Nasal drops for adults, what is the best for colds

How to choose a good nasal drops for adults

When rhinitis starts, there is a desire to buy nasal drug from the common cold. The choice of these drugs is huge, they act quickly and often safe. You can always pick up the drug at the right price and in the most convenient form of drops or spray.

But the choice is not as easy as it seems. Because of the large variety of types of droplets is difficult to determine what will be most effective in a particular case. Some tools only take down the swelling and removes nasal congestion, others treat the cause of the common cold, others will be ineffective with the common cold. How to choose a good nose drops for adults that will really help?

Selection rules for her son

Considering the range of drugs from a cold, you need to consider its own individual characteristics, but first and foremost — the type of disease.

Based on this, choosing suitable drops easiest: for the symptomatic treatment of colds suitable saline or decongestants, against allergic rhinitis best acting antihistamines and corticosteroids, etc.

In addition to the purpose of use should also pay attention to the following selection criteria drops:

  1. The duration of the disease. If the rhinitis does not pass longer than 5-7 days, it is important to seek help from a doctor as it may indicate chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and other serious pathologies.
  2. Type of runny nose. If it dries up mucous, need rewetting drops. If there is a large amount of mucus — drying drugs.
  3. The condition of the body. Some States — for example, pregnancy and lactation — impose restrictions on the use of medications as for the and drops from the common cold. In this case, it is better to confine the saline solution that is completely safe.
  4. The duration of action.
  5. The reputation of the manufacturer.

You should not take the first available remedy which will advise the pharmacist. Lightly chosen drops can not only help, but also harm the body.

Varieties of drops of cold

The main principle of choice is still the goal of applying the adult nose drops. In different situations effective are different types of drugs, each of which has its own peculiarities, useful and side effects.


Vasoconstrictor drops is a remedy for symptomatic treatment of rhinitis, which can be used with a cold of any type, but the cause of the disease does not resolve. They are most useful when you need to urgently remove the swelling and restore breathing.

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Drugs of this kind are divided into 4 groups according to the used active substance:

  • Xylometazoline — operates quickly, preserves the effect for 8 hours;
  • Oxymetazoline — acts 10-12 hours;
  • naphazoline — the most effective, but the action is already in 4-7 hours;
  • phenylephrine — spares the mucosa, suitable for pregnant.

This type of drops is the greatest number of options — you can find hundreds of market names, a difference only in price. It is easier to focus on the active substance, which is always indicated on the packaging next to the name of the medication.

From vasoconstrictor drops have several disadvantages:

  • slowing down the excretion of viruses and bacteria from the body;
  • the immune system is weakened due to the abatement of the inflammatory process on the mucous membrane of the nose;
  • when applying more than a week there is a tolerance, and to breathe with no drops it will be hard even after the illness passes.

Use vasoconstrictor drops only in combination with other drugs, and only in extreme cases such as severe edema.

Rewetting drops

Rewetting drops is the most gentle option. These include various saline solutions — normal saline, boiled salted water, sea water and medicines on its basis. Hydration does not cure the disease, but is of universal use in any type of rhinitis — moisture improves metabolic processes in the mucosa, helping the body to fight the cold.

To prepare the solution yourself by dissolving a teaspoon of salt in a liter of water. This fluid is not buried in the nose — it is necessary to rinse the nasopharynx. A drop of sea water under various brand names are mainly used for cleaning the mucosa before the application of a special antimicrobial or other drugs. From congestion they help for a while.

Side effects of sea water not to apply moisturizer at any age and any condition.

Antiallergic and hormonal drugs

Hormonal drugs is a pretty good nasal drops for adults, which is analogous vasoconstrictor drugs. It differs only in the mechanism, while the latter excite receptors and contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels in the mucous membrane, the hormones inhibit the secretion of histamine, a substance that causes an allergic reaction and inflammation.

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The cause of the common cold such drugs is also not correct. They are assigned only in allergic rhinitis. Most often used tools on the basis of beclomethasone (Nasobec, almost four years). Also often prescribed Nasonex, Aldecin, Flixonase.

Hormones only affect the mucosa and into the blood, so afraid of hormonal changes is not necessary. In addition to hormonal blocking of the immune response to the allergen, a drop can create a protective layer on the mucous membrane, through which the allergen can’t pass through and cause an allergic reaction.

The use of anti-allergic drops in the nose during the common cold in adults permitted in any case. Dangerous they can be for children only. Pregnant women should not use products of this type.

Antiviral and immunomodulatory agent

Drop these types are the same — kill the virus that caused the disease, a symptom of which was rhinitis, only in different ways: directly or through a strengthening of the natural defenses of the body.

Unlike the previously described types of drops, these funds affect the very cause of the disease. Because of this, they are less popular — in the cold I do not want to wait a few days until the system will work a cure, and to restore the breath instantly.

The range of antiviral drops included:

  • means based on interferon — a Interferon Grippferon, Genferon®;
  • means stimulating your own production of interferon — Derinat, IRS-19.

Because interferon is a protein part of the structure of antibodies, these funds are completely safe. However, to assign them can only be a doctor, and not every specialist is going, because the effectiveness of antivirals in General not proved.

Antibacterial and antiseptic drops

If the runny mucus with pus that has a thick consistency and green tint, so the cause of the disease was a bacterial infection. To treat it only makes sense special antibacterial drugs.

Antiseptic nose drops for colds in adults are ineffective because they destroy the bacteria on the entire surface of the mucosa is almost impossible. It is better to use antiseptic solutions for irrigation of the nasopharynx — it will be irrigated a large area. Among the antiseptic agents popular Protargol with silver ions, Miramistin, Octenisept, Collargol, Sulfacetamide.


While antiseptics destroy germs, antibiotics do not allow them to reproduce. But their use may be not only useless, but also harmful: bacteria can develop a resistance to the medication, and the disease will be delayed and lead to complications.

Attention! To use antibiotics for the common cold only by prescription.

If antibiotics are still needed, you can use tools such as Izofra, Bioparox, Polideksa.

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Herbal and oil remedies

On the packaging of herbal medicines can be seen surprisingly extensive list of effects, but in practice they have only moisturizing and thinning action. Guaranteed to breathe easier. Taking into account only the herbal alternatives, some good drops from the common cold in adults can be used?

Suitable such drops and sprays:

  • Mentalor — for inhalations;
  • Fioricet;
  • Sinuforte;
  • Medicine.

All herbal preparations based on different active components, but the big difference between them.

Choose the tool carefully to avoid allergic reactions. To use natural remedies for infection control makes no sense.

Oil products have similar features and often contain the same components. Most popular: Pinosol, Sinosun, Pinova, Evkalipt etc.

A combination of drugs

Doctors often recommend the use of a combination of drugs acting on rhinitis from all the directions. One of these universal medicines is Polideksa that:

  • narrows blood vessels by fenilafrina;
  • has an antibacterial effect due to the neomycin and polymyxin b composition;
  • reduces inflammation with hormone dexamethasone.

Penetration of active substances into the blood protects the polyethylene glycol linking components.

Another popular combo tool — Vibrocil, relieve swelling and inflammation in allergic rhinitis.

If you require a more complex combination of active ingredients, the pharmacy can prepare the drops on an individual prescription.

Thus, to decide which nasal drops is better suited for adults only, if you know the type of the disease. This can be done after examination by a doctor. Alone permitted to wash the nose only moisturizing solution and the use of vasoconstrictor drugs in an emergency.