Miramistin in the baby’s nose: Komorowski and whether sprinkling

Is it possible to wash the nose «Miramistina» child?

The constant companion of colds in children is a cold, called in medicine rhinitis. This pathological process in most cases is a symptom of various diseases and may be of a different nature manifestations. Independent disease, the cold can act only in every fourth case.

Most parents make a choice in favor of popular treatments, including «synthesis» from a cold. Children this drug is recommended by many pediatricians, except for the treatment of more serious drugs. But whether such treatment?

Composition and pharmacological action

Before you ask the question: is it possible to wash the nose «Miramistina» child to begin to understand what constitutes a drug and what impact it has on the child’s body.

Available medical product in different forms – a solution for topical use with a concentration of active substance of 0.01%, spray with additional anatomical head and ointment.

The composition of the medical product includes an active component benzyldimethyl-myristoilamine-propylammonium chloride monohydrate and subsidiary components in the form of water-soluble substances.

Due to the low concentration of the active substance «Miramistin» is absolutely safe for the treatment of inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane of the nose, it is quite effective against most pathogens.

Powerful antiseptic has neither odour nor taste, has hypoallergenic properties and has no contraindications, due to which freely can be used for the treatment of children.

In complex treatment with antibiotics, there is a decrease of resistance of pathogens to antibacterial drugs. For external and local use of «Miramistina» excluded systemic absorption (suction) of the active substance into the systemic circulation.

Important! At the site of application of the drug may cause minor irritation in the form of burning, which itself runs for 20 seconds. This manifestation is not an indication for discontinuing the use of medication.

Antibacterial, antiviral effect of the drug helps cleanse the mucosa from pathogenic microorganisms and their metabolic products, prevents the formation of purulent exudate, which allows the use of «synthesis» at the green snot from a child, but also for therapy:

  • sinusitis;
  • otitis media;
  • sinusitis;
  • laryngitis.

Action «Miramistina» in some degree similar to the action of drugs with vasoconstrictor effect, but it has no antiseptic effect on the blood vessels, and only promotes drying of the mucosa.

The drug can be used in complex treatment of ENT organs, as well as preventive measures. But it is understood that long-term use «Miramistina» can be addictive, and provoke resistance of pathogenic microorganisms to the drug.

The procedure for nasal lavage children «Miramistina»

Disease treatment with an antibacterial drug requires strict regulations doctor will explain how to wash the baby’s nose «Miramistina» what dosage to adhere and what should continue therapy.

In practice, the majority of experts as a more mild replacement of vasoconstrictor drugs choose «Miramistin». Application instruction to children in the nose does not contain information about using this tool in the form of washing, but if the medical product has been assigned but has not brought visible effect within seven days, the treatment requires adjustment.

It is worth noting that the lack of the indications for lavage in the abstract, does not prohibit the use of the drug for cleansing the nose, as «Miramistin» is safe.

The desired result in the treatment is achieved by strict observance of the number and frequency of washings. For infants, the drug is not recommended for use because of the impossibility of self-expectoration, bismarckiana child, which may cause increased concentration of substances in the nasal cavity or internal organs.

Therefore, the exclusion of contact with the drum-pharyngeal tube and the respiratory system, «Miramistin» administered to children only when it reaches three years of age.

How to recognize the physiological runny nose in infants, can be found here.

If the treating specialist, after weighing all the «pros» and «cons» appoint for treatment of the common cold «synthesis» for children up to 12 months, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Only use drops that are introduced into the nasal passage with a sterile pipette, no more than 1 drop 3 times per day.
  2. Each wash procedure must be preceded by cleansing of the nasal passages with an aspirator.
  3. Dilute «Miramistin» physiological solution in the ratio 1:1.

Children from 3 – 12 years you can use the spray one injection, no more than 3 times a day.

Patients over 12 years of age can be administered nasal medication, diluted with saline in the ratio 1:2. Irrigation of the nasal cavity is carried out three times a day, for one procedure used 3 ml of the diluted solution. Duration of therapy – no more than six days.

Important! The drug has no contraindications and side effects. An exception may be hypersensitivity of the components. Therefore, at the beginning of treatment «Miramistina» monitor the child’s reaction.

The recommendations of Dr. Komarovsky

Most parents try to follow the recommendations of treatment of the famous children’s doctor. What is the opinion of the doctor about «Miramistina» in the baby’s nose? Komorowski is not recommended to use this drug without prescriptions of the attending pediatrician.

Especially for patients under the age of three, since the purpose of this medical product before reaching the specified age is considered a violation of medical rules.

Moreover, Dr. Komorowski holds in the treatment of rhinitis in children, the complete rejection of medicinal products, except in certain cases. An indispensable manipulation, according to the famous pediatrician are:

  • maintaining humidity and appropriate temperature in the room;
  • drink plenty of liquids;
  • nasal lavage with saline, purchased in a pharmacy or prepared independently.

Therefore, a personal choice each parent will follow the advice of Komarovsky, or follow the prescriptions of the attending pediatrician.

«Synthesis» with a cold children: reviews

Alina. After the child went to kindergarten, the runny nose was a permanent disease. We only did not try, and put oxolinic ointment to prevent, and buy vasoconstrictor drops, after a week the cold was repeated again. The pediatrician advised spray «Miramistin», daughter squirted nose with pleasure, as he has no taste, no smell. Us personally, helps on the second day – decreases congestion, decreases the amount of mucus, and the child breathes a nose.

Anna. Began treatment «Miramistina» on the advice of my sister, after consultation with the pediatrician. The child’s condition improved significantly just four days later. As the doctor warned that the tool can be addictive, then moved on to flushing with saline.


Summarizing, we can conclude that «synthesis» is quite an effective medication, and is well tolerated by adults and children. But every parent should understand about the dangers of self-medication, so the recommendation for the use of this drug should be the order of the attending physician.

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