Miramistin in nose during pregnancy: instructions for use

Is it possible to use «Miramistin» during pregnancy?

In the period of carrying a child the reproductive system of the woman is the active hormonal changes, which may cause – a weakened immune system and high risk of respiratory diseases accompanied by rhinitis.

Pregnancy eliminates the reception of many medicines, and for each pregnant women is useful information, what drugs can be treated a cold. Fortunately, the modern pharmacological market offers sufficient number of safe products, including «Miramistin».

The range of use of the drug

Medical product «Miramistin» found frequent use in obstetrics and gynecology, dental and surgical operations, the range of which is wide enough (prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the infectious and inflammatory nature of the symptoms caused by a variety of microbes of pathogenic nature).

Less effective effects the drug has in the treatment of diseases of otolaryngology. Therefore, in practice, the treating specialists prescribe «synthesis» in the nose during pregnancy. Instructions for use indicates that the drug successfully passed laboratory and clinical trials, and does not pose a threat to the body of the mother and fetus.

Furthermore, most physicians recognize the «synthesis» one of the few medicines that you can safely use during pregnancy and lactation.

A runny nose is not the only indication for use this medical product effectively acts on the inflammatory processes in the maxillary sinuses and the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the larynx.

The composition and form of issue «Miramistina»

The drug is available in three dosage forms – solution for topical application, spray, ointment.

The composition of the medical product includes an active substance benzyldimethyl-myristoilamine-propylammonium chloride monohydrate and aqua destillata, as an additional substance.

«Synthesis» refers to preparations of group of cationic antiseptics and has a pronounced antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect.

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A means resistant to the action of the group of antibacterial drugs (antibiotics), can therefore be used in complex therapy. A distinctive and advantageous feature of the «Miramistina» is a local impact on a pregnant body, since it is not absorbed into the bloodstream.

So you can give a positive answer to the question: is it possible to use «Miramistin» during pregnancy. Using this medical product after the first application, the elimination of nasal congestion and normal, unobstructed breathing.

Important! A decrease in therapeutic effect «Miramistina» contribute anionic surface – active agents (these components are widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics).

Methods of use

Before using the drug should consult a doctor who will determine the course of treatment, method of use and required dose of medication. Among the possible options:

  1. For the treatment of rhinitis pregnant it is better to use «Miramistin» as a spray, which comes with special anatomical attachment. Thanks to the spraying solution, the nasal mucosa is fully amenable to the therapeutic effects of the drug. One spray is removed about 4 ml. of the medication, therefore it is recommended to press the dispenser two or three times. Allowable use in the day – no more than 3-4 times.
  2. Often, the burying of the nose is replaced by a wash procedure. To do this, mix «Miramistin» and saline in a ratio of 1:1, then rinse the nose, as in the case of normal saline, using a special device. If necessary the procedure is repeated 3-4 times a day.
  3. In order to get the nose solution, pre-rinse the olfactory organ on the basis of sea water. Then using a pipette drip into each nostril two drops of the drug. Recommended daily intake – no more than 3 times a day.
  4. No less effective inhalations with «Miramistina» during pregnancy, which can speed up the healing process, regenerates damaged skin and nasal mucosa. For conducting inhalation it is necessary to use a nebulizer of the ultrasonic type, which will eliminate the possibility of damage to the mucosa, as this medical device allows you to split the drug into smaller particles. Inhalation drugs necessary to carry out at least 3 times a day, treatment duration should not exceed 15 minutes. A nebulizer is refilled undiluted solution «Miramistina» in the amount of 4 ml.

You should know! With instillation of the nose is possible reaction in the form of stinging, sneezing or tingling. These manifestations do not require the cessation of use and are usually held for 20 seconds.


«Miramistin» rarely causes side effects. The higher the dose of the drug can damage the nasal mucosa, so it is important to adhere to proper dosing of the drug.

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Also there is no list of contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the components of medicament.

«Miramistin» during pregnancy (1 trimester) should be used strictly according to the prescription of the attending physician. Regardless of what negative impact the means in this period is not proven and active ingredients of the drug are not absorbed into the systemic circulation, most experts prefer to refrain from care with this tool.

In the second and third trimester «synthesis» applies subject to the dosage and usage rules.

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Olga. The drug «Miramistin» before pregnancy used for different purposes. For me is an excellent and indispensable antiseptic. In the second trimester was sick with flu, and was surprised when my doctor gave me the inhalation of «Miramistin». Since I fully trust him, began to carry out the procedure, strictly adhering to the assigned dosage. It’s only been three days since I fully recovered from cold and left no trace. All the doubters should read the instructions and consult with your doctor.

Irina. Used the spray «synthesis» in the treatment of inflammation of the mucosa of the nose and throat, as during pregnancy, my doctor recommended me to use other drugs. After the first use noticed a clear improvement of health – it became easier to breathe, and the pain in my throat. By the way, on the forums I have seen the reviews about the possibility of burning, but this effect of the drug did not call me. Of the major pluses for me is the lack of taste and smell, now » — » a frequenter of my kits.

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Numerous testimonials confirm the effectiveness and safety of the drug, but make the decision whether to use the «Miramistin» during pregnancy should only doctor. It is not necessary to self-medicate, it is only after well-chosen course of treatment may notice a pronounced therapeutic effect.