Mustard in your socks child from the cold: how to soar legs

How to soar feet with mustard when you cough?

Most adults at least once in the year experience symptoms of colds. But most often the disease is accompanied by cough, develop in children. According to the statistics, the child has these signs occur in 25-30% of cases, and chronic cough is diagnosed from 3-6.5% of minors patients.

The body of these patients is still not fully formed, so adults looking for gentle methods, resorting to the use of relatively harmless drugs and popular recipes. However, before implementation of such procedures, you should understand the features of the cough and see if you can use mustard in a specific situation.

What you need to know about cough in children

Cough occurs when contraction of the muscles of the respiratory system, due to the irritation of its receptors. This is the unconditioned reflex, allowing to clear the Airways of foreign agents (dust, food particles, germs) that can impair their permeability. Cough often develops on the background of colds.

In nature it is dry and wet. Unproductive form appears at the initial stage of development of tracheitis, respiratory catarrh, pharyngitis, laryngitis or bronchitis. The cough is really debilitating the patient, as there is no discharge of phlegm. It causes abdominal pain and muscles, disrupts sleep and increases blood pressure.

Attention! Many children cannot cough, so clearing their respiratory system may be accompanied by vomiting.

Cough develops in 2-3 days of occurrence of the common cold. In this type of reflex sputum departs, because he is not severely painful for the hurt and after every expectoration, he feels relieved.

Causes of productive cough:

  • infection of the respiratory tract;
  • tuberculosis;
  • abscess of lung;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • obstructive bronchitis and so on.
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To get rid of a cough caused by pathogenic microorganisms in children, make a mustard foot bath. But those parents who want to obtain a therapeutic effect and not to harm the child’s health, you must know how to soar feet with mustard cough in children correctly.

For and against the use of mustard in the treatment of cough in children

Mustard in your socks child cough laid even with treatment, infants in the absence of contraindications, what is the main advantage of this method of national treatment.

And soaring feet in the puddles with the addition of a yellow powder allows the essential oils contained in it, quickly penetrate the skin and provide a number of remedial actions.

So, is the dilation of blood vessels, which increases their bandwidth, and aktiviziruyutsya circulation. Because of this it stimulates the immune system and the body to cope with the disease.

In General the treatment of mustard helps:

  • secretion and expectoration of mucus;
  • the warming of the body;
  • the removal of harmful substances from the body through the skin;
  • the elimination of the pathogenic microflora;
  • stimulation of the sweat glands;
  • to relieve inflammation.

Attention! If the wet cough persists for 21 days, then this is a dangerous symptom of pulmonary failure, which requires immediate access to a pulmonologist.

In some cases, the use of mustard powder is contraindicated? Mustard in socks not laying at a temperature of hypersensitivity to additive and some skin diseases.

Rules of using mustard

Every parent, who wishes to cure a cough in children without adverse effects needs to know how to soar feet with mustard or to lay it in socks. The procedure can be performed up to three times a day. The water temperature should be 37-40 degrees. If it is too hot, it may happen overheating of the body and even appear burned.

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The child is not capricious, the healing process turns into the game. During the procedure, you can learn a new little rhyme or to arrange a viewing of interesting film. If the patient is already 2 years, you are allowed to use for parks is not only a basin but also the bucket. This will warm up the large surface of the extremities, including the ankles and feet. Also, during Parking, it is useful to massage the feet with a sponge, which will strengthen the therapeutic effect and accelerate the blood circulation.

Attention! The use of mustard in the treatment of cough in children can be combined with the use of drugs and other therapies of the disease.

How is the procedure?

To get rid of a cough, soar feet with mustard must be in accordance with a particular scheme:

  1. A basin or bucket, where they will soak my feet, rinse soda solution.
  2. On the bottom of the tank is lined with a towel, which will improve the heating and create a weak massage effect.
  3. In warm water pour mustard powder (2-3 tablespoons) and mix everything.
  4. In a bowl put your feet, and after 3 minutes there to refill the hot water having a temperature of up to 45 degrees.
  5. The duration is 5-10 minutes.

But the yellow powder can not only add to foot baths, another laid dry mustard in socks. This method of heating was as effective as the previous one and has the same contraindications.

First check the legs of the child, making sure that they were dry. If the soles are wet, there is a burning sensation that sometimes provokes a burn.

In socks made from cotton fabric covered with powder or put mustard. In the treatment of cough in children is sufficient to use 0.5-1 tsp mustard. Then wear socks on feet and top wear another warm. The procedure is conveniently carried out overnight, as its duration should be at least 6 hours.

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Children under 3 years can appear allergic to mustard powder. So before you put mustard in your socks the first time you put them on top of thin stockings. If time will not appear discomfort in the form of burning and tingling, the procedure can be carried out. Socks with mustard shoot in the morning, after which the feet are washed with warm water and put them on the Terry socks.


Of course, if to treat cough only one mustard, you may not receive the desired therapeutic effect. Indeed, such therapeutic method is effective only in the initial stages of colds. But if the disease is neglected, no comprehensive treatment is not enough. We recommend you make the Chest.