Multifollicular the ovaries: treatment and causes

Multifollicular ovarian syndrome – this diagnosis today is for many women, causing them to fall into a real panic. Do not despair, as multifollicular ovaries is not a separate gynecological disease, and a particular condition of the female reproductive organs, which are characterized by an increased number contained in these follicles.

In other words, this syndrome is a phenomenon in which the ovary is formed of a large number of follicles, which are several times higher than normal. What is the rule governing the production of follicles by the ovaries?

The ovaries is the most important paired reproductive organs, in which during each menstrual cycle Matures several follicles, each of which contains an egg. Norm is the content of 4 to 7 follicles in the ovary. With the development and growth of one follicle becomes the «main» — dominant, less dominant follicles 2.

These follicles begin to inhibit the development of other, slowing down their growth and further development. It is from this dominant follicle after its collapse stands out the ripened egg, which begins to move through the uterine tubes to their main «goal» — the uterus.

If diagnosed syndrome multifollicular reproductive organs, the maturation of 8-12 follicles. It is worth noting that modern gynecology in most cases include syndrome multifollicular reproductive organs to individual physiological norm of the female body, and not dangerous pathological processes.

But in some cases this phenomenon may be a symptom of certain diseases of female reproductive organs – for example, polycystic Jecicov. Multifollicular the ovaries may be diagnosed only when performing the ultrasound examination.

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Causes of ovarian syndrome multifollicular

What causes can lead to increased formation of follicles in the ovarian cavity? There are several factors that have a direct impact on the condition of the reproductive organs:

  • Very often the cause of development of ovarian multifollicular becomes a genetic predisposition women.
  • The development of this condition is often the result of prolonged administration of oral contraceptives to protect from unwanted pregnancy, then what the normal process of follicular maturation is disturbed.
  • Common causes – failures in the functioning of the endocrine system.
  • Sharp fluctuations in body weight – how in direction of increase and weight loss, also have a direct impact on the condition of the female reproductive organs.
  • Hormonal changes in the female body, accompanied by increased production of prolactin, for example, during pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause.
  • Causes of mental and emotional nature – the strong nervous shock, constant stress, sudden shock.

The symptoms of ovarian multifollicular

In the majority of cases multifollicular ovaries do not have any pronounced symptoms. Often a pathological condition of the reproductive organs is diagnosed only in the process of ultrasound. But in some cases, the syndrome still has some symptoms characteristic for increased production of follicles in the ovaries.

The latter include, first and foremost, the various disruptions of the menstrual cycle – this can be as amenorrhea and oligomenorrhea. Any violation of the usual menstrual cycle should alert a woman and cause unscheduled visit to your gynecologist. There are many other signs that may indicate the development of the syndrome multifollicular reproductive organs. Most of these exeprince directly dependent on hormonal balance in the female body:

  1. Problems with conception and subsequent pregnancy.
  2. The appearance of acne on the skin, excessive oiliness of the scalp, acne on the skin not only the face but also the body.
  3. Rapid fluctuations in body weight, changes in voice.
  4. The emergence of a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, which by their nature resemble the discomfort of PMS.
  5. Raising hair growth on the face and body.
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Treatment of ovarian multifollicular

In the case that the phenomenon multifollicular ovaries is not a pathological process, and refers to the individual characteristics of the female body, to treat this condition is not necessary. If the syndrome is accompanied by disruptions in hormonal balance, which subsequently interferes with the normal menstrual cycle and no ovulation, the first thing to do is to cure dysfunction of hormones.

For this it is necessary to conduct regular ovulation tests. If more than 4 menstrual cycles ovulation did not occur, it is necessary to treat the female hormonal medicines.

Of course, syndrome treatment multifollicular reproductive organs fully depends on what the reason for this condition. In addition, the treatment of this condition necessarily involves the determination of the nature of the follicles contained within the ovary by histological examination established the benign or malignant type of tumors. Then the specialist determines the subsequent method of treatment of the syndrome multifollicular ovaries.

It is not recommended to treat multifollicular reproductive organs of different people’s methods or herbs without prior consultation with their treating specialist. Independently, the use of any unconventional way of attempting to treat the syndrome can cause serious harm to the female body.