Nasal drops Pinosol: instructions for use, prices, reviews and composition

How to apply allergies?

Respiratory diseases, viral and infectious diseases of the respiratory system is able at any moment to trigger a runny nose. Rhinitis is common among children and among adults.

The market of drugs is literally littered with tools designed to combat the cold. One of the brightest representatives is considered to be Effects that can help in a very short time from congestion of the nose.

What is a Cold?

The production of the drug Effects began relatively long time, however, medicine today is almost a leader among peers, drugs the same orientation.

The medicine is made on the basis of natural components derived from plants, different therapeutic effects on the body:

  • eucalyptus oil;
  • pine oil;
  • thymol (extract of thyme);
  • peppermint oil;
  • guaiazulene (a synthetic analogue of chamomile extract);
  • vitamin E (tocopherol acetate).

Excipients in the composition of the Drops:

  • white wax;
  • canola oil;
  • labrafil;
  • butiloksianizol.

Each of the components has a particular plan the ability to suppress the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, which has a positive effect in the treatment of colds accompanied by runny nose and nasal congestion.

The main feature of the tools that you can use it for both adults and children.

Method of production

The release of the drug is administered in different forms:

  1. Drops are designed mainly for children. Suitable for the treatment of chronic, acute rhinitis.
  2. Spray. Intended to treat adults and children older than 6 years.
  3. Ointment which contribute to the careful removal of the crusts formed in the nasal passages in the treatment of rhinitis. The tool softens the mucous, avoiding microcracks, wounds after cleansing the nose, bismarckiana.
  4. Cream that acts as an ointment, but differ only in the maximum tender action.
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To say which is better: spray or drops, definitely not. Each form of output in its own convenient, easy to use. As you can see in the photo below, the packaging size is small, which allows you to carry medicine with you, take it on the road.

In the treatment of rhinitis in children of about 2-6 years, easier to dig nice smelling drops. While the adults easier to use the spray quickly and evenly irrigates the nasal passages.

Indications for use

Pinosol can be shown in pathological conditions:

  • inflammation, swelling of the nasopharynx;
  • congestion of the nasal passages;
  • nasopharyngitis;
  • adenoids;
  • the appearance of mucus in the development of colds, viral infections.

In addition, the tool is assigned in the postoperative recovery period.

Contraindications and side effects

Like the majority of medications that have warnings for use were not ideal and allergies.

Instruction manual contains some warnings:

  • drops are prohibited from use in the treatment of children, whose age has not reached 2 years;
  • do not use the drug with rhinitis of allergic origin;
  • it is necessary to abandon the use of drugs hypersensitive to the main components of allergic reactions.

Many wonder: «Pinosol has a vasoconstrictor effect or not?» In this case the answer is negative. That is why the drug and is prohibited in case of Allergy, and the first results of improvement after the start of use come at least a day.

It is believed that the Drops can be used while breastfeeding because the drug is not absorbed into the blood in the baby’s body is not received.

Treatment with this drug is mostly well tolerated. Overdosing is impossible. However, in rare cases, patients may experience side effects such as itching and burning.

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Nasal drops Pinosol: instructions for use

The main feature of the Effects that the drug has on the body therapeutic effect, unlike drugs that eliminate the symptoms only temporarily.

When used properly, the treatment will take place in the most sparing effect, with no harm and unpleasant consequences. To assign a course of therapy should only an experienced specialist based on the patient’s General condition and its diagnosis. The doctor will choose the correct dosage and duration of treatment.

If nasal congestion

Despite the fact that the duration of treatment with this drug, the dosage is selected individually, there is a certain standard prescribed by the manufacturer. For example, when congestion of the nasal cavity is recommended for adults, instill up to 2 drops in each nostril every 2 hours.

As soon as the symptoms begin to decline, the frequency of drug required to reduce to 3-4 times a day. Children the dosage is reduced, performing 1-2 instillation in each nostril about 3-4 times a day.

Stuffy nose are also treated with inhalations performed on the basis of Pinosol. Allowed up to 3 treatments per day. Relief comes a few days after the start of use of the drug.

In adenoids

Widely used tool in the treatment of adenoids in children. Dosage, the treatment can be selected individually, exclusively by the attending physician.

The use of tools allows to improve blood circulation and strengthen the capacity of the mucous membrane, damaged tissue to regenerate. Due to the antibacterial effects, there is a destruction of pathogenic microflora.

In adenoids Sometimes used in prophylactic prevention of an inflammatory process.


Tatyana, 26 years old Krasnoyarsk: «for the First time tried Drops in the treatment of rhinitis. The prices were affordable, bought the drug at your local pharmacy and start treatment. First spray did not help me, but somewhere on the third day began to feel a clear relief. After 4 days the cold has disappeared completely, ago unpleasant symptoms returned. Since then, at the slightest hint of a blocked nose, I just use the Drops, and the problem is solved. Recommend!»

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Galina, 30 years old Rostov-on-don: «Pediatrician recommended son (7 years old) spray on nasal congestion during a Cold. Honestly, this form is not like us, and we have replaced the drug per drop. Relief came on the second day, snot almost immediately passed, breathing became normal. No side effects noticed.»


Selecting the treatment of rhinitis, nasal congestion, swelling of drugs the Effects, not forget how does medication.

Because the drug has vasoconstrictive effect, instant get rid of a cold should be expected. Treatment will yield results after some period of use.