Mucosolvan in pregnancy: a manual for use in 2 and 3 trimester

Is it possible to do inhalations with Lasolvan during pregnancy?

Infectious inflammation during pregnancy is extremely dangerous because it can cause detrimental effects on the embryo. So the doctors say about the need for timely treatment. Colds, flu or a runny nose are accompanied by mucous secretions from the nose and a dry cough. These symptoms bring severe discomfort, can worsen the health of the patient and cause serious processes in the body.

It should be understood that coughing and nasal discharge are symptoms that you need time to notice and cure. Otherwise, the disease will be noticeable progress. To treat unpleasant symptoms, you must consult a qualified physician. In recent time experts often prescribe «Mucosolvan». How to use the drug, and whether you can do inhalation during pregnancy «Mucosolvan» will be discussed further.

Is it possible to use «Mucosolvan» in pregnancy

«Mucosolvan» — this drug is aimed at reducing symptoms. The drug acts on the inflammation, diluting mucus and decreasing the symptoms of dry or productive cough.

The main component of the drug is Ambroxol hydrochloride.

The element is used to reduce the symptoms of the irritating cough, and effective expectoration and returning functions of the upper respiratory tract.

The combined tool allows you to secret mucous from the throat and provides stimulation of the lungs.

Thus almost immediately after the introduction of the drug in the body is elimination of microbes that initiated and provoked the appearance of inflammation.

The active effect of the drug is determined not only by the current component, but also accessories. In General, the medicament can be applied as solutions or inhalation.

However, despite the fact that the drug is active inflammation in men and women of all ages what the effect of the medication during pregnancy? At the time of the child’s expectations of women contraindicated many drugs as they are harmful way can affect the development of the placenta or internal organs of the fetus. Therefore, before using medication, you must consult your physician. After you are sure that it can treatment, you can start the course of treatment.

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In the instructions for use of «Rest» during pregnancy indicated that the use of medication in the period of development of the fetus safely. Therefore, in the case of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract conducting inhalation the drug is approved.

Previously make sure that no allergic reactions on the active components of the drug, and don’t forget about the possibility of rejection additional substances medications.

Important note: inhalation of themselves are not dangerous, but the use of «Rest» during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester should be more careful and under strict medical supervision. It is important to adhere to this rule, because in this period there is active development of the internal organs of the baby.

Among the contraindications specifically mentioned the prohibition of the use of the medicine during feeding the baby’s chest, and with hypersensitivity to the active substance of the medication – Ambroxol.

It is important to store the medication correctly. Keep «Mucosolvan» in a cool dark place, inaccessible to children. The drug should not be exposed to sunlight. It is especially important to keep the medicine in the form of syrup away from children, since their pleasant taste can be perceived not for the medication.

Remember that clinical studies on the action of «Rest» on the fetus have not been conducted. So to answer the question of whether to administer the medication, is difficult. Many doctors believe in the positive effect from the medicine and prescribe it to sick patients. To use it or not, the decision only the patient, but you should know that use of inhalation during pregnancy in case of severe use and no harm to the development of the embryo.

Assign «Mucosolvan» can only experienced doctor, confident in the positive effect of the drug. In appointing the drug must be sure of no risk to embryo development.

It should be understood that medicines on the basis of Ambroxol penetrate the placenta through the mother’s blood.

After a short amount of time, through the shared blood vessels, a drug enters the system of the child.

Thus, to use the drug not recommended in the first and second trimester. Treatment «Mucosolvan» in 3 trimester is permitted and has no contraindications, as the principal organs of the baby have formed.

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You should consider what the active ingredient of the drug enters the breast milk of a woman and quickly transferred into the body of the child. Therefore, many doctors do not recommend the use of medications during lactation the baby’s chest. At this time is to temporarily stop feeding or change a drug to a more gentle counterparts.

In what diseases to use «Mucosolvan» in case of pregnancy

Apply inhalation allowed when inflammation acute bronchitis or chronic inflammation of the disease. In addition, the drug is used in the following cases:

  1. Sinusitis.
  2. Inflammation of the lungs.
  3. With a strong cough.
  4. Bronhoektasia.
  5. Asthma.
  6. Laryngitis.
  7. When sputum from the nasopharynx.
  8. A chronic lung disease.

Treatment in all cases should be comprehensive and is under the supervision of a specialist.

How to apply «Mucosolvan»

In case of inflammatory processes in the body, pregnant women should immediately consult your physician.

Since any adverse process in the body can adversely affect the development of the baby.

«Mucosolvan» is assigned only after consultation with a doctor in order to cure a dry or wet cough.

In some cases, when not pronounced symptoms, «Mucosolvan» can be zamenen for «Mucosolvan children». This drug has a more gentle action, which is safe for a pregnant woman.

In one milliliter contains means 25 drops of the drug. Therefore, in the case of syrup, drops or spray «Mucosolvan Reno» during pregnancy it is necessary to calculate the dosage with the attending physician. Typically, when choosing types of liquid medications shall be appointed for four milliliters of funds, pre-diluted in water.

In the treatment of inhalation doctor approval, you must observe safety.

Before the procedure, perform the hygiene of the mouth and nose, then prepare the required solution.

To do this, mix three ounces of the drug in the saline solution in the ratio of one to one.

Then do the procedure itself. Ensure that the breathing was even. Inhaling the medication too deeply is not necessary, as this causes bouts of severe coughing.

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The procedure should last no longer than five minutes, and repeat it twice a day. Avoid inhalation just before sleep. Medications are aimed at thinning the mucous secretions that accumulated in the nose.

After the procedure is separated from the mucus of the nasal passages and leaves the cavity of the nose. At the moment, patients can develop a severe cough. These symptoms interfere with sleep, therefore, must carry out the procedure three hours before the evening hygiene procedures.

Remember that for inhalation, the drug requires a special inhaler. Steam machines in this case are not suitable.



Apply «Mucosolvan» in pregnancy should be especially careful not to break the development not to harm the embryo. So if any inflammation, you must consult a therapist and to listen to the advice of a doctor.

In the case of using a drug for pneumonia treatment should be under constant medical supervision. When conducting inhalation is necessary to monitor the breathing of a pregnant woman to exercise extreme caution. In the case of getting the drug into the bronchial tubes, the tool may provoke coughing, which may provoke abortion.

To apply this medicine together with other medicinal components is undesirable, as they may conflict with each other.

In case of inhalation do not mix drug with alkaline solutions. In other cases, a properly calculated dosage can quickly eliminate inflammation and the unpleasant symptoms returned on a pregnant woman still health.