Milk with soda cough during pregnancy: the proportions and recipe

Can I drink milk with soda cough during pregnancy?

Treatment of cough due to cold is to increase its productivity through thinning and the improvement of outflow of a sputum. The most popular recipe — milk with soda. It is a natural and safe product used in the treatment of young children and women in the state.

Components reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings of cough center, soothe the inflamed mucosa, facilitate the evacuation of the secreted. A detailed look at what is the use of medicinal products for the parent and the child’s body, what proportions and additional ingredients can be used?

The therapeutic effect of the solution

The actions of foreign agents and pathogenic strains in the projection of the nasal provoke irritation cough zone. Often the cause of the forced exhalations through the mouth, especially in autumn and winter are respiratory infections.

To normalize the condition of the patient, the therapeutic task is to cleanse the upper respiratory tract from foreign organisms, change in the biological properties of sputum. To achieve positive dynamics of the prescribe mucolytic, antiviral and antibacterial drugs.

During the formation of vital organs and systems of the future toddler (1 to 14 a week), the use of any medicine jeopardizes the health of the mother and child. But the absence of therapeutic interventions, dangerous placental abruption, fetal hypoxia, spontaneous abortion, late-term of gestation — miscarriage.

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When the reception of pharmaceutical products should be limited, the best alternative would be milk and soda.

Each ingredient has healing properties, but to achieve therapeutic results is recommended to combine them.

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Baking soda has disinfectant effect is secretolytic activity. It prevents the adhesion of mucus to the walls of the respiratory tract, destroys mucoprotein and mucopolysaccharides nasal fluid, restores the function of ciliated epithelium.

For reference! The soda helps to get rid of the expectant mother from heartburn. When combining the gastric juice with sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the acid causing a burning sensation in the esophagus. During the period of gestation of prohibited oral use of baking soda, and milk are permissible, because this product reduces the irritating action of soda solution.

Milk is a nutritious beverage, which is characterized by a therapeutic action with the defeat of respiratory ways:

  • envelops and protects the mucosa from irritation.
  • warms the outer wall of the throat, restoring the process of hemocirculation;
  • reduces inflammation;
  • nourishes the body with proteins, vitamins, restores the balance of micro-and macroelements;
  • increases local immunity;
  • contributes to liquefaction and elimination of sputum;
  • speeds up metabolism on the cellular level, which promotes active recovery.

Milk rarely causes side effects due to the absence in the composition of chemical substances. But this does not exclude the possibility of allergic reactions.

In the use of the product must take into account the individual milk intolerance, lactose insufficiency, problems with the digestive tract.

Interesting! In a time when the pharmaceutical industry was poorly developed, it is hot milk with the addition of herbs, honey successfully treated tuberculosis, pneumonia.

Can warm milk for cough in pregnancy depends on the etiology of the disease. Folk remedy is effective only when forced exhalations without sputum discharge.

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In allergic, wet cough remedy will not have the desired effect. Therefore, natural products are used in the first phase of infection with respiratory viruses or bacteria as a primary or combination therapy.

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Recipe of milk with soda cough

To achieve a high therapeutic effect, must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • make a milk drink at night or before daytime sleep as a means to provoke active production of serotonin, responsible for sleep;
  • to stick to the exact dosage in the preparation of medicinal mixtures, as high in sodium can cause disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea;
  • when the milk in the daily diet is used seldom, during treatment it is necessary to adhere to measures, because the enzymes that break down milk in the body in a minimum amount;
  • to prepare a milky drink immediately before use.

Tip! It is preferable to choose a home milk – cow or goat, because in a fresh natural product is present in the storehouse of vitamins, which reduce the recovery period.

Homemade milk before use should be boiled and cooled to 55-60⁰С, in order to clear the product from possible microorganisms. UHT milk is amenable to high temperature processing in the production.

It is important to prepare a solution and stand aspect ratio:

  1. In a metal pot to heat 200-250 ml of milk to a temperature of 60⁰С.
  2. Pour the product into a glass and add 0.5 tsp. of baking soda.
  3. Stir until complete dissolution of sodium carbonate.
  4. Use a quarter of an hour after meals, as the soda may cause irritation of the gastric mucosa.
  5. Drink every 3-4 hours, but not more than 3 times a day. The average rate varies from 5 to 7 days.
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To enhance the therapeutic effect can be added to hot milk 6-8 g of honey which has an antibacterial effect, increases resistance of organism to action of adverse factors.

To enhance mitigating properties in solution interfere 0,5 tsp of butter. Among other supporting ingredients used cocoa, figs, carrot juice, anise, pills «Mukaltin».


Efficiency of milk with soda cough during pregnancy proven by many generations. Subject to the proportions and recommendations preparation of solution adverse reaction is unlikely, but the therapeutic effect is manifested immediately: reduces the number and intensity of the forced exhalations, are soreness, normalizes the General condition of the patient.