Miramistin in the ears — how to apply ear pain in a child

Miramistin is it possible to drip in the ear and how to do it?

Diseases of the organs of hearing cause not only discomfort and pain, but also partial failure of functionality of the hearing aid. Must as soon as possible to begin treatment to avoid serious consequences. Many people understand this and often without prior consultation of the consultation are taken for self. So you can often find people trying to find the most effective in ear diseases, drugs and safe.

Modern medicine in the field of otorhinolaryngology has leaped forward and a major leap after the creation of modern equipment was the development of various drugs that reduce the symptoms of common diseases and facilitating the patient’s condition, to accelerate the treatment. One of them can be considered drug Miramistin, with pain in the ear has established itself as one of the best remedies.

When the drug is used

It can be used without prior consultation, the first manifestations of symptoms or as a preventative means. Opening the manufacturer’s instructions so you can make sure personally that the drug Miramistin has found wide application in medicine due to its antiseptic property of wide spectrum of action.

Doctors recommend the use of Miramistin drops:

  • in all forms of otitis media;
  • in inflammatory processes affecting the organs of hearing, in particular, inflammation of the eardrum;
  • infectious diseases: viral infections;
  • if you experience small injuries, scratches.

Suitable medication for patients of all ages, and contraindications apply only when individual sensitivity to the components of the tool.

Given the fact that otitis media is most common in small children from birth to three years, many wonder whether it is possible to dribble in — ear kids? It turns out that Yes. The product contains 0.1% of active substance, which eliminates irritation. Allowed the drug to lactating and pregnant women.

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It is also important that Miramistin can be used in parallel with other drugs. That is, if the patient is being treated for some other disease and he suddenly began otitis, then you should not worry about the possible interaction. Miramistin in this regard was harmless. But, in any case, local use Miramistina recommended after consulting a specialist.

The effect of the drug

Consider-as an independent remedy for many diseases of the organs of hearing, impossible. The drug has a maximum efficiency in the implementation of comprehensive treatment.

At the membrane level, the main component of the drug destroys pathogenic microorganisms. The main feature of Miramistina is its selectivity, with the result that the substance does not apply and does not affect healthy cells, leaving them unharmed.

How to apply Miramistin: instill in the ear

Before you start to use Miramistin for the treatment of ear, applying it is best to discuss with your doctor or read the manufacturer’s manual. It is completely ready to use. Drops can drip into the ear canal further, not cool water.

Drip treatment is common in different forms of otitis media and prevention of many diseases.

Treatment with the use Miramistina:

  • put turundy in the ear canal, pre-moistened with medicine;
  • burying money in the ears;
  • rinsing the ear canal with diluted drug.

So, the treatment can be based on laying the swab turundy impregnated with a drug deep into the ear canal. The treatment lasts no more than ten days, are performed daily six-session procedure. Used tampon is replaced by new, impregnated the means.

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Perhaps periodic instillation of the drug directly into the ear canal. Adult patient is prescribed per day 3-5 drops in both ears, 3 to 4 treatments. Children the amount of the drug is reduced to 2-3 drops, just not more than 4 times during the day.

To medicament is not leaking out of the ear canal, dripping Miramistin in the ear of a child or adult, the patient should be laid horizontally on its side.

Diluting 10 drops of the drug in a glass of warm water, the product is used for washing the ear canal. At the exit of a large number of sulphur or purulent otitis tool enables you to disinfect, reduce inflammation and to numb the pain of a sick body.

Important! The dosage needs to pick up the doctor in each case individually. Dripping Miramistin in the ear, you must strictly adhere to the proportions, not to provoke allergic reactions.

The drug is odorless, allowing you to use it for a long period without hospitalization, it is possible to drip, put in the ear swab and go to work. In addition, in parallel with the ear drops, or introduction of tampons, you can handle the throat spray Miramistin.

In conclusion it should be emphasized again that Miramistin is the most effective tool in the treatment of diseases of ENT organs. It is noticed that in the conditions of complex treatment with the use of this drug the inflammation and swelling subside much faster, much earlier facilitating the patient’s condition.

It is also important that the drug is inexpensive, which leaves it available, and the prescription for its purchase is not necessary. So many people use the drug at an early stage of development of the pathological process, thereby preventing development of the disease.

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