Medicine for children dry cough: effective and a good tool, drugs

Remedies for children dry cough

Non-productive cough is often a symptom of contagious infection or allergic reaction. This symptom is dangerous for the immature organism, and requires a direct heal. Doctors recommended pharmacotherapy after determining the causes of pathological disorders.

Pharmaceuticals first presented to a variety of cough medicines and stimulate expectoration. Let’s try to understand what is the best dry cough for children.

What are the drugs for dry cough in children

Cough without sputum discharge occurs at the initial stage of the disease. Occurs paroxysmal or like a bark. Often it is preceded by the development of pathologies like acute tonsillitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, pertussis infection. The child has difficulty breathing, the feeling of «foreign body» in the throat, disturbed night sleep, reduced activity, possible vomiting and nausea.

Modern pharmacological industry offers a wide range of medicines acute cough. Each medication differs in composition, form (tablets, syrups, inhalations, drops, capsules), but has an identical mechanism of action to alleviate the cough acts, the transition from the stage of dry to wet.

To achieve high therapeutic results, it is necessary initially to identify an etiological factor, and the choice of medication to focus on the age of the patient and contraindications.

Medicines for children dry cough differencesbut on several grounds:

  • composition;
  • the mechanism of action for the Central nervous system;
  • the form of release.

In relation to the main component and auxiliary elements of the drugs suppress the cough can be of vegetable, synthetic and combined origin. In Pediatrics prefer natural products based on medicinal plants or combined forms («Gerbion plantain», «Geelix», «Codelac Phyto»).

They do not have a toxic effect on the body and well tolerated by patients, practically does not cause side effects. Therapeutic help is to change the biological properties of sputum, accelerate its evacuation, the elimination of spasm in the bronchi, relieving inflammation.

For reference! For each medication you can pick up a generic, where the main component is identical to the original. Differs only in the list and the concentration of the supporting elements. It does not affect the final therapeutic outcome, but you can save.

The ability to affect the cough center in the brain secrete drugs peripheral and Central actions. The first group inhibits the activity of receptors tussigenic areas has an impact on the ascending path in the segment of the brain. These include anesthetics («Levapren», «Libeksin», «Helicity») and mixed forms («Prenoxdiazine»).

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Pharmaceutical products direct action is coordinated directly with the cough center. Among them allocate funds with narcotic and not narcotic effect. The purpose of the drugs based on morphine, codeine and dexametasona not always justified, because they can trigger a number of negative consequences: constipation, addictive, reducing the excitability of the CNS, disorders of the respiratory process.

Preference is given to non-narcotic group. In the treatment of children’s cough medicines are widely used on the basis of butamirat, oxeladin citrate and glaucine hydrochloride («Pour», «Glauben», «Sedotussin»). The medicinal components do not inhibit respiration, do not impair brain function, cause spasm, anti-inflammatory and antitussive effect.

Important! Antibiotics to suppress dry cough prescribe only doctor. This group of drugs is characterized by a strong antibacterial effect, so is not always easily carried the child’s body. Pre-specialist determines the sensitivity of pathogenic microflora, which selects effective a good tool.

Once begins to move away phlegm prescribe mucolytic and expectorant. Mucolytics do not increase the amount of mucus, their main purpose is to modify the structure of the pathological secret, do you thin it to improve evacuation to the outside («Mukaltin», «Mucosolvan», «Muradin», «Ascoril»).

Expectorants increase production of secretions, which increases the flowing properties of the liquid, promotes the release of the tracheobronchial tree from accumulation of exudate.

The list of effective drugs

To determine the most effective remedy for dry cough and I do a little comparative analysis of the most popular drug for young patients, identifying advantages and weaknesses.


Mechanism of action: Antitussive drug of Central action. Inhibits the activity of the cough center without destabilizing the respiratory system. Has little anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator effect, improves the performance of spirometry. Indications for use — irritating cough of different etiology.

Form release: Children from 2 months prescribed drops dry cough, after 3 years — syrup.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to any component, early stages of pregnancy.

Side effects: allergies, disorders with the digestive system, violation of the chair, malaise, headache.

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Price: for a mixture with a volume of 200 ml. starts at 220 rubles., per bottle drops 20 ml – 320 RUB.

Analogues: «Omnius» (150 rbl.), «Codelac Neo» (100-150 RUB.), «Bronchipret» (269 rubles).


Pharmacology: the Active ingredient of prenoxdiazine suppresses the dynamism of the respiratory center, is active anesthetic and bronholitika. Improves breathing due to the evacuation of sputum. Has no systemic action. The therapeutic effect occurs instantly, remain up to 4 hours.

Form release: pills.

Contraindications: do not appoint in the postoperative period, in the predisposition to pathologies, accompanied by increased bronchial secretion, intolerance of individual components. Do not include in the scheme of treatment of children up to 3 years.

Side effects: on the background of developing overdose sedation, gastrointestinal distress, feeling of dryness in the mouth. Less intake of the drug could trigger allergic reactions, bronchospasm.

Price: for 20 pieces of tablets will have to pay to 473 RUB.

Analogues: tablets «Regulin» (262.), pill «Codelac Neo (the average price RUB 126), «Glauben», «Levapren», «Previous».

Nuance! What form of release to give preference depends on the patient’s age and preferences of the baby. Syrup is easier to dose, but there are often sweet flavorings to improve the taste that is contraindicated for children with diabetes. From drops unlike the above liquid suspension shelf life after breaking the seal of the package. Drugs in tablets and capsules last longer than medicine.


Mechanism of action: Combined herbal remedies based on medicinal plants of thyme has anti-inflammatory, sekretomotornym, bronchodilator and antimicrobial effect. Universal drug for the treatment of dry and productive cough.

Annoying with the forced exhalation has a softening effect by reducing the frequency and intensity of cough attacks. When it begins to move away mucus, change its fluidity, facilitates the outflow of the tracheobronchial tract.

Product form: lozenges, syrup, elixir.

Contraindications: Children up to age 6 years for lozenges, syrup recommended after 6 months. Care to use requires the presence in the anamnesis of disease of the liver and kidneys, cardiac failure chronic, fructose intolerance.

Side effects: the Risk of violations is minimal. Allowed form of allergic manifestations (angioedema, skin rashes) and disorders of the digestive tract (vomiting, dyspepsia).

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Price: 130 ml. Elixir – 344 RUB, lozenges 20 PCs – 218 RUB., syrup 100 ml – 340 RUB.

Analogues: «Tussamag» (271.), «Bronchoplasty» (130 rubles), lozenge and syrup «Dr. mom», «cook Syrup» (106 rubles).

«Gerbion plantain»

Pharmacological value: Syrup made from the extract of the herb plantain and mallow, is characterized by a complex effect: reduces inflammation, reduces the flow of stimuli from the cough of the throat, thins the pathological secret, promotes expectoration of sputum.

Has immunostimulant and antibacterial effect. Used in the treatment of non-productive cough or in the prevention of respiratory diseases.

Product form: liquid consistency.

Contraindications: There is a risk of allergic reactions in people with sensitivity to remedies. The composition includes sucrose, so be wary appoint patients with diabetes. Do not use for children under 2 years.

Price: average pharmacy price – 220 RUB.

Analogues: Syrup «licorice Root» (100 ml. 34.), Ambrobene (121.), «Ascoril» (377 rubles), «Pektolvan C» (50 rubles).

Tip! Effective for relief of coughing is burnt sugar. It is allowed to apply for children first days of life in liquid form, older kids offer like a Lollipop.


The therapeutic task is for dry cough is to stimulate mucociliary clearance to enhance production and evacuation of sputum. Palliative care is to reduce manifestations of cough.

All drugs for the relief of unproductive cough acts shall in this scheme. It is difficult to determine the best effective medicine without the advice of a specialist. We must not focus only on the price range, but the etiology of the disease, the physiology of the patient and contraindications.