Miramistin in the nose during sinusitis: reviews and how to wash, treatment

How to wash the nose with Miramistina in the sinus?

Sinusitis is a fairly insidious disease that affects many people. It often happens that the agent acts as the infection is viral or bacterial type. Miramistin in the nose during sinusitis excellent tool, well-proven in use in the home.

Due to the large number of advantages (e.g., absence of contraindications, and ease of use), this tool is used even by pregnant women, infants and women during lactation.

Properties and composition of the drug

Release form – the solution in a spray bottle or plastic bottle. This antiseptic drug after the contact with the mucous membrane, interacts with pathogenic bacteria, affecting the structure of the shell so that one collapses.

Treatment of sinusitis Miramistina relevant when it is of bacterial origin. The drug is effective in combating the various types of microorganisms, and even against strains that are resistant to antibiotics.

In addition, the facility has an antifungal effect. However, as soon as Miramistin instilled into the nasal cavity, the active substance, to activate recovery processes and stimulating local immunity.

It is very important that after spraying the inside of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, Miramistin is not absorbed. This suggests that the tool does not penetrate further and not posted with the blood throughout the body. Due to this, it is safely prescribed for the treatment of pregnant women and nursing mothers. Used for:

  • The otitis.
  • Tonsillitis.
  • Sinusitis.
  • Pharyngitis.
  • Laryngitis.

Note the article: «what’s the difference from pharyngitis laryngitis»?

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Use in sinusitis

Before you wash the nose with Miramistina in the sinus, it is desirable to clean the nasal passages. Before applying you should lie on your back or sitting tilt your head back and make a few clicks on the nozzle, spraying the drug into the nasal cavity. To consolidate the therapeutic effect, it is necessary to remain motionless for a while.

With regard to acute purulent sinusitis, it should be approached with greater seriousness. The treating physician must conduct a puncture of the sinus, and then rinsed with saline. Only after this procedure, you can apply Miramistin. The procedure is performed on average 2 to 4 times 1 dose in each nostril.

It is very important to try to cure sinusitis at an early stage, as advanced is the disease may spread further and cause more serious complications and prolonged treatment. Miramistin without prescription, but don’t make it on their own without instructions from your doctor.


Instruction manual clearly States that the product practically has no side effects. Importantly, the patient had no intolerances to components of the drug. Otherwise, it may be allergic response of the body in the form of:

  • burning;
  • watery eyes;
  • itching;
  • swelling.

If such symptoms are present, you must immediately terminate use of the funds. In all other cases, the drug is completely safe and it can apply to pregnant women and young children, almost from the moment of birth.

Patient testimonials

More and more people are taking Miramistin in the sinus. Reviews, which are abundantly present on the Internet, only in a positive way, due to the uniqueness and efficiency of this drug.

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Dmitry Volkov. 27. Ivanovo.

A wonderful drug that has coped with sinusitis at the initial stage of its development. Now is always in my medicine Cabinet.

Lyudmila Vladimirovna. 41. Vologda.

Used Miramistin for the treatment of sinusitis in a child 12 years of age. After the first 3 days of use was noticed the first improvement, and on day 6, almost the complete and final victory over the disease. I recommend to all.

Miramistin has shown itself as a comprehensive and efficient tool that is able to cope with a large number of different diseases. In addition, its popularity is due to the absence of contraindications, but before use, should consult a physician. Other means to combat sinusitis, you will find here.