Massage for breast augmentation: techniques and types

The fairer sex is very complex, if they have small and droopy Breasts. Don’t have to put implants, you can use the massage for breast enlargement. On the part of the body that undergoes the massage action improves blood circulation. Women with skin problems or excess weight, doctors recommend treatments of this type. They increase blood circulation in the mammary glands and develop the capillary net of blood vessels, increase the sensitivity of the breast. The result of a properly carried out massage will be a beautiful and firm bust. Of course, after the massage it will increase by 3 sizes, but some changes will be noticeable. To massage for breast enlargement gave the result, with it it is necessary to do exercises. There are several types of massages that are used for breast augmentation.

Water massage

Water is the most affordable and simple massage. It improves muscle tone of the bust. Thanks to EMU, the skin becomes more elastic, and the bust looks beautiful and attractive. For massage this type of water should have an average temperature — somewhere 35-36 degrees. During the procedure, there should not be any discomfort. Sensitive areas such as nipples and areola, it is best not expose to water.

First, water is directed from the bottom up and around the bust. Then the jet should bring on the bust and carry out movements from the armpit to the center. Then under the bust, again to the centre and to the armpit. When the jet of water is under the bust, it is necessary to increase the pressure to involve layers of muscles that support the breast. Water treatments should be held for about 5 minutes. To finish they are best dispersed by a water jet on his chest. The movement should be circular, from ribs to neck. Broken stream a good effect on nerve endings. After the procedure, you must attach a towel so that it absorbed all the moisture and oil breast firming cream.

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So the bust was more fit, you can do contrast showers — alternating hot and cold water. At the time of contact of hot water on chest the pores open and muscles relax. During the massage with cold water improves blood circulation are stimulated the muscles.

A good result can be obtained if to take a bath with milk and salt. Sea salt has healing properties. Due to the content of mineral substances and trace elements, bath has a positive effect on the human body. Guests can take a bath no more than 15 minutes every 2 days.

The advantages of water massage:

  • regardless of the time of execution, gives excellent results;
  • nothing to buy, only used a shower;
  • a short session — about 5 minutes


  • it is necessary to abandon the shower with warm water;
  • water jet power can cause damage to delicate skin.

For, the fact that the result was noticeable, you need such a procedure carried out regularly.

Remedial massage

A procedure of this type can be carried out independently. In order to better hands glided over the skin, you need to use oils or creams. First, you need to massage that part of the bust that is on top, while RUB the oil or cream, starting from the armpit to the center of the chest and back in a circular motion. Such procedures are worth doing for 3-5 minutes.

The advantages of massage:

  • The use of the cream makes the skin soft.
  • You can do the procedure.


  • If the skin is intensively mashing, may appear stretch marks.
  • After each procedure is to remove the remnants of the cream from the body. If they do not try to remove clothing stains form.
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Vacuum massage

On the bust need to apply a moisturizer. To take vacuum the pad and put the chest zapanovici to the vacuum. During this procedure, you need to carefully follow the instructions for using the overlays. Massage should be carried out 10 ‒ 15 minutes each breast separately.


  • The effect will be seen instantly. Results are visible already after the first procedure.
  • The Breasts become much more sensitive.


  • How fast the breast becomes larger, just as fast it loses. The result can be maintained, if every day to carry out such procedures.
  • Side effect of breast augmentation is the appearance of stretch marks.

Point or Japanese massage

Clicking on several points on the body can enlarge Breasts and keep it in beautiful form. When is a massage of the chest, produced by female hormones that affect muscle tone and elasticity. With this massage the Breasts may increase at least 1 size. The process begins with what is necessary to bend the head forward and press your fingertips on the area of the thyroid gland. Then the pad of his middle finger press into the region of the medulla oblongata 10 times. The movement performed slowly. Next you need to use the points of the shoulder girdle. Pillows middle fingers to press the point of the shoulder joints, with arms crossed on his chest. To press 10 times, pausing for 5 seconds. The procedure should last no longer than 5 minutes.

Contraindications to breast massage:

  • On the skin has pus formation. Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Discovered a nodule in his chest.
  • Woman suffering from catarrhal diseases.
  • Discovered disease of the cardiovascular system.
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Pregnant or lactating women procedures can be performed only after consulting a doctor. If the massage movements to make sloppy, you can damage the skin. The movement should be gentle and careful. Before you start the procedure, it is necessary to visit doctors: gynecologist and mammologist.