Modern vnutrishniy hearing aid: price and photo

How modern custom AIDS hearing AIDS?

Decrease of auditory acuity leads to a lot of unpleasant moments. So, people may not perceive it, poorly perceives the sound waves coming from the TV or radio, and often asks, causing awkwardness from the patient. The combination of these factors leads to the fact that the patient ceases to socialize in society.

In order to alleviate the human condition, physician-audiologist assigns in-ear hearing aid. Before you choose the appliance, you need to pass certain examination to determine the model. This issue must be taken quite seriously, as a hearing aid should be comfortable, practical and a perfect fit for all settings person.

On-the-ear devices

Before you buy modern hearing AIDS are custom made instruments, you need to install the root cause that caused the hearing loss. The loss of acuity and sensitivity to the sound wave and noise can be associated not only with aging but also with the following reasons.

Frequent exposure to the irritating noise which causes dysfunction of the auditory ossicles. Prolonged irritation of the nerve endings occurs cell death.

In this regard, a person is deprived of hearing acuity. This symptom most often occurs in people whose professional activity is connected with club activities or working on a construction site.

If not promptly treated and at the first sign of hearing loss, the patient can lose hearing permanently.

Another cause of hearing loss can be a perforation of the eardrum. When violation of integrity is a strong decrease in sound quality. Among the causes of holes in the membrane of the first place is travmatizatsii ear, and jumping in the water and active martial sports.

In addition, the hearing may be violated because of inflammation infectious nature, which include otitis, arthritis, otosclerosis. This category includes allergic reactions, caused by prolonged use of antibiotics or antidepressants.

If the treatment of these reasons turned out to be ineffective, and physical therapy exercises have not yielded the desired result doctors prescribe hearing aid devices.

They come in several types and sizes, but most people choose vnutrishniy device. They are easy to use, and its compact size.

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In addition, they are invisible to others, which is especially important. Please note photos in-the-ear hearing aid, prices which range from five thousand rubles:

When choosing hearing devices it is necessary to seek the assistance of doctors, as every machine is made individually, the device must perfectly fit the patient and not to cause irritation of the skin.

This initially made a mold of the external ear canal, and then the body out of clay or plaster manufactured the device. Typically, the external part of the hearing aid is made of durable plastic material, and inside the device is a microphone that allows you to enhance the volume of sound waves and circuit that improves clarity of perception of sound.

Due to this structure, custom products machines are the most easy to use, but the quality and price. Therefore, these devices are the most popular.

In addition, custom products hearing AIDS support the following features:

  • the strong suppression of noises and sounds that disturb the perception of speech and other signals;
  • increase the volume of human speech. This is due to the microphone inside the device;
  • prevent the penetration of extraneous noise.

Patients that use hearing AIDS for a long time, note that these devices differ from other in the application in noisy environments and their effectiveness in close proximity from electromagnetic waves. So, other devices at this time, rapidly deteriorate and fail.

How to choose the right device

In-ear hearing aid is easy to use and also their effectiveness.

After you have purchased the vehicle you must configure the device. To do this, consult your doctor.

To configure the device, it is necessary taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism.

Remember that some hearing aid devices require the occasional battery replacement. Unfortunately, the process of replacement is milking time and this should be done almost every 2-3 weeks.

To wear a hearing aid only after the careful hygiene of the ear canal and outer ear. For these purposes, buy special ear drops or a three percent hydrogen peroxide.

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After cleansing outer portion of the ear body, every crease, wipe with a dry cloth. After carrying out these simple procedures, allowed the introduction of vnutrishnioho hearing devices.

If the ear is exposed to water, do not wear the device immediately.

So, after the pool or bath, the ear must be dry, because the liquid can adversely affect the operation of the apparatus.

Remember that even the best can have its drawbacks.

Usually, with frequent wearing hearing devices in the middle ear are formed of various inflammatory processes, and on the outer ear often appear eczema and fungi.

In addition to these unpleasant effects, patients warned about the uselessness of the device if you have a strong dysfunction of the organ of hearing. So, hearing AIDS in this case will be ineffective.

You should consider that the described device has a small size, so people, especially deep age, have some difficulties when they wear.

When you purchase the device, keep in mind that little items are quite hard to insert in the ear canal and gently remove it.

Remember that custom products device fragile in its structure and require more complex care than BTE or pocket.

But despite these signs, custom products devices have undoubted advantages in terms of device and ease of use. In addition, they differ in their power and are best suited to those people who have pronounced problems with capture sounds.

The lifetime of these models exceeds the BTE or internal, since they can withstand the various manipulations.

Another undoubted advantage of the device – its aesthetic side. They are invisible to others and do not cause discomfort in humans.

Price category

Prices on custom AIDS modern hearing AIDS range from 10 to 80 and more thousand roubles.

It is understood that due to its small size, limited edition and the inaccessibility of materials, these devices are not cheap.

The simplest devices cost from 10 thousand rubles, and the maximum price may be about 80 thousand rubles.

The phones have minimal features, weak power and the other isn’t the best factors. So the only advantage of low-cost devices is their appearance. They are invisible to others, so people can feel confident.

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Hearing AIDS from twenty to forty thousand roubles are the most popular among the population. They have a more powerful supply, adapt well, easy to put on and take off, and among the features is their good increase of low frequencies and noise suppression.

The most expensive machines, the price of which exceeds fifty thousand rubles, is equipped with a large number of functions, virtually eliminate noise and extraneous sounds, improve the quality of audible sound.


When you select the device you need to pay attention to many factors. Your choice depends on convenience and comfort. Pay attention to feedback about the machine that you want to purchase.

Remember that pricing should not be the basis when choosing a hearing aid. It is important to choose a really good a device as hearing aid devices are subject to daily use and is designed to improve your life.

To help you to choose the device doctor, so how he conducts surveys and knows which device will suit you better. So don’t ignore his advice and find the perfect device that meets all the rules and requirements of modern life.