Lump near ear closer to the cheek: what is that seal

What is the lump near my ear?

Behind the ears often appear seal, dense tumors, which are simply called cones. Seals have a different structure, can be soft or hard, to hurt and absolutely not to be disturbed. Such growths can interfere, causing discomfort, or not to attract attention, while remaining invisible.

Whatever the lump was, in any case, it indicates that the body took a certain failure. May began to develop the pathology of infectious nature, or the tumor grows. You should immediately go to the hospital to determine the causes of such manifestations. It is crucial to find out why there was a bump, what the pathology indicates it is time to start treating.

The ear of the person

The appearance of tumors near the ear is often associated with hearing. The human ear is a complicated organ responsible for balance in the space and hearing people. The ears are very close to the nose, throat. Often they have General diseases that provoke the appearance of the cones.

Appearing near ear lump may either rise, or remain in original form. Size typically varies from 1 mm to 5 cm Appear like growths suddenly, slowly speaking in a certain area.

Without a doctor to determine exactly why the ear had a lump, it is impossible.

What can cause a lump near my ear

The location of tumors may indicate the cause of pathology. A bump can be formed between the ear and the jaw, the cheekbone, closer to the cheek, behind the ear. Each expression has its reasons and is formed differently.

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Doctors feature some of the most common causes that lead to such formations:

  • inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • tumor;
  • infection;
  • a blow, trauma.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes

After suffering colds, infectious diseases, viral, fungal diseases often inflamed lymph nodes (lymphadenitis).

This can occur when the malfunction of the immune system, disturbed metabolism, in particular diabetes. Also lymph nodes can become inflamed when hitting a foreign body.

If the lump near the ear closer to the cheek caused by the inflammation of the lymph nodes, it is small in size. Often sick, possible edema, a manifestation blush, body temperature is kept high. Can also be felt in the ear radiating pain.

Lymphadenitis can never occur by itself. The disease occurs due to the development of infection in advanced pathologies of ENT-organs. In adults, the disease often cause by poor working conditions.

The tumor

Tumors in the region of the ear:

  1. Wen may look like a bump behind the ear. Soft texture lipomas often makes the tumor movable. In place of education Wen a person feels pain and discomfort. A tumor is a manifestation not called, but still the growth of adipose tissue is a cosmetic problem and it is necessary to solve radical methods. Wens are formed during fat metabolism disorders, slagging of the body, resulting in hereditary diseases.
  2. The atheroma. A small lump, located near the ear could be a sebaceous cyst that forms on the muscles. That happens when clogged sebaceous gland. In this case, small seal can gradually grow and move to a malignant cancer. Pathology is accompanied by severe swelling, itching, irritation.
  3. Fibroma. A small «pea», which exfoliate from the skin and it can be felt the foot is called a fibroma. Doesn’t hurt, cause discomfort, and rarely becomes inflamed and increases in size.
  4. A hemangioma. The accretion of the vessels, pathological changes of their development lead to the formation of hemangiomas. Seals of this type are growing rapidly, have a different structure.
  5. Sarcoma basal cell carcinoma, leads to the formation of cones, seals, the appearance of the tumor. The affected skin darkens slightly, it hurts.
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The tumor can wear malignant and benign. Metastasis of cancer tumors often affect the lymph nodes that causes inflammation.

Some diseases, such as mumps (mumps), provoke behind the ears of the tumor. Lose there is on both sides at the same time, looks like a «spread» swelling, gripped his cheeks and ears.

This leads to inflammation of the salivary glands. Additional symptoms are: high fever, malaise, fatigue, pain when swallowing food, chewing.


When the body gets an infection, localizes in the upper respiratory tract, oral cavity, ENT organs, inflammation develops. Manifest illness:

  • sore throat;
  • caries;
  • laryngitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • periodontal disease;
  • sinusitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • otitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • TB.

Along with other symptoms may appear lump under ear on jaw, for example, when the pathology is distributed in the oral cavity, gums.

Shock and trauma

Often the seal around the ear are formed after the attacks, injuries, falls on the head, hearing. In this case, the lump may appear as a small inflammation, swelling, and may have a dense structure, and testify of that fabric something happens and need expert advice.

If a person has no apparent reason behind the ears there are some growths, you need to seek the advice of a specialist. Why formed lump on face near ear what it can indicate can be defined only by the doctor. Specialist will conduct a visual inspection. You may need a tissue biopsy for research.

Seal around the ear may not carry special health problems, to appear and gradually disappear. But often such problems talking about the development of a serious illness, which probably need to be treated. The loss of time will lead to a serious pathology, the consequences of which are difficult to predict.

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Tumors, left unattended, grow, affecting a large part of healthy cells lead to the development of cancer. Inflammation may indicate neglect of ENT diseases that threatens hearing loss. Infectious diseases can and do lead to serious consequences.