Mud tampons in gynecology and what it is

Mud therapy known to mankind for many centuries. Medical advances allow us to say goodbye even with the terrible diseases from which there was no escape. But pills and droppers are not always able to overcome the ailments that traditional medicine copes. We can see that the mud has not lost relevance. Girls and ladies are anxious about saving mud.

It is no secret that mud balls are able to eliminate inflammation in the uterus and diseases of the sex glands. The use of «magic» sponges also relieves the patients from severe menstrual pains and bacterial vaginosis. There are many cases when therapy mud helped to conceive a child patients, with a bitter diagnosis of «infertility».

The secret healing mud substance

Gynecologists recognized that the use of mud tampons can «equalize» hormonal background of woman and to save her from pathological changes affecting the reproductive organs. An inexperienced person may think that any mud substance taken from the sea and has healing qualities. This is a misconception. To eliminate gynecological disease suitable mud weight of two kinds: silt and peat.

If the doctor recommended you to use tampons peloid (therapeutic mud), you will want to know what useful components of the «delight» of the reproductive system this substance.

List the valuable substances contained in the composition of the mud:

  1. Iron oxides;
  2. Hydrogen sulfide;
  3. Nitrogen;
  4. Substances similar to sex hormones of a woman (folliculin);
  5. Cobalt;
  6. Aluminium;
  7. Copper.

Mineral salts and biological remains of living organisms – the two main components mud. Not surprisingly, this «cocktail», when applied to the skin of patients shows a strong effect.

Under what ailments can be treated tampons out of the mud?

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is familiar with mud masks and body wraps. With unique blends created by nature, it is possible to fight not only external defects, but also with pathological processes in the field of women’s health. Introduction peloid tampon into the uterus – a way to «break up» with infectious diseases and inflammatory processes.

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Call diseases in which doctors suggest treatment mud tampons:

  • ulcerative lesions of the uterus;
  • reduction of the sex glands;
  • adhesions in the reproductive organs;
  • inflammation affecting the uterus or ovaries;
  • hormonal «problems»;
  • infertility;
  • the bend of the uterus;
  • severe manifestations of menopause;
  • inflammation of the fallopian tubes;
  • frigidity;
  • cistite

After long and unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child desperate women willing to resort to any method to eliminate infertility. For many patients a magic wand steel vaginal swabs from peloid. The pregnancy of a woman who for many years suffered due to adhesions in the fallopian tubes, is an undeniable proof of the efficacy of mud tampons. The treatment of the patients from erosion, cystitis and other sensitive ailments is also a significant argument in favor of peloid therapy.

The impact of mud substances on the female reproductive system is truly impressive. The combination of the «buffer» treatment and peloid applications gives a long lasting effect.

Who can not resort to «dirty» treatment?

If you suffer because of the inability to conceive a child, do not rush to appoint a mud treatment on your own.

Vnutrivlagalischnye swabs from peloid can not be applied to patients diagnosed with the following illnesses:

  1. Mental illness;
  2. Tumors of a malignant nature;
  3. Uterine bleeding;
  4. Polyphonie education in the womb;
  5. Kidney disease;
  6. Irregularities in the thyroid gland;
  7. Epilepsy;
  8. In the acute stage of inflammation of the uterus.

It’s undesirable to use mud therapy to patients with a body temperature greatly above normal. Women gestate the baby, too, is to stay away from any manipulation with the application of peloid.

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Simple rules

Treated mud tampons, from the comfort of home is a bad idea. In order not to harm the body and «to dismiss» gynecological diseases, you should contact the hospital.

Infertility doctors advise the ladies to resort to «magic» mud of Saki lake.

Mud substance must be thoroughly cleaned from impurities. Usually peloid, which is used in gynecological purposes, is the tuba. Peloid in «factory» similar to the toothpaste that we buy in supermarkets.

To make sure that you will not have an allergic reaction to the mixture, apply a little mud on the foot or hand in a thin layer. If after ten minutes you will not feel any discomfort, you go to the «close» contact with the mud.

Before using the mud is heated to 45-48 degrees in a water bath. When peloid mass will be heated, it is introduced into the vagina of the patient. Often in one session, a woman «acquainted» with two applications of mud. The girl put on the lower abdomen of the mud mass. Applique is done in the form of panties. Vagina ladies from the tube squeezed «tampon». Patient need to lie down for at least 20 minutes. Then the woman removes healing blend with your fingers from the vagina. To wash the intimate area of any dirt remains, apply irrigation with mineral water. Liquid for washing should be warm. Mud application is washed off by water.

The number of treatments depends on the disease with which the lady came to the doctor. Usually gynecologists advise women to undergo 10 procedures. After 2 sessions of mud you will need a day of respite. Then the mud therapy can be resumed.

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For the duration of the treatment course, you should be calm and measured way of life. High loads are not useful for women who want to get rid of infertility. Within 10 days after the course you should refrain from sexual contact. Alcohol consumption at this time is prohibited.

How to «work» peloid?

Vnutrivlagalischnogo the introduction of tampons has helped many patients to «tame» infertility and get pregnant.

Describe how the body reacts girls in contact with the peloid masses:

  • blood women with healthy components of the mud;
  • in the reproductive organs ladies aktiviziruyutsya blood circulation;
  • fallopian tube freed from adhesions;
  • metabolism;
  • inflammation in the uterus and appendages «melts»;
  • microflora in the vagina ladies normal;
  • the sex glands begin to work harder.

Mud tampons in gynecology is used to fight various ailments of the reproductive sphere.

The resort, which will be held manipulation with the application of peloid, the doctor chooses. Advice of friends or relatives will not help you. Knowing the diagnosis, the gynecologist will determine what the composition of the dirt will have a intense impact on the reproductive system.