Malavit drops with cold and sinus: how to dribble and shelf life

How to drip into the nose Malavit?

When inflammation of the mucous membrane it is important to begin treatment. But when choosing a drug, many people experience difficulty because it is important to choose not only effective, but safe product. To restore the function of respiratory organ as quickly as possible, doctors recommend to use natural means «Malavit». Its active ingredients destroy signs of rhinitis on the first day of treatment and without harm to the body reduce the symptoms of acute rhinitis.

The properties of homeopathic drug «Malavit» when cold strikes the patients for their effectiveness, but before use, it is important to clarify all the side effects and possible complications. Do not start therapy until you check with all the questions of the doctor.

About «Malavita»

The drug «Malavit» is known for its beneficial properties for acute rhinitis, inflammation of paranasal sinuses, dysfunction of the mucosa and of other lesions of the respiratory tract.

«Malavit» contains a lot of natural and mineral components, which are mined in the Altai mountains. The main substance of the drug is a useful mineral of emerald hue.

Part of «Malavit» is composed of active compounds of copper, malachite mineral, acid, formic alcohol, mineral salts, propolis, tar, cedar, sugar, mummy, kidney from birch, oak bark, pine buds, silver. All ingredients are produced in the Altai.

In addition to these complex healing minerals derived from malachite, the structure includes stone oil, resin, gum, collected from fir and larch.

All medicinal plants familiar to many of its properties. Among the active components on the annotation of the drug include wormwood, chamomile, calendula, celandine, sage, thyme, mint, rhizomes of calamus, elecampane, immortelle flowers, Echinacea.

In a small vial of the drug contains an extract of oak, aspen and birch buds, as well as crystal clear spring water and dew.

The preparation has not entered any dyes and preservatives, making the drug unique in its kind.

The drug, analogues of which does not exist, has a strong antiseptic effect. The active ingredient of a medicament intended for the treatment of many acute respiratory inflammation and diseases of the respiratory tract.

Patients suffering from acute and long-term rhinitis, is celebrated by its pruritic effect and rapid impact on inflammation. As a result, the patient’s swelling is reduced and the amount of viscous secretions. In addition, the «Malavit» enhances the action of other funds in the complex treatment.

The treatment of children

Instructions for use of the solution «Malavit» for the nose warns that apply for the treatment of children only in diluted form.

«Malavit» children should be appointed only baby doctor, so do not rinse the nasal passages of the child without prior consultation.

If the specialist has prescribed the drug for treatment in case of inflammation of the child, «Malavit» must be diluted with water in a double dose than in adults.

Failure to observe this rule may cause burns of the mucous membrane of the child and the manifestation is severe.


Specific contraindications of drug. However, before applying, make sure that the patient has no hypersensitivity to the active components. Otherwise, the application is strictly prohibited!

«Malavit» prohibited use for the treatment of patients suffering from allergic diseases.


How to store

Storage conditions are no different from many drugs.

Store «Malavit» in a dark place, which does not penetrate the sun’s rays at a temperature of from five to twenty degrees Celsius.

The healing properties of the drug persisted for two years after manufacture.

The shelf life of «Malavit» after opening is five weeks.

When to use the drug

The tool is actively used for inflammation of the nasal mucosa. To provide vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory effect of the drug should be diluted with firestorm and then drip into the nasal passages.

Drops can cure the following diseases:

  • acute rhinitis;
  • chronic rhinitis;
  • vasomotor rhinitis;
  • viral or bacterial inflammation of the mucous membrane;
  • acute sinusitis;
  • otitis;
  • acne;
  • neuralgia;
  • burn;
  • furunculosis;
  • sinusitis.

Before using the product ensure there are no allergic reactions.

How to use the product

How to breed «Malavit» for nasal consult your doctor. The specialist must determine the appropriate amount of the preparation yourself as it is important to know the individual characteristics of the patient.

Usually, doctors prescribe a few drops of the drug at hundred milliliters of sodium chloride or purified water.

Often «Malavit» is used in undiluted form, but for treatment of rhinitis, experts recommend to use the tool, preliminary having diluted it with sodium chloride in equal proportion.

In acute sinusitis the drug should be diluted in the ratio of one to ten.

As a drip nose «Malavit» when cold

To get rid of mild or prolonged rhinitis doctors prescribe «Malavit» for nasal application.

For use of the drug, dilute the medium with purified water in the same proportion, and then lubricate the nasal passages with a cotton swab.

In acute pathology, dilute the product with clean water in proportion of one to two drip and nasal passages.

For one introduction are allowed to use no more than five drops of the medicine. For best results, lubricate the tool nose.

Relief comes after the second day of treatment. The medication will relieve the pain and provide powerful antibacterial and antiviral effect. To use the «Malavit» I have the adults in ten days, but usually rhinitis is held on the fifth day of treatment.

Therapy for sinusitis

In the case of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses doctors can prescribe «Malavit» as a comprehensive treatment. To apply the means necessary to prepare the solution, diluting the drug with clean water or sodium chloride in the ratio of one to ten.

«Malavit» when sinusitis has a serious anti-inflammatory effect, but to apply the remedy only in diluted form!

Treatment of sinusitis «Malavita» contraindicated in case of high sensitivity to the drug components.

Insert the tool in the nasal passages using a pipette. At one time recommended the introduction of no more than five drops. To use the tool for twenty days, but if symptoms of sinusitis do not pass after one week, go through the diagnostics again.


To get rid of acute symptoms of sinusitis can wash the nose «Malavita». For such a case it is necessary to prepare a solution as follows:

  1. Fill the glass one-hundred milliliters of sodium chloride or clean warm water.
  2. Add the liquid five drops of «Malavit».
  3. Check that the tool was not hot, and start washing.

For washing you need to purchase a syringe twentieth of the size. Type in a resulting solution, remove the needle and attach to the edge of the nostrils.

Enter the drug without jerks and active movements. At the time of washing, follow the well-being of the patient.

If the procedure was done correctly, then immediately after the reorganization of the cavity of the patient feels significant relief of breathing and reducing pain in the area between the eyebrows and in the cavity of the nose.

Lubricate the nostrils or apply a solution of «Malavit» can be two or three times a day depending on the severity of the symptoms of inflammation.

In addition, the drug can be used to prevent in-season activation of respiratory ailments. In this case, lubricate the diluted drugs of region of the nasal cavity once a day.


Apply this remedy to treat nasal inflammation very carefully. With regard to its natural origin, it can cause allergic reactions. If you believe in the absence of Allergy to components, use «Malavit» without fear.

Scientists have shown that the drug has a powerful effect in many types of rhinitis. In addition, the drug effective for the prevention and hydrate the mucous membrane in the case of work in the office or in a season of cooling.

When used correctly, the tool has antibacterial, proteoliticeski, anti-virus effect. Washing the nasal passages, the patient can expect antiseptic and decongestant properties, and also achieves reduction of pain.

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