Look like ear plugs in your ears: photo cerumen

Looks like an ear plug?

The ear human body has a lot of unique abilities. People can catch the low and high frequencies, the ear adapts to many factors of life and has the ability of self-purification and protection. To maintain the hygiene of the ear, in the cartilage of the outer portion produces sulfur, which protects the ear canal and the area of the middle ear from getting viruses, infections, bugs, dust and dirt.

If a person lacks hygiene, or Vice versa, the ear is exposed to excessive cleansing, in case of trauma or disruption of the work of sulfuric glands, forms a tube in the ears. It gives a person a great disadvantage: the patient experiences nasal, partially losing her hearing and feels the presence of a foreign object in the ear canal. Therefore, sulfuric tube, you must withdraw at the beginning of its formation, and later to prevent.

About sulfur glands

Sulfur is a necessary product, which is produced in the ear on the person. The main function of sulfur glands – protect hearing from harmful bacteria, dirt or dust in the middle ear, and moisturizing the ear canal.

Sulfur glands work every day, producing about twenty milligrams of sulfur. This amount is sufficient to maintain its primary mission.

Photo ear wax:
Sulfuric secret has the following features:

  1. It has a bactericidal effect.
  2. It has anti-bacterial properties.

Sulfur has a soft consistency, and it is composed of skin fats, immunoglobulins and other substances, thanks to which you are protection from water, dust and dirt.

Ear body excretes the excess sulfur alone. This usually happens while chatting, eating, singing, shouting and other active movements of the jaw. At this time sulfur is displayed in the external auditory meatus and hardens.

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In case of improper conducting of purification or frequent use of q-tips, and the stimulation of the work of sulfuric glands.

In addition, sulfur is produced more than usual in the case of trauma, hypothermia.

Glands are beginning to produce additional sulfur and cover her ear canal. At this time, the ear does not have time to purify themselves and the formation of cerumen.

Every person throughout his life faced with this problem. Tube in the ear can cause various unpleasant symptoms:

  1. Pain.
  2. The feeling of congestion.
  3. Loss of hearing acuity.
  4. The effect of fullness in the ear canal.
  5. Nausea.
  6. Strong dizziness.
  7. Dysfunction of the vestibular apparatus.

If you notice these symptoms, it is necessary to examine the ear. In the case of diagnosis of cerumen it is important to bring it in soon. In some cases, experts are allowed to withdraw the tube yourself.

Note the photo of ear plugs:

Looks like a tube

Cerumen appears in case of excessive work of the glands.

Over time it accumulates in the ear canal and causes the symptoms listed above.

At this time the patient is required to provide therapy and to extract the cork.

In medical practice cases when the tube is expanded to the entire ear canal. Patients at this time are experiencing severe pain and feeling of pressure on the wall.

The formation of cerumen is affected by the humidity or dryness of the room, inflammation in the outer, middle or inner ear.

Many people who have not faced this problem, wonder how looks an ear plug. In the case of its location directly on the ear canal it can be noted by visual inspection. It has yellow, gray, brown or black color and different density.

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It consists of sebaceous secretions, dirt, dust, and dead skin cells of the ear canal. Getting to sulfur, these deposits harden and attach to the passage. If it is not removed, it will become more dense and solid.

Self-cleaning with solutions can be carried out in case of jams-soft consistency and bright colors. To do this, type in ear ear solution or three-percent hydrogen peroxide in accordance with the permitted dosage. For the removal of sulfur is not stagnant, it is sufficient to enter in the ear, five drops of, and enter into the ear canal turundas for fifteen minutes.

After isachenkova time the ears must be washed with warm water and dried thoroughly. Conduct the described operation for three days before complete removal of the sulfur deposits.

In the case of a tube of black or brown color and thick consistency it is necessary to consult a doctor. In a medical facility you will produce a wash with a special syringe without a needle. In the case of frequent traffic jams it is necessary to carry out this procedure once a month.

If you notice the tube is thick consistency not need self-regulation, and especially do not use sharp objects. Tucking in the ears ear sticks and other items, you can only push the sulfur further down the aisle. In this case, to get the deposits will be much harder and more painful.

Waxy build-up often found in people whose professional activity is associated with work in dusty and dirty environments, and people who often use headphones, earplugs or hearing AIDS.

Besides these, you can see pastopodobny or plastilinovaya tube. They are considered softer and more elastic in its structure and exposed to light removal.

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Notice the formation of cerumen from a baby simply. The baby starts to cry after taking a bath, often touching the very sick, not responding to his name or loud noises. In this case, self-removal of tubes is prohibited.

Photo cerumen in the ear in a child:


Most often sulfuric cork notice after the adoption of water procedures. Water entering in the ear canal, softens the tube and causes it to swell. At this time patients experience sharp shooting pain. At this time it is advisable to contact an ear doctor for diagnosing inflammation.

In some cases, these symptoms occur as the heralds beginning of inflammatory process. The sooner you notice these signs, the easier it will be the course of treatment.

Sulfuric stopper can not be ignored. Otherwise the patient may lose the ability to hear. In some cases there is severe injury to the eardrum, damage to the ear canal.