Lysis of adhesions laparoscopy: the features of the

One of the complications after surgery may be the formation of adhesions is a kind of scar formed on the location of the healing of damaged tissues. If these entities violate the normal functioning of internal organs and cause pain, you must delete them. Surgery to cut adhesions is called «lysis of adhesions».

Causes and signs of disease

Adhesions usually form in the abdominal or pelvic cavity after operations in these areas. The anomaly may also be the consequence of serious inflammatory process in the body (appendicitis, endometriosis, diverticulitis).

In some cases, adhesions do not cause the person anxiety. If they affect the normal functioning of internal organs, preventing her from talking about adhesive disease. Pathology can lead to acute intestinal obstruction and infertility. Often the disease is accompanied by severe abdominal pain. These symptoms are absolute indications for surgery adhesiolysis.

Surgical dissection of adhesions

Lysis of adhesions is performed mainly laparoscopically. Laparoscopy provides the most rapid recovery of the patient after surgery is the least traumatic intervention.

  1. Access to spikes is due to several punctures in the abdominal wall through which the wires are of laparoscope manipulators (forceps, scissors, suction device) and a camera.
  2. To create a working space in the body cavity of the pre-injected gas raises the abdominal wall.
  3. Adhesions consistently seized with forceps, dissected as close as possible to the organs and removed.
  4. Damaged vessels immediately koaguliruut laser or electrodes.
  5. There should be permanent dryness of the surgical field using an aspirator.

Preparing for surgery

Before surgery the patient should pass urine and blood samples and undergo ultrasound and tomographic imaging. Contraindications to operation can become inflammatory disease, blood clotting disorders, metabolic disorders (diabetes), obesity.

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Before laparoscopy requires starvation extract and bowel cleansing using enemas.

The procedure is performed under General intravenous anesthesia, can last depending on the complexity of the state up to three hours.

After 1 — 2 days the patient can leave the hospital. The recovery period takes several weeks.

Dissection of adhesions should be done carefully, so that the surgery did not cause the formation of new intergrowth or other complications.