Lays one ear: what causes congestion

What to do if one ear?

In the life of people there are a lot of annoying principles affecting the organ of hearing. Often viral infections and inflammation of the ear cause swelling, unpleasant buzzing sound, the appearance of stuffiness.

Among the symptoms of stuffiness of the ears is ranked otitis, and then settled the injury and other illnesses. What to do if lays that one, then the other ear will learn today in this material.

Signs and factors

If you laid one ear or both anchored in many factors. For their identification it is important to be examined by a specialist. Sometimes the therapist take one look at affected ear for determining the shape of the disease.

But in order to prescribe the therapy treatment, the specialist studying the state of health, as it is important to identify the cause that triggered the disease, so it is important to answer the question of why lays one ear.

Doctors are advised to begin therapy at the first factors of occurrence of any disease.

It is not necessary to run to the hospital and undergo expensive tests if the ears have appeared and passed quickly.

This may be due to domestic factors, which are not dangerous to human health.

To determine the cause, if it lays one ear or both, it is necessary to know the anatomy of the structure.

In most cases, congestion may occur dysfunction of the Eustachian tube connecting the nasopharynx and the middle ear.

The main function of this area – regulation of internal pressure. In addition, it is closely connected with the nasopharynx and middle ear of man. Therefore, dysfunction of this region comes a feeling of stuffiness. This most often occurs as a result of penetration of viruses and bacteria. Once in the nasopharynx, bacteria easily enter the area of tube and then through it in the ears of man.

Usually the reason behind this factor is reducing the immune system. Therefore it is very important every year to drink a course of vitamins and support your health.

In addition, disruption of the functioning of the ears and, as a consequence, the emergence of a sense of stuffiness may consist in the formation of excess sulfur. This symptom is especially common in children of young age.

Recall that to maintain the purity of the organ of hearing is necessary to wash ears. If you clean the ears on a baby is sufficient of carrying out a sterile cloth on the outer ear of the baby.

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Failure to comply with these rules, appear in the ear tissue which causes periodic laying one ear. For getting rid of sulphur swipe lavage or use drops that gently eliminate sulfur and remove it yourself.

When washing the head or ears, and in the summer during the opening of the bathing season, it is important to prevent the penetration of water into the ear canal, but if it happened, then get rid of it.

In the reverse case, the liquid stagnates, and may cause various problems.

There are many diseases that cause stuffy ears. These include runny nose.

Mucus from the sinuses by itself is not dangerous and cannot cause the disease. But it often happens that people do not vysmarkivayutsya, and sucked the mucus back into the sinuses. They, in turn, penetrate into the Eustachian tube and clog it.

Upon failure to receive the proper treatment, the patient may appear complications such as otitis media.

It is characterized by severe pain in the head and ears, as well as increased body temperature. Other symptoms include:

  • lowering the level of hearing;
  • noises, squeaks, cod;
  • congestion of the ear.

Otitis media caused as a complication of colds, is a dangerous inflammation and is most common in children.

They, due to age restrictions, may not always report symptoms of the disease. So do not overlook the first signs of ear disease.

If a kid started to be capricious and baseless cry, make a visual inspection of the external ear, and gently touch the tragus. Usually, in case of sickness, the baby at this time is filled with shouting.

The parent should immediately seek the assistance of a pediatrician or attending physician as acute otitis media requires a certain treatment.

If this process is not noticed in time, the patient can lose hearing. In the case of diseases of children is in danger of losing not only the ability to hear and speak.

Adults among the complications of otitis media is often found hearing loss in which the patient is prescribed hearing AIDS because drug treatment seldom has a positive result. Therefore otitis it is better to treat at the first signs of the disease.

If you come first or second stage of hearing loss, without previous inflammation, stuffiness in ears manifests as oboznacheniya symptom. It lasts quite a long time and causes severe violation hearing. So, over time patients no longer understand human speech at a short distance, and watching TV or listening to the radio no pleasure in the absence of comprehension.

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At this time, it is important to be examined by audiometry, as well as run a CT scan and x-rays. Experienced physician on the basis of the data obtained will prescribe a comprehensive treatment and physiotherapy exercises. It is known that hearing loss of the first stages is easy to cure with medication, so go to the clinic need as quickly as possible. In case of no acute inflammation, but chronic cases or pathology treatment is more complicated and as a result, patients are often prescribed hearing AIDS.

Pay attention to the parents if they have severe hypertension. Usually with this symptom, people quickly get tired, sleepy, feel dizzy and as a consequence nausea or vomiting. Stuffy ears for high blood pressure appears as a distinctive feature.

Among other factors of education loss of hearing acuity often found getting into the external ear foreign bodies.

It should be particularly closely monitor the condition of the body when taking medication on a long-term basis.

Allergies to medications can occur already in the first days of the course of therapies. In this case, you should stop taking the medication and revise the therapy cure.

In case of inflammation of the lymph nodes, it is important to survey not only the ears but the whole body. The occurrence of this reason especially dangerous, so it is impossible to postpone treatment in the long term.

What to do if one ear laid

If you experience stuffy ears regularly, it is important to identify the cause of the disease and identify the right course of drug therapy. It is important to do at the time of the visiting specialist. However, often the reason lies in the diseases that are not determine by visual examination.

Therefore, experts prescribe the examination of the ears using audiometry, imaging and other studies. Based on data from the ENT doctor prescribes an individual therapy.

Often the cause is the excess sulfuric secret. In this case, perform the wash procedure.

In some cases this can be done at home. In the case of a loose consistence sulfuric sediments enter into the ears of Remo-Vaks, Okonorm or cerumen And. Before burying the ears read the instructions.

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If the tube is tight design a single injection of the drops is insufficient. Therefore, doctors will perform the procedure rinsing.

To do this, in the ears of the patient is a syringe without a needle filled with a special solution. Gently touching the back wall of the passage, the clerk enters the tool into the ears. After 15-20 minutes, the excess is excreted from the ear completely.

Medical attention is important when the presence of otitis media. The specialist will determine the nature of the disease, and only after that prescribed treatment. Usually it includes the following medications and drops:

  1. In acute otitis media is assigned antibiotiki – Nirotec, Ceftriaxone, Cefuroxime or Augmentin.
  2. During the use of antibiotics is necessary to reduce the temperature antipyretic.
  3. After that, the ears of the patient drops are introduced to normalize the condition and provide protivovospalitelnoe effect. Suitable Kandibiotik, Garazon, Otofa, Sofradeks. If otitis is not sharp, and takes quite painlessly replace the data drops on Drops or Otinum.
  4. For healing of the affected tissues is necessary to introduce Levomekol ointment or ointment Vishnevsky using turundae.

After the treatment will relieve the first symptoms, the doctor will prescribe compresses on the basis of alcohol or vodka that you want to make yourself. Recipes check with your doctor.

In all other causes of nasal congestion there is no regimens, because it is selected strictly individually.


Stuffy ears is not inflammation, but only a symptom, which should prompt the patient to undergo examination of the body. Thus, you can anticipate inflammation and begin to heal at the first factors. In this case, the course of therapies will allow as quickly as possible to regain health.