Miramistin in the nose during a cold: how to wash and instructions for use

Is it possible to spray in the nose “Miramistina”?

Antiseptic active ingredients of the drug «Miramistin» suppress the life cycle of fungal microflora, exert a bacteriostatic effect on gram-negative and unicellular gram-positive microorganisms.

To overestimate the importance of the pharmacological product in otolaryngology impossible. How to effectively and safely treat runny nose «Miramistin», we need to understand.

Farmacocinetica medication

«Synthesis» is used for disinfection of the skin, destruction of pathogens on the surface of the epithelium.

Components of the drug is not absorbed through the mucous membranes, which makes its use even more harmless, but ineffective in allergic rhinitis, COPD, acute rhinitis.

These pathologies are characterized by the development of bacterial infections in the cells lining, eliminating the possibility of contact of the medicine with germs.

Manufacturing drugs is based on miramistina. The active ingredient is represented by Amon monohydrate chloride benzyl-Dimethylol, the auxiliary belongs distilled water, other compounds.

The release of the drug is realized in the form of a solution for external use, spray and ointment. The fluid may be clear or yellowish, odorless, which makes it comfortable to use. The set includes a nozzle for the passage of the drug through the nasal cavity.

Drugs, the product does not cause allergic reactions, in rare cases, there is a mild irritation in the area of application, with instillation in the nose – the sense of light burning. It is comprehensively used in the therapeutic scheme for pregnant women, children older than 3 years.

The use of the drug from the first days of life is permissible only on doctor’s orders.

Important! Treatment of unwanted mucous in the nasal passages ointment. When exposed to the epithelium, fat base prevents the removal of mucus from the sinuses, resulting in the disruption of the functioning of volosovichi structures on the surface epithelium.

Efficiency «Miramistina» due to its ability of the hydrophobic effect on the membranes of the cytoplasm, destruction of anaerobic and aerobic microorganisms. The drug does not affect healthy cells, promotes regeneration of the mucous membrane, increases local immunity of tissues.

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Etiological purpose

Instructions for use in the nose «Miramistina» does not provide for its use in rhinitis. The purpose of the drug therapy of necrosis of the soft tissue defects of the skin, fungal infections of the skin, i.e., the reduction in inflammation of the epithelium.

Effective the drug is for local recovery when the following manifestations:

  • tonsillitis;
  • staphylococcal furuncle;
  • fungal sinusitis;
  • bacterial rhinitis;
  • herpes;
  • pharyngitis.

Medicinal product administered in a preventive for SARS, pathologies that require external influence on the affected tissue.

«Synthesis» in the nose with a cold adult must be applied with abundant mucous, green (yellow) colors in the absence of accompanying symptoms of a bacterial infection.

Is it possible to spray in the nose «Miramistina»

Pretreatment of the mucosa with antiseptic drug increases the effectiveness of treatment. Pharmacological product used for cleansing the shell of the maxillary sinus from pathogenic microorganisms, their metabolic products.

Sprinkle the substance is important to prevent the appearance and accumulation of purulent exudate.

In practice, there are 4 ways how to wash the nose «Miramistina»:

  • spraying the nasopharynx. The procedure is performed using a comprehensive recovery at home after the consultation with the ENT physician;
  • cleansing the nasal passages specialized preparation in stationary conditions;
  • the washout cavity after puncture okolonosovyh sinus;
  • prevention inflamed areas of tissue in the postoperative period.

The concentration of the solution and the amount determined by the audiologist based on the individual characteristics of the organism, the etiology of the disease, the degree of progression.

Independent erratic treatment can provoke a burn of the mucosa, because the antimicrobial product has an irritating effect.

Fact! The use of «Miramistina» it is possible during pregnancy and lactation. The active components are not able to pass through the placental barrier, so do not participate in the processes of blood flow, do not constitute a threat to the health of mother and child.

Acceptable use of the microbicide, as the saline solution for rinsing the nasopharynx in the sinusitis, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis. For the positive dynamics of the patient needs to know how to use the medicinal product.

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The solution is diluted with boiled water at room temperature in an equal ratio. With a Turkey Baster (syringe) suspension is introduced into one nostril so that contents are leaking through the other nostril.

Manipulation is assigned to a short-term course, otherwise, it is possible the imbalance of the microflora.

How to use a medical product

For the treatment of rhinitis in the adult spray should first on average 3-4 times a day 1-2 drops in each nasal passage. Kids are provided a reduced dosage:

  • from the first days of life to years irrigate the nasal passages 3 times a day 1 drop in each pass using a pipette;
  • from one year to 12 years are allowed spray use 1 pressing the aerosol within each sinus three times a day;
  • over 12 years – appointed in tuberculosis rate up to 7 days. One technique is designed 3 ml. of suspension and of saline solution in the ratio 1:2.

Solution «Miramistina» dosage of 0.01% is used for irrigation of the sinuses in the finished state is three times a day for 4 ml. of the drug at one time.


Marina. The physician used a drug in the treatment of chronic rhinitis, as an antiviral agent. Positive dynamics was noted on the fourth day of use, however, in contrast to the vasoconstrictive pharmacological agents is not addictive. Plus – non-prescription status, available price.

Nicholas. Helps for the relief of the first signs of SARS, long for pathology proved to be ineffective. With the onset of cold weather «Miramistin» is always at hand. Well dries mucous membranes. In family use for washing the nasal passages or inhalation of saline.

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Positive feedback «Miramistina» from rhinitis, the safety and availability of the drug are not indications for its use. Recommendations to eat determines the etiologic nature of the disease of the sinuses.

The treatment of the disease requires radical measures, if after 7-8 days the manifestation of symptoms of pathology was not cropped.