Miramistin babies in nose: whether it is possible to drip with a cold newborn

Can I drip into the nose baby “synthesis”?

The official instructions for use «Miramistina» involves the use of a drug for instillation into the nose, from the age of three. In practice, doctors prescribe medicinal substance from the first days of baby’s life.

As far as the use of pharmacological agents safely and effectively, depends on the individual characteristics of the child patient, the nature and stage of the disease.

Description and properties of the drug product

«Synthesis» – an antiseptic drug, widely used in Pediatrics, cosmetology and medicine.

Date drug development dates back to 70 years, with the aim of creating a universal tool in relationships of all infectious agents, and in 1991 was awarded the license to manufacture.

The active component of the substance is benzyldimethylamine chloride monohydrate, whose action is directed at violating the integrity of the cell wall of microbes. Under the influence of the drug activates immune cells, stimulates the regeneration of tissues.

Medicinal product used for the prevention of venereal disease which is transmitted through the placenta or through everyday life.

«Synthesis» involves different forms of release:

  • ointment, the total volume of the tube 15, with the concentration of a substance of 0.5%;
  • a solution of 150 ml of 0.01%;
  • spray;
  • drops.

With its wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity, pharmacological product used in aspirating signs of the disease, in fungal infections of the oral cavity, for the relief of symptoms of otitis, conjunctivitis.

Effective drugs rhinitis.

All the «pros» and «cons» to treat mucus in a newborn

The need to use «Miramistina» with a cold in infants due to its hypoallergenic properties, neutral taste, with the exception of the absorption of active substances through the mucosa.

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Obvious contraindications to the use of medication exists, but unambiguous positive effect is not proven.

Fact! Contraindications purpose include individual intolerance of the drug, the possibility of allergic reactions.

Antiseptic has a local effect, i.e. exhibits its pharmacological activity at the application site. As the syndrome of inflammation of the mucous membrane (rhinitis) occurs as a result of its defeat by pathogenic microorganisms, which are protected by the inner sheath epithelium of the nasal passages, the active components of the product do not interact with the virus.

«Miramistin» babies nose is not recommended because of the risk of contact with respiratory organs, drum-pharyngeal tube.

Baby because of their age are not able to cough, to vysmarkivatsya, therefore, increased concentration of the drug in the nasal cavities or internal organs threatens the baby’s life. Spray irrigation of the sinuses is optimally assign the children after 3 years.

Children first days of life the physiological runny nose is interpreted as a process of habituation of the mucous membrane to the environment, in this situation, «Miramistin» newborn nose will be little effective.

The method is the application of the antiseptic solution by pipette does not allow to process the whole area of the mucosa, as a result, the bacterial microflora is restored within hours.

Important! When exposed to the mucosa of the medicinal substance is not excluded burning sensation, discomfort of the nasal cavity.

Unconscious use of the drug causes addiction to its active components. The systematic use of an antiseptic product develops resistance in bacteria, and in cases of urgent need to disinfect sinus medicine will bring positive dynamics.

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How to use the drug in the appointment of a doctor

In cases where efficiency from the use of medicinal substances above threatening the life of the baby, a qualified pediatrician completes a comprehensive treatment local antiseptic.

To achieve the desired result possible in strict compliance with the quantity and frequency of instillation. General recommendations include the following points:

  • prescribed for bacterial runny nose, which is accompanied by abundant mucous discharge a green or yellow;
  • method of application — only instillation with a sterile pipette;
  • before procedure it is necessary to clear the nasal passages aspirator;
  • the drug diluted with saline in equal proportions, the daily rate is limited to three times a day taking 1 drop in each nostril.

The drug has no odors, so well received by the children. The drug primarily occurs in combination with antimicrobial agents, because it increases their antibacterial action.

A definite answer to the question «is it possible to drip into the nose baby «synthesis» does not exist. Clearly limit its use in the treatment of the common cold is impossible. With great caution should approach the issue of application pharmaceutical product for babies.

The appointment of the drug to children under 3 years of age is a violation of medical rules, therefore, the effect of the drug is unpredictable, and the manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences.