Lugol spray during pregnancy: instructions for use and contraindications

Is it possible the throat Lugol smear during pregnancy?

The drugs market presents a variety of drugs to restore the oral cavity and pharynx in inflammatory processes of infectious etiology. Among the assortment widespread in ENT practice got spray Lugol. The advantages – natural composition, complex effect and local effect.

In the absence of contraindications of the medication comprise a therapeutic regimen expectant mother in all trimesters. However, the opinions of physicians about the benefits of Lugol solution with glycerin during pregnancy differ. What is the mechanism of action, and what complications can cause the reception of an antiseptic?

Use iodine solution for various periods of gestation

Pharmacodynamics of the drug is antibacterial and antiseptic in action. Lugol’s iodine consists of a 95% glycerol. A thick transparent liquid provides hydration of the mucosa, prevents the formation of dry crusts, promotes active regeneration of soft tissues.

To improve the dissolution of the main component of the composition includes potassium iodide and distilled water.Components aggressive against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Macromolecular organic substances pathogenic microorganisms alter the structure in the interaction with iodine, which causes the destruction of pathogenic agents. High resistance to potassium iodide manifests staphylococcal flora and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Lugol’s iodine is characterized by a local effect, promotes excretion of toxic substances, stimulates the production of sputum, facilitates its excretion.

The drug has no systemic action, is not involved in the processes of hemocirculation, since absorbed by mucous membranes in a minimum amount.

Instructions for use rinse during pregnancy is not recommended to use a pharmaceutical product because of the iodine content. The concentration of the chemical is the catalyst for the failure of the thyroid gland. Pathological changes of threat of spontaneous abortion, impaired physical development of the fetus.

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For reference! The scope of the solution is not limited to the field of otolaryngology. Effective antiseptic in violation of the integrity of the skin, trophic ulcers, which restores stomatitis, abrasions, multiple sclerosis.

Clinical studies refute this limit,confirming the safety of the Lugol following arguments:

  • the iodine concentration in the total composition does not exceed 1%;
  • with oral mucosal chemical element is poorly absorbed;
  • the possibility of overdose is unlikely, as most of the pregnant women lack iodine;
  • an overabundance of potassium iodide is not a threat to the natural functioning of the endocrine system because the body excretes the excess by the kidneys.

An important condition for the treatment with Lugol’s solution is the restriction of the use of prophylactic iodine.

Best time to use antiseptics is considered 2 trimester of gestation. Bookmark internal organs and systems of the baby is completed, a trustworthy placental barrier, so the risk of penetration of chemical compounds is minimal.

Lugol during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester has no negative effect on the fetus, is not a threat to the life of the mother. A therapeutic regimen include, for relief of infectious-inflammatory process of the larynx and the pharyngeal ring, atrophic rhinitis and purulent origin.


Among the restrictions – individual intolerance to the components of Lugol’s. Forbidden oral intake of the drug during pregnancy. The best option – treatment of the oral cavity spray.

Be wary appoint an antiseptic product due to the following violations:

  • high levels of thyroid hormones;
  • defeats the barrier function of the kidneys and liver;
  • infection of the lungs (tuberculosis);
  • bullous polymorphic dermatitis.

Interesting! In 1986, Lugol massively used to restore the upper respiratory tract in victims of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The risk of developing side effects in pregnant women increases the haphazard use of the drug. Accumulation of iodine in the body above normal (iodism) occurs in the form of light, manifested by the following features:

  • watery eyes;
  • skin rash;
  • runny nose;
  • increased flow of saliva.
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In more severe cases, there is a risk of congestive heart failure, pulmonary oedema, disturbances of the oxygen metabolism, hypoxia, and the formation of ulcers. If symptoms you must stop using the drug, seek medical help.

Features of the application of Lugol’s

On the pharmaceutical market the drug presented in the form of a spray and a solution. The advantages of aerosol – easy to use, processing the maximum area affected area with a minimum consumption of medication.

However, there is a risk of flow of the medicinal fluid in the lungs and bronchial tubes via the nasopharyngeal opening, which is extremely dangerous when bearing fruit, especially in the early stages of gestation.

For reference! Counterparts solution of the active substance is represented by «Efficient», «Miramistin», «Faringosept», «Tantum Verde», «Help».

The use of the solution requires a sequence of actions:

  1. The bottle is thoroughly shaken until a homogeneous consistency.
  2. The cap to change to a watering device.
  3. Direct the spray on inflammation, producing a single click. The daily rate requires a systematic repeat every 4 hours.
  4. When processing oral solution, sterile cotton pads or sticks, to impregnate with a medicinal liquid, gently clean the mucous 3 times a day. During a manipulation to hold my breath to not to swallow the suspension.
  5. Upon completion of the procedure for 30 minutes to give up food and water.

The duration of treatment is determined individually for each clinical case. The average course of therapy is 5 days, when infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococci up to 10 days.

Poorly marked burning sensation is a natural reaction of the body to iodine. To facilitate the state’s recommended to lubricate the inner lining of oral sea buckthorn oil or rinse the throat with a decoction of chamomile. The progression of symptoms requires replacement of the drug.

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Is it possible the throat Lugol smear during pregnancy is determined by the physician based on patient history, characteristics of the course and etiology of the pathogen. In the absence of contraindications, compliance with the dosage and course of recovery antiseptic safe for the health of the mother and the unborn child.

The mechanism of action of the drug is the destruction of pathogenic organisms, preventing reproduction of infectious agents.