Massage for sinusitis at home: point

Acupressure relieve sinusitis

Sinusitis is a common disease that affects the cavities of the organs of the respiratory tract. Statistics says that acute sinusitis is diagnosed in 10% of people. The disease develops in the school and in adulthood. But in preschool children it is very rare, since in children the maxillary sinus is not fully formed. Often inflammation of the paranasal sinuses is not always possible to cure completely, so even after a full course of medical treatment absolute recovery occurs only in 10-14% of cases.

Unfortunately, in most patients the disease recurs. And every year the number of patients increases by 1-2 percent. Therefore, people suffering from chronic lesions of the paranasal sinuses, trying to find alternative ways to alleviate the condition. One of these is acupressure relieve sinusitis. But as far as this procedure is effective, when and how to do it? To understand this question, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of physiological structure of the respiratory system and the specifics of the diseases arising from the malfunction.

About sinusitis

The disease occurs when inflammation of the maxillary paranasal sinus. The pathological process appears when the disorder of the free outflow of secretions from one or both sinuses. Such violations become a favorable environment for the occurrence of inflammation on the background of a weakened immune system.

The reasons for the development of the disease are many – Allergy, infectious diseases, SARS, pathology of the respiratory organs, acute respiratory infections, chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, dental disease.

Attention! The likelihood of sinusitis increases in autumn and winter, while seasonal vitamin deficiency and reduce the body’s defenses.

The leading symptoms of the maxillary sinus tenderness in the nose area, the intensity of which increases in the evening. Other signs of disease:

  • headache;
  • mucus or pus from the nose.
  • weakness;
  • the increase of temperature to 38 degrees;
  • nasal congestion.
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Massage for sinusitis: procedure

Acupressure is an ancient therapeutic massage tactics that have a lot of advantages. Without medication, she is able to accelerate the healing process, providing a number of positive effects. These include, increased local circulation, easier breathing, stimulation of immunity, improve the discharge of mucus, the removal of pain.

Attention! Before performing massage therapy it is important to learn how to put pressure on the point.

For this the index finger is slightly bent to the middle and put pressure on a certain area, gradually increasing the intensity of the depression to the maximum. Then about a minute doing vibration increasing movement and then slowly stops the vibration.

Face massage in the sinus can be done in various ways, but there may be 2 primary methods.

Option 1

The first option is most common, it allows you to see the main points, massage which helps to relieve unpleasant symptoms.

  1. The point is on the face at a distance of 11 ml from the lower eyelid. Region stretch from both sides.
  2. The second point is in the back just beyond the halfway line in the middle of the 3-4 thoracic vertebrae. Area massage from two sides simultaneously. When performing the massage, the patient should sit or lie down.
  3. The third point is located on the back of the head with the right and left sides. Stretch zones on both sides at once. For ease of implementation of the patient seated on a chair, and he tilts his head slightly forward.
  4. The location of the fourth point – the head, just along the hairline. Massage movements are carried out when the patient sits.
  5. Point is located above the eyebrows. Massaging is one technique when the patient lies or sits.
  6. The area is in the area of the forearm, just above the middle crease of the wrist. Massage of the maxillary sinus when sinusitis is conducted from two parties. When it is executed the patient sits with his hands on the table.

Attention! Acupressure sinus with nasal congestion do not only fingers, but also with laser, which has a more pronounced therapeutic effect.

It is important that before the procedure the man was calm. And all the movement should be stroking and circular. Each area must stretch for at least 5 minutes. Massage should be performed not less than 3 times in tribute for about two weeks.

Option 2

Classic massage in the sinus at home can be carried out thus:

  1. The wings of the nose pillows, stretching my index finger.
  2. Gently press down on the area where it overlaps the nose and upper lip.
  3. The tip of the nose gently pinched and stroke.
  4. Point on the external corners of the eyes simultaneously massaged.
  5. At the end knead the area between the eyebrows.

Massaging certain points in the sinus stimulates blood circulation in the affected sinuses, relieves inflammation, eliminates discomfort and prevents the development of pathological changes of the nasal mucosa.

Contraindications of acupressure

Unfortunately, not all people suffering from sinusitis, allowed acupressure. Contraindications to the procedure:

  • the presence of a temperature;
  • mental disorders;
  • the presence of defects on the skin in massage areas (acne, allergic rash, papilloma);
  • pregnancy;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • ulcers of the digestive tract;
  • growths on the skin.

Important! If the sinusitis from his nose purulent secret or discharge with blood admixtures acupressure forbidden to do.

However, that acupressure was as effective as possible, doctors recommend to combine it with medical treatment. Therefore, to enhance the therapeutic effect using various drops, sprays and solutions for washing, providing antiseptic, vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, when shown sinusitis, immunotherapy and physiotherapy that includes laser treatment, blue light therapy and UHF.