the formation of tumors.
  5. Cyst.
  6. Dysfunction of the Eustachian tube.

In all diseases it is important to receive comprehensive treatment.


Once you have been diagnosed and determined the exact cause of the formation of this symptom need to undergo comprehensive treatment.

So, if the cause of the symptom, the excess of sulphur, refer to a specialist for washing the ear canal.

In the case of soft tube light tint get drops Remo-wax or cerumen And.

Enter them in the ears, after referring to the user manual.

If you prefer ear candles, in this case they can also be used. When ignited, follow the safety rules.

For more serious deposits, you must undertake a course of washing. It is first inserted into the ear three percent hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to soften the tube.

Enter up to ten drops of the ears and insert into the ear canal gauze flagellum to improve the effect. Fifteen to thirty minutes after the procedure, you can wash with a specialized tools. They are introduced to the ears using a needle without syringe. The entire wash procedure takes about twenty minutes.

Self-rinsing could cause patient discomfort, therefore, this procedure is best left to a professional.

If the cause of congestion lies in the more important causes you want to assign kompleksnoe treatment. So, if you want the necessary antibiotics and physiotherapy. Basically, in the course of treatment includes such medications as:

  1. In acute ear infections patient prescribed antibiotics – Augmentin, Cefuroxime, Ceftriaxone, Nirotec.
  2. Next, the patient needs introduction of ear drops – Otinum, Otipaks or Garison, Otofa, Sidrex. They remove the pain and destroy the source of inflammation.
  3. To relieve edema and improve the health use ointment Removecol.

In some cases, doctors prescribe alternative therapy. However, they are required only for the relief of pain and improved well-being of the patient.

In the case of formation of stuffy ears due to the common cold, the patient is appointed vasoconstrictor drops such as Naphazoline.

The results

Remember that in each situation, the cause of the inflammation is different, and therapy cure is the doctor. During treatment, try to take plenty of water and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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