Lost sense of smell how to restore what to do, causes and treatment

How to get the smell and what to do at home

The sense of smell is one of the principal organs of the senses, to which everyone is entitled. It is noteworthy that recognize odors we start immediately after birth, but with age this feeling gradually weakens and is considered a physiological norm. But the abrupt loss of this sense can permanently unsettle. The man lost his sense of smell becomes nervous, irritable and angry. This is not surprising because dysfunction of the senses leads to malfunction of other organs and systems of the body, including the brain and Central nervous system.

In this article we will figure out what to do if I lost sense of smell how to recover at home and prevent recurrence in the future.

When we lose the sense of smell

Lost the ability to recognize scents, one immediately begins to wonder, why is my sense of smell. The reasons for this are the following:

  • ORZ;
  • SARS;
  • Bacterial lesions of the mucosa of the nose;
  • Infectious-inflammatory processes in the nasal and sinus passages;
  • Allergies.

If the lack of smell, the reasons for this in some way connected with the nose job. Since it is the main provider of the person with this feeling. And swelling of the mucous membrane can cause its dysfunction. Quite often a missing sense of smell testifies to the imminent start of rhinitis, and sometimes what’s missing scent is detected at the stage of recovery. Below we will consider options of how to return the sense of smell folk remedies, the means of restoring the sense of smell and the verification of its severity.

Types of loss of smell

Violation of the sense of smell can be of two types:

  • Hyposmia characterized by decrease in sense of smell;
  • Anosmia, in which the sense of smell is completely absent.

These two disorders reduce the quality of life. They do not normally perceive the world and adversely affect the nervous system. Therefore, to restore this lost function as soon as possible. There are several methods and techniques, both traditional and nontraditional, including folk medicine.

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How to restore the smell

If after a cold lost sense of smell, what better to do tell the doctor. Most likely, he will appoint local agents, which is a traditional decongestants such as naphazoline, farmazolin and others. But do not abuse them.

Prolonged use of a vasoconstrictor threatens the opposite effect. They can cause even greater swelling of the mucous membrane, which would delay the recovery of the sense of smell and will cause irritability of the patient.

To take measures to return full functionality of the nose can be even before recovery. How to regain your taste and smell with a cold will be able to tell any practitioner. It can be done at home using a steam bath or humid inhalation with a nebulizer. They are designed to soften the mucus and in the nasal passages, and the deeper divisions that will contribute to its prompt removal to the outside.

Can be used as a normal water vapor and steam from decoction of medicinal herbs. To carry out such procedure, you need three times a day, on average, 20 minutes. Breathe pairs need nose and exhale through your mouth. This method will be effective, and at the beginning of a cold, and during its swing.

Quite often, the question of what to do if you lost the sense of smell and taste, our mothers and grandmothers are advised to refer to the directory of folk medicine, which offers a number of recipes for the recovery of this feeling.

It should be noted that a «grandmother» methods, aimed at the return of smell, capable of simultaneously and to relieve the symptoms of a General disease, which caused such violation of the sensitivity of the nose. It is best if before you start using it you will get competent advice of a doctor who will be well-known all objective on which there was loss of smell causes. And after a cold treatment, and rehabilitation recovery after surgery in the nasal cavity suggest restore full functionality of the nose and its olfactory receptors.

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Back to folk medicine. The first thing offered to restore olfactory function is inhalation. Below are a few popular recipes that you can use even after the flu:

  • Inhalation applied to the tissue Basil oil;
  • Steam inhalation with eucalyptus essential oil;
  • Inhalation of water with a solution of juice of lemon with lavender and peppermint oil.

In addition to inhalation of the scent, you can use the instillation of nose with a mixture of camphor and menthol oils. And, of course, popular in our country, the inhalation of vapor of boiled potatoes, which we usually treat all types of ENT diseases. In the event of loss of smell, this «grandma’s» method works very well.

People’s ways

Other traditional methods of recovering the lost scent would be:

  • Warming up nasal areas of the blue lamp;
  • Periodic stresses, and weakening of the facial muscles of the nose;
  • Lavage nasal passages with saline;
  • Applying honey oiled metal coins to the nose;
  • Inhalation of a mixture of powdered medicinal herbs, Lily of the valley, chamomile, mint, and cumin;
  • Regular inhalation of strong smell;
  • Introduction to nasal stroke treatment turundae, soaked in mint oil mixed with alcohol tincture of propolis;
  • Ingestion of decoction of sage, which is an effective remedy for many diseases of ENT organs.

With regular use of at least a few of these people methods, the effect is obvious. With their help, you can regain the sense of smell, even a few years after its loss.

We’re moving on and we have check the smell after its temporary loss.

How to check the sharpness of your sense of smell

If you find that you have no sense of smell and taste, what to do in the first place, as already described. Now it remains only to act and try as soon as possible to regain the scent. And after olfactory receptors a little restored, it is recommended to check their work. And it can be done at home. This will need to hold a special test, the essence of which will be to the distinction between nose very different scents.

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This test will consist of multiple stages, with each of them the task will be more complicated. So, the first step you need to distinguish the odors of three different objects, for example, soap, alcohol and drops of Valerian. In the second phase, the task can be complicated and offer to distinguish the smell of sugar and salt. After that, the recognition will be and the more difficult odors – burned matches, chocolate, coffee beans, etc.

People with a healthy sense of smell pass this test without problems. But if it passes you have difficulties or you are mistaken with the recognition of scent, we recommend you urgently to visit a doctor. The sooner will decrease the scent, the easier it will then be restored.


Many people mistakenly believe that the sense of smell is not that important sense, as, for example, vision and hearing. But this is not so. For the harmonious development of the personality and health, it is essential that all the person’s senses were in working condition. Otherwise, the probability of development of neurosis, psychosis, apathy and depression. So, if you experience problems with the nose they need as soon as possible to solve.