Malavit in pregnancy: instructions for use and if you can gargle

How to apply Malavit during pregnancy?

During pregnancy future mums need to monitor their health carefully. In nine months of expectation and development of the child, the woman’s body is severely weakened, so in this period it is easy to fall ill with acute respiratory diseases. To be safe, doctors recommend applying a solution of «Malavit». This natural remedy has potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, so helps with many inflammations of the respiratory tract.

But moms are sincerely concerned about the question of whether «Malavita» gargle during pregnancy? The thing is that in the period of gestation a woman has banned many drugs. Some medications can harm the baby and cause abnormal development of the embryo. Therefore, before application of «Malavit» it is important to clarify all adverse reactions of the drug from the physician, and to ensure no allergic reactions to components of the medication.

«Malavit» and pregnancy

«Malavit» is a powerful drug that has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action. In addition, the tool has antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral effect.

To achieve such a strong action of the drug has added many useful extracts.

To a solution of the drug is ionized water, carbon dioxide and copper sulfate, stone oil, glycerin, gum, resin, pine buds and the root of the oak. In this numerous list of active ingredients does not end there.

Thanks to the numerous ingredients of «Malavit» can easily cope with any acute respiratory inflammation, even during pregnancy.

In connection with antibacterial properties, «Malavit» destroys viruses and bacteria, but it does no harm to the fetus.

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In addition, «Malavit» of pregnancy is often used as a disinfectant drug which rinse the throat. Using this procedure, the patient can get rid of a viral infection in the nasopharynx and to return the function of this cavity.

Antibacterial and antifungal properties of the drug allow the use of «Malavit» in pregnancy 1 trimester. However, before applying, it is important to undergo a personal consultation with a gynecologist and clarify the lack of allergic reactions.

Pregnancy is not a contraindication to prescription drugs, but part of «Malavit» is a part of many natural products that can trigger allergies.

According to studies, if you use «Malavit» for gargle during pregnancy, the drug does not cause embryotoxic effects and is not able to exert a teratogenic effect. Therefore, to use the drug at any time.

In addition, doctors may prescribe a daily medication to be used as the subject to maintain the hygiene. In the absence of ethanol, various dyes and other harmful components, «Malavit» can be used without risk of adverse consequences.

Why apply «Malavit»

«Malavit» is effective hygienic tool. Using the drug to rinse or gargle it is possible to achieve a quick result.

Before use of a medicinal product, it is important to clarify all adverse reactions. If there is any risk to apply the tool is not necessary.

If your doctor has prescribed «Malavit» in pregnancy, examine the annotation of the drug. When used correctly, the expectant mother will be able to quickly get rid of inflammation and swelling in the throat. In addition, the drug has the following effects:

  • relieves pain;
  • eliminates itching;
  • allows to speed up the healing of wounds in the nose and throat;
  • accelerates regeneration of tissues;
  • restores the function of the nasopharynx;
  • boosts the immune system, which is especially important during pregnancy;
  • normalizes metabolism;
  • restores the function of the mucous membrane.
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In addition, a solution for rinsing reduces the amount of harmful elements in the nasopharynx and has a tonic effect.

To use the solution of «Malavit» is possible to achieve an antihistamine effect when inflammation of the throat due to seasonal or year-round allergies, and also for the return of the functions of the reflex processes in the throat.

In addition, the product softens and moisturizes the nasal passages when required.

When not to use the drug

Instructions for use of drops of «Malavit» in pregnancy evidence about only one contraindication. Do not use this medicine with special sensitivity to the extract of medicinal plant and mineral-organic components.

To find out the presence of these contraindications, it is important to go through a detailed diagnosis.

How to use

To prepare the solution for gargling should be diluted in one hundred milliliters of purified water from five to ten drops of the drug. Pre-fluid can boil, but make sure that the drug was not burning.

Gargle must to five times a day. Every day you must prepare a fresh solution.


Before applying any medications, make sure there are no allergic reactions. Do not use «Malavit» not being sure in the absence of contraindications. If you feel unwell after use, get immediate medical help.

Store «Malavit» within two years, but after opening the product retains the beneficial properties of not more than eight weeks. Do not use the tool after the expiration date.