Mukaltin children: instructions on the use of cough reviews and dosage

As to «Mukaltin» child?

Widespread in Pediatrics got cough medicine «Mukaltin». Popularity of the drug is bound to the natural composition, of powerful palliative effect and affordable price.

To achieve positive dynamics of treatment of ENT diseases, it is necessary to adhere to doctor’s appointments, and the manufacturer’s recommendations, as to «Mukaltin» child.

The impact of tablets on children’s health

Choosing an antitussive, many parents and professionals stop the choice on «Mukaltin». It belongs to the pharmaceutical group of secretolytic and stimulants motor functions respiratory tract.

Release form — tablets, sealed in paper packaging for 10,20,30 tablets or plastic containers of 20, 50, 100 pieces. The therapeutic action is to stimulate secretion of bronchial glands, which provides rapid evacuation of sputum from the tracheobronchial tree at the time of cough shock.

Is it possible to «Mukaltin» children? Yes. The drug is well established in Pediatrics due to the absence of preservatives, therefore ideal for treating young patients.

The basis of the drug – polysaccharide from the marshmallow root that contains healthy amino acids, mineral salts, fatty oils, pectin, starch.

Find out how to cure cough in children

How it works

Due to the combined chemical composition of the drug has anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the regeneration of soft tissues, liquefies phlegm, preventing it from sticking to the walls of the respiratory tract.

The concentration and amount of auxiliary components may vary depending on the specific recipe of the manufacturer.

The therapeutic effect of Althea pharmacy supplements mainly calcium stearate, tartaric acid, sodium bicarbonate.

The popularity of «Mukaltin» in Pediatrics prove positive and neutral feedback of patients and physicians.

The drug is well tolerated by the body, almost does not cause discomfort and side effects are subject to tolerance of all components.

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In rare cases may develop dyspeptic disorders (nausea, vomiting) or Allergy (itching, redness of the skin). The problem is solved by reducing the dosage or total elimination of the drug.

For reference! In the sale there is no syrup «Mukaltin» for children. If necessary, make the marshmallow root in liquid consistency, the doctor prescribes the medicine: «Mukaltin», «Mucosolvan», «Syrup cook», «Geelix», «Prospan».

At what age can give a child «Mukaltin»

In the annotation of the manufacturer stipulated that the drug is used 1 year and in that time, as in practice the preparation is recommended to children 2 years and older. The decision on the appointment of «Mukaltin» for children with dry and wet cough should take otolaryngologist.

Before you choose the therapy you need to undergo an examination to determine the etiology of the disease stage and the degree of damage. Parents should be aware of the dangers of trying self-treatment, which can accelerate chronic diseases, promote irradiating pathogens in the body.

«Mukaltin» for babies not appointed. It is replaced with medical drugs, is allowed from the first month of life: «Geelix», «Propanol», «Flamed», from the age of six months may treatment of «Syrup of licorice root».

List of cough medicines for children under one year

When «Mukaltin» effective

The drug complex action used to neutralize the barking cough dry or productive with sputum formation, which is preceded by the appearance of respiratory system pathology:

  • catarrhal and acute respiratory diseases;
  • obstructive bronchitis;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • inflammation of the lungs;
  • bronhoektaza.

Expectorant the drug is not prescribed in the first days of respiratory viral infections, because it has not formed the mechanism of production of abnormal mucus.

It is important to understand that the pills «Mukaltin» is recommended as palliative therapy to alleviate the patient’s General condition. In combination with the main drug sekretolitiki speed up the process of regression, increase the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

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How to give a «Mukaltin» child

Tablets referred to the neutral of medicinal drugs, which do not affect the chemical processes triggered by other medications. The limitation for the purpose is the presence in anamnesis of diabetes, gastro, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Instructions for use of «Mukaltin» for children there are following the dosage and frequency of use:

  • in children 1-3 years appoint 0.25 mg (1/2 tablet) every 4 hours, the total daily frequency 3 times;
  • from 3 to 12 years number of doses per day does not change, the dose can be increased to a full tablet;
  • patients older than 12-years – daily rate varies from 3 to 6 tablets (1-2 tablets three times a day).

The duration of treatment determined by the attending physician. The maximum rate is limited to 14 days.

Tip! To achieve maximum effect «Mukaltin» we need to give it 30-40 minutes before a meal, and not later than 3 hours before bedtime. Reception after meals reduces the activity of the components.

Older toddlers can eat the capsule whole or dissolve. Young children predominantly given in the form of a liquid solution. Pills are crushed, pour 50-100 ml of purified water at room temperature.

For improvement of flavoring qualities in liquid consistency you can add a little honey or replace the water with juice, compote.

Snot and cough in a child? Learn the principles of treatment here.


Irina. When a three-year daughter caught a cold, the doctor prescribed «Mukaltin» in combination with the antihistamine «loratadine». The effect was evident at 3 days. Barking cough was softened, began to hawk phlegm, which means that the child was on the mend. Attended a week-long course, after which «Mukaltin» excluded and prescribed inhalations with saline. Of the benefits – low cost, non-prescription status, a long shelf life.

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Xenia. Remember how grandma treated me cough «Mukaltin, so I started to give tablets to your child with a wet cough. It had no effect. When I went to the doctor, was diagnosed with a bacterial infection, so a extraordinary means was not enough.

The doctor added «Mukaltin» antibiotic «Augmentinom». After 48 hours the child’s condition improved, decreased the intensity and severity of cough.

Karina. My child is asthmatic, so the «Mukaltin» always have in the medicine Cabinet. The effect occurs immediately, as the accumulation of medicinal ingredients, but it proves toxic harmless composition. The whole family saved «Mukaltin» in the dry, cold cough.


«Mukaltin» — an effective medicine which is prescribed, when necessary reinforced expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. Used to soften the forced exhalations, liquefaction and evacuation of the accumulated phlegm in wet coughs.

It is very important to give the drug, because the accuracy of the dosage depends on the therapeutic result.