Lump in the ear jumped up and sore: what is this seal under the ear

How to treat a lump in your ear?

Many ailments characterized certain signs, the manifestation of which man himself can understand that he hurts and which doctor to ask for help. However, there are signs of diseases, which needs to be addressed.

This is the place to be during the formation of buds in your ears or around them. Next, we will focus on what constitutes the tumor on the ear or within it, causes, symptoms, and treatment, depending on the factor that caused the pathology.

Lump in the ear – what is it

Lump in the ear – seal is of small size, usually roundish in shape, soft to the touch, and when pressed can move under your fingers. As a rule, it does not bring any discomfort and pain.

Help. The seal under the ear or at the very sink in some situations may result in serious illness and even threaten human health.

To engage in self-definition of the problem here is not worth it, especially if the ear has a lump and hurts at the same time.

You must contact your doctor and together with him to find out the cause of such diseases, and also to understand whether there is a need for treatment.

The most common causes the formation of lumps in the ears are:

  • lymphadenitis – inflammation of lymph node may cause a kind of seal around the ear. In this case, itching and pain are not observed, however, when pressed you can feel a slight soreness;

  • otitis media – what form of inflammation of the ear develops, depends on the nature of the seals in my ears, and it is the place of formation, pain and treatment. If the otitis media has triggered the development of complications, the inflamed region will root stronger;
  • furunculosis – in this case, the bump that appears is the boil, which can be formed both inside and outside the ear. This seal painful regardless of whether it touches people or not;

  • sebaceous cyst – formation is usually localized on the ear lobe, but can sometimes appear on the ear. It is formed due to the blockage of the sebaceous glands. Such a seal does not hurt and does not cause any discomfort to the person. When infection can fester, but again nothing serious. This festering lump may be opened independently.

The above reasons are the main factors in the formation of lumps in the ears, however, it should also mention the secondary factors, which may receive the tumor:

  1. A weakened immune system.
  2. Hormonal imbalance.
  3. Impaired metabolism.
  4. The malfunction of the thyroid gland.
  5. Hypothermia.
  6. Infection of the sebaceous glands in the ear piercing.
  7. Violation of the integrity of the skin the result of acne, seborrhea, trauma.

In addition, it is also necessary to note one interesting fact: the appearance of bumps next to your ear can cause ear rings.

So, on the forums, many people complain that the ear popped the little bun after piercing the ear and wearing earrings of special medical alloy. After the replacement of gold jewelry, the seal disappears by itself.

Treatment of lumps in the ear

The first thing to do is to visit a competent specialist who will establish the cause of the condition and prescribe appropriate therapy. Thus it is necessary to strictly comply with all recommendations of the doctor.

In that case, if a scheme does not have the desired therapeutic effect, necessary to re-contact the medical facility for correct treatment.

Next, we consider an approximate scheme of therapy depending on diagnosis.

When lymphadenitis lump itself does not require specific treatment.

To eliminate this phenomenon is to treat the underlying cause – infections, colds or any inflammatory process.

If other symptoms besides the appearance of the bumps is not observed, then prescribe nasal drops with vasoconstrictor effect and ear drops with anti-inflammatory action.

While in antibiotic use is not necessary.

Help. Attempt to remove the lump in the ear in a child or adult can only harm the organ of hearing.

For otitis media otolaryngologist makes the designation of those drugs, the effect of which will be aimed at eliminating the disease. Usually these medicines:

  • antibiotics;
  • ear drops;
  • nasal drops with vasoconstrictor effect;
  • painkillers and anti-inflammatory.

Once the ear infection is treated, the bump will disappear.

When boils are assigned primarily ointment. As a rule, use a Vishnevsky ointment, or Ichthyol ointment. These drugs are able to effectively draw out the pus from the bumps, and eliminate the soreness.

It should be noted that furunculosis is absolutely impossible to treat by methods of traditional medicine, more use alcohol funds.

The latter will have a warming effect that will only provoke greater suppuration and pain.

If the lump ear – sebaceous cyst and it is small, then it is often resolved on their own. But if it starts to grow, thus creating a certain discomfort, then it is removed with a small surgical intervention.

Attention! To heat, RUB, trying to squeeze the lump to draw on it iodine grid and use traditional treatment without consultation with a specialist in any case it is impossible!

The human ear is the organ that must receive special attention, because thanks to him we can perceive the world in all its colours. Any inflammation in the ears can cause a number of negative effects that threaten impairment of hearing.

That is why even very small bumps on the ear of the person should encourage him to visit a specialist to obtain professional assistance.

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