Nasal ointment Baktroban: application instructions and analogues

How to apply ointment for the nose Baktroban?

One of the most serious problems in diseases of the inflammatory type of the sinuses is the resistance of staph infections to classical antibiotic treatment. Instruction for use nasal ointment Baktroban, insists that the drug is able to cope with these and other pathogens.

Due to the severity of such infections is more than relevant, it becomes this drug is able to actively work on eliminating these pathogens.

How to use the drug?

The tool is used exclusively in the nasal mucosa. For maximum effect, you must perform some simple but necessary manipulations:

  1. Before applying, you should carefully blow your nose.
  2. Take about 30 mg of the drug and apply on each of the two mucous membranes.
  3. Squeeze the nostrils to the nasal septum, for the greatest distribution of the ointment on the nasal mucosa.

Such manipulation must be performed 2 times a day. Often, the treatment lasts about 4 days. The disinfectant must not be used more than 10 days. Also it is not recommended to mix the drug with other intranasally means and combining them, which can adversely affect the effectiveness of the drug.

For children under two years old, this ointment is not recommended for use. The cream can be used from 1 year. Make the decision to use children need to take specialist. This is due to the lack of data on its impact on the child’s body.

Analogues of the drug

A member of ointment includes mupirocin, which is an active substance, and other optional ingredients. As analogues of the drug, created a few effective tools:

  • Exelis;
  • Levosin;
  • Mupirocin;
  • The treatment;
  • Mupirocin;
  • Chloramphenicol (read more about the drug, read the article Chloramphenicol for otitis media).
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Despite the fact that all the analogues ointment Baktroban have a similar spectrum of activity and is able to treat the same disease with similar symptoms, as active substance, they can use different substances, so you cannot replace them on top of each other, without the insistence of the attending physician.

Each product has its own instructions for use, which you must follow implicitly. In any case do not exceed the dosage.

Hexalin is composed of 3 active components, why you need to use this tool for people with diabetes. Also prohibited the use of children under 6 years of age. Prolonged use can adversely affect the microflora of the nasal cavity.

Superocean you can’t take people who have problems with kidney failure. This is due to the presence in its composition of polyethylene glycol.

Mupirocin cannot be used in patients older than 60 years. All means are relatively safe if the patient has no allergic reactions to components and applies the remedy strictly according to instructions or on the basis of the recommendations of a physician.

If during the 4-day course of Mupirocin, there were positive tendencies, you must discontinue use and consult your doctor. The specialist must replace the drug.

Domestic intranasal ointment (Levosin, Levomekol or Chloramphenicol), should also be used exclusively according to the instructions. Chloramphenicol, for example, is strongly prohibited to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Read the article on how to cure staph infection in nose at home.

The reviews about the drug

Albina. 28. Eagle.

My husband and I were going on a delivery partnership, and took the tests out of your nose for staph. After came the answers on the tests, my husband was diagnosed with the presence of Staphylococcus aureus. My gynecologist has advised to smear the nasal mucosa ointment Baktroban. My husband rubbed 2 times a day and a week later, repeat tests showed that everything is in order.

Julia Katz. 34. Cheboksary.

We had the following problem, after the sea, our child picked up a cold, which he began to climb the fingers in the nose and damaged the mucosa. There were sores from which it was hard for him to breathe at night. At the pharmacy, bought ointment Baktroban. A very good ointment which after two days of use showed a good result. It is very economical and inexpensive.


Reviews about Masi exclusively in a positive way, however, to get effective result, it is very important to fulfill all the requirements of the attending physician, and in any case not to self-medicate. The consequences can be unpredictable.