Lays right ear: causes of congestion and what to do to pass

What to do if laid right ear?

In human life there are many problems associated with health. So, ear inflammation occur more often than usual due to weak immune system, lack of hygiene or safety violations. In addition, the function of the organ of hearing person may be violated due to colds or viral infections. If it lays right ear is inflamed or both at once, you need to seek help to the medical staff, as in the ear, probably formed the inflammatory process.

The reason why lays right ear may be due to many reasons. It is important to understand that treatment without diagnosis and identify the root causes of the disease impossible. So ask for help to the doctors and pass the necessary examinations.

Why a stuffy ear

Each person during life had stuffy ears. We remember, some discomfort may occur because of this symptom, therefore, frequent feeling of congestion it is important to examine the entire body. The only way you will be able to determine the cause of the inflammation and can start the therapy treatment.

To ignore these processes, as a symptom of hearing loss only signals the person about the beginning of a negative process in the ear on, which can provoke serious inflammatory diseases.

The cause of congestion lies in the malfunction of the auditory tube.

This usually occurs in connection with a hit in the Eustachian tube of the viruses and harmful bacteria. For this reason, the operation of the tube.

If congestion occurred once, and caused no discomfort, nothing to fear, and medical treatment in this case is not required.

In addition to dysfunction of the auditory tube, can appear stuffy due to changes in ambient pressure. You could experience the described symptom of the sudden change in altitude or dive under the water at a great distance, or when climbing mountainous terrain.

Another cause of congestion – the formation of cerumen. Sulfur is excreted in the human body every day, and a month is about twenty milligrams of sulphur secret. In case of violation of support purity or in connection with the breach of security when cleaning the ear, sulphur accumulates in the ear on.

Patients complain of loss of sharpness and a feeling of stuffiness. At this time you need to wash the ear with salt water or drip seroresponse medicines.

Inspect the fluid in the passage, as congestion can be caused by the penetration of moisture into the ear canal. Especially often this symptom occurs in the warm season, when it was opened the swimming season, but also in the process of adoption of water treatment in the shower. If the ear is exposed to water, get her in the near future. Keep in mind that when stagnation formed numerous viruses and bacteria that cause disease.

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Another frequently encountered symptom of the emergence of a sense of stuffiness of the right ear becomes runny.

Most often, the congestion of the ear at various discharge occurs in people of younger age.

Kids often don’t vysmarkivayutsya and pull the mucus back. At this time, she hits the aisles and clog the ducts.

Because of the immediate connection of this tube with the middle ear, there is a blockage of mucous membranes and feeling of stuffiness. In addition, the data selection considered an ideal environment for reproduction of microbes. So if the runny nose is not treated, the patient is a complication of otitis media and appears.

Otitis media appears in combination with pain in the head, as well as the formation of extraneous bells, squeaks and the emergence of congestion of the ears, partial or complete hearing loss. To determine the type of otitis media and its classification can only be an ear doctor, but in order to ascertain its availability touch the tragus. With a sharp pain on palpation in the ear with absolute probability, is formed of an inflammatory process.

Often the ears people suffer with severe high blood pressure. Hypertension can cause the formation of numerous symptoms, and congestion is the most common symptom. In addition, patients complain of pain, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and General weakness and fatigue.

If in addition to congestion, patients begin to experience severe violations of hearing and can’t understand human speech at a short distance or have difficulty recognition and understanding of the voices from the TV or radio, you need to go to the ENT doctor and pass several examinations.

Patients often diagnosed hearing loss. It is an acute or congenital, but it is equally hard to treat.

Ensure that the ear did not get small object, toy or even an insect. Therefore, check for foreign objects in the outer ear passage, in the case of formation of congestion and pain inside the ear and disturbance of hearing acuity. Small objects are a common cause of hearing loss, therefore, upon detection of a foreign object will contact an ambulance.

Sometimes congestion in one ear can occur due to an allergic reaction to prolonged use of antibiotic or other drugs. Therefore, before applying any drugs, it is necessary to carefully study the manual and the section about side effects. In case of Allergy to a drug, means it is necessary to replace the same or to change the course of treatment.

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It is important twice a year to check the condition of the lymphatic system and examinations of the sinuses, as one ear may lay due to disease of the tonsils, lymph nodes or the formation of growths in the nose.

Why is laying right ear, if the reason was the pregnancy? In the case of fetal development, body changes, because congestion is fast enough and does not require separate treatment, unlike other reasons. Therefore, when the first symptoms of the disease undergo diagnosis.

The doctor will conduct a survey, including a study of the Eustachian tube, as well as health of the ears and head area.

What to do if laid right ear

If laid right ear, what to do in the first place, and what therapy you need to eliminate? This issue occurs when the first negative symptoms in each patient.

Recall that the treatment must be agreed with the doctor so don’t take independent decisions.

This is especially tougher in the treatment of children.

In young children, immunity is still not fully organized and coped, so illiterate treatments you will worsen the situation, not only impair hearing acuity, but will also contribute to the formation of complete deafness.

So, in case of congestion in connection with sulfuric tube, determine its density and structure. If it is soft and loose, output surplus using ear drops «Remo-wax» or «cerumen And».

Enter them in the ear, where localized tube, pre-warmed jar to 37 degrees Celsius. The dosage is individual, but usually enough about five drops.

The drops get into the ear canal, begin to dissolve sulfur and actively to separate deposits from the skin. After fifteen minutes the external ear not rinse with hot water and wipe with a cloth or paper towel.

If sulphur is the chronic form and firm texture, flush the ears are specialized mixtures.

Drip into the affected ear 5 drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide. Then put in the ear cotton wool for 15-20 minutes.

Thus, you soften the deposition of sulfur and contribute to easy removal of the tube. After fifteen minutes, the ear is ready to rinsing.

Now you need to dial into the syringe, the means for rinsing, remove the needle and enter into the ear canal so that the base of the syringe touched the back wall. Enter the remedy into the ears gently, but be careful to fairly strong pressure. Usually after fifteen minutes of washing the sulfur is eliminated.

After this procedure the patient may experience dizziness and nausea, but these symptoms pass quickly.

If you’re afraid to compromise the integrity of the eardrum, leave flushing to the otolaryngologist.

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Also refer to the ear doctor you need in contact with a foreign part in my ear. Do not pull out foreign objects being not confident about their actions. So you can push the item further into the ear passage and to violate the integrity of the middle ear.

Otolaryngologist needed in the formation of otitis media. In this case treatment is appointed in accordance with the form of inflammation. Usually, patients are prescribed the following medications:

  1. If the inflammation is accompanied by severe symptoms such as intense dizziness, nausea, vomiting, increased body temperature, the patient needed antibiotics — Ceftriaxone, Cefuroxime, Nilofar, Augmentin.
  2. In order to reduce inflammation and reduce pain patient is prescribed ear drops, which contains antibiotic — Kandibiotik, Garazon, Otofa, Sofradeks.
  3. Ointment in the case of external otitis – Treatment, the ointment Vishnevsky.
  4. Various alcohol tinctures and solutions in the case of otitis media without perforation of the tympanic membrane.

After the patient feels considerable relief, the doctor prescribes a course of physiotherapy.

If the ears caused rhinitis the patient needs vasoconstrictor drops.

With a strong change in blood pressure can not do without a comprehensive, but individual treatment. To its destination you must contact your doctor.


Regardless of the causes of congestion, we cannot ignore this process in the body. Complete the health survey.
Thus, you can anticipate the formation of disease and begin early treatment.

Usually, the most common causes are the lack of hygiene or mechanical trauma on the ear. Therefore, when cleaning the ear be careful in their movements. In addition, it is important to address prevention of disease and lead an active lifestyle.