Moles on labia: causes, types and characteristics

Almost everyone has a birthmark. But each of them are different, some they are small, flat and inconspicuous, so does not attract attention. Some moles can be formed of various shapes and sizes. Accordingly, small nevi, do not bring any discomfort, but larger and more convex you need to follow and handle them carefully. Also differ and place of their appearance.

Of course, as soon as the woman find themselves moles on the labia, you may be surprised, because this is a rare phenomenon, but not to worry. About the appearance of moles in intimate places medicine known for quite some time.

The main problem of the nevus in those places is its unaesthetic appearance. Also moles on the genitals can make discomfort in the intimate life of the owner.

As soon as you notice the mole, for it must necessarily follow. Because they tend to develop into a melanoma or malignant tumor. And the sooner you notice it, then the easier it will be to cope with this problem.

Causes of

Usually the appearance of birthmarks contributes to some process occurring in your body. That is, the nevus may not arise by itself, something has to trigger his appearance. This presumably can be such reasons:

  • Prolonged exposure to UV rays on the skin. For example, a long stay in the tanning bed or exposure to sunlight can cause the appearance of the nevi.
  • The appearance of new moles can cause the individual processes in your body.
  • Also, the process of the formation of nevi are influenced by the hormonal changes that occur in the body.
  • Problems with the pancreas, liver or the gastrointestinal tract also affect the appearance of birthmarks.
  • An important factor is the heredity.
  • In violation of skin pigmentation can also appear moles.
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Types of moles

In General, birthmarks and also the labia are acquired over time and congenital. Also they are divided into malignant (melanoma) and benign. Usually the size of the nevus depends on how deep is its Foundation. It can be as small, barely noticeable point, and a big, wide spot.

Benign moles are easy to recognize, they are usually flat, or slightly convex.

Birthmarks, acquired throughout life, appear in most cases due to a genetic predisposition. Their klassificeret thus:

  • The epidermal. In this birthmark melanin accumulates, as is clear from the name, in the epidermis.
  • Intradermal. This kind of nevi are characterized by the accumulation of melanin in the dermis.
  • Edge. Such moles melanocytes are found between the two skin layers – superficial and deep.

This classification is used by the dermatologists at the initial examination.

Well-known scientist Nikolay Trapeznikov in his classification divided the birthmark by only two groups – melanomas and non-hazardous. As you can tell from the name, they are separated by their ability to develop into melanoma (a malignant tumor).


The fact of the occurrence of the birthmark is not in itself a danger. Wary should be the case if she started to change. Change may be subject color and the size of the nevus. The very danger is the unexpected moment when it can begin to occur.
According to research it became known that approximately 50% of moles develop into melanoma. Therefore, every birthmark you need to follow.
The reasons why can happen the conversion of nevus to melanoma:

  • Prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the mole.
  • Attempts at self-medication.
  • The damage of the nevus.
  • Hormonal disruptions in the body.
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Damaged birthmark spots on labia have a good chance to develop into a malignant form.
But this process you may notice the following:

  • Change the color of a mole;
  • The appearance of the face around the birthmark;
  • Pain occur;
  • Crack the skin on newuse or near it;
  • The emergence of itching in this area;
  • Increased pigmentation, the appearance of red or black spots.

The meaning of moles

In this section we will dive into alternative medicine. According to doctors, the appearance of moles on the body of the woman testifies about significant events or sudden twists of fate. Even in ancient times women read birthmarks. The study of the meaning of mole and their location on the body is a special discipline – moleosophy.

Birthmark spots on the genitals, especially on the lips, mean that their owner has a stormy temperament and emotional nature. Such people are subject to sharp mood swings. Often the fate of women with a birthmark in an intimate place filled with bright emotions, pleasant surprises and wild turns.
It is also possible to interpret a birthmark, depending on its location or color.

  1. The nevus is on the left sexual lip. This means that she has a natural charm or flavor, but it definitely will improve her chances with the opposite sex.
  2. Nevus located on the right sex lip. This arrangement indicates strong mental abilities. Also girls with a birthmark on the right sex lip often born a beautiful and happy children.
  3. If the mole on genitals black. This feature indicates a strong and domineering character. Women with such character always achieve their life goals. A woman with a black birthmark always stands ready to protect yourself and your family from possible misery.
  4. If a nevus in the genital lip red? Like red, this mole indicates a changeable and quick temper. The temperament of such girls are often striking and rapid. They are amorous, perhaps at times windy. But if you love, you long, faithfully and with all his strength.
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