Nasal polyps in a child: pictures, symptoms and treatment, treatment at home

How to treat polyps in the nose in a child?

On the mucous membranes of the nose may form benign tumors. Most often polyps are suffering from kids up to 10 years. Education develops in the maxillary, frontal, ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses.

Polyps receive the necessary substance by the legs adjacent the mucosal surface.


To determine the presence of polyps in the early stages is quite difficult. The symptoms and treatment of nasal polyps in children depend on the severity of the disease. You can highlight several signs that indicate pathology.

  1. The kid doesn’t want to eat meals. Poor appetite is due to a malfunction of the taste buds. Polyps can lead to partial loss of taste.
  2. Tumors are especially dangerous for infants, because a baby cannot breathe through the mouth. Notice constant nasal congestion. The child suffers from constant bouts of the common cold that persists for 10 days.
  3. Burying his nose in the vasoconstrictor drugs does not help. In such a situation should immediately consult an otolaryngologist.
  4. Sneezing is another symptom that can be due to the development of polyps. The growth of tumors causes irritation of mucous membranes of healthy tissues. In the nose are cilia, performs a protective function. The increase of the tumor causes displacement of the hairs that the body perceives as a foreign body. By sneezing of people trying to get rid of the irritant factor.
  5. Kids suffering from polyps, not able to sleep properly. The reason for restless sleep is to breathing. A characteristic feature of tumors is the occurrence of snoring. Some kids get sleep apnea. The breath the child stops for a few seconds.
  6. The disease leads to gradual loss of hearing. The growing tumor blocks the entrance to the auditory tube in children develop hearing loss.
  7. Polyps pressure on the receptors that perform the olfactory function of human. A sick baby is unable to fully perceive odors.
  8. If untreated, the child is the contortion of facial features. A polyp is forcing the baby to breathe through the mouth.In the future, kids have trouble with the bite occurs, the deformation of the lower jaw.
  9. Many patients due to polyps headache.
  10. Growths block the nasal passages. This leads to a change of timbre.
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How are polyps in nose in children? To determine the shape, size and number of tumors after diagnosis.

Large tumors located near the nostrils of the baby can be seen with the naked eye.

Usually the polyps are deep enough. They can be identified only during the inspection of the nose with the help of special equipment.

The experts investigate tissue pathology to exclude malignancy. The most dangerous cancer. To explore teardrop-shaped polyps, the patient may be sent for a CT scan.

To put a more accurate diagnosis is necessary to take a blood test for biochemical parameters. In this way specialists determine the presence of inflammatory processes in the body of the baby. In allergic rhinitis the allergic child take the test.


To stop the growth of tumors in the nose can using the glucocorticosteroid drugs. Conservative treatment helps children at an early stage.

The formation of polyps may be associated with allergic rhinitis. Kids recommend giving antihistamines (Loratidine, Cetirizine).

To restore nasal breathing in case of bacterial rhinitis can be due to the antibiotics.

It is necessary to take measures that will help to raise the level of immunity. To this end, children are being prescribed immunomodulators (Imudon, Ribomunil).

Important! Drugs can not be taken without the advice of a doctor. Do not exceed the dosage indicated in the instructions given the age of the child.

Surgical methods

How to treat polyps in the nose in a child? To get rid of tumors using the following methods:

  1. Polypotomy consists in mechanical removal of neoplasms. During the operation the specialist uses a hook Lange. In the body of the tumor injected anesthetic solution.
  2. The advantage of the endoscopic technique is that the surgeon can see the screen of the monitor tumors in hard to reach places.
  3. Laser therapy is the minimal invasive way to remove polyps. The laser beam heats up the cells of the neoplasm. The remains of a polyp, the doctor removes with tweezers.
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After removal of polyps, the child must undergo rehabilitation. A child needs a washing the nose with saline Aqua Maris, and other means). During the year, the kid needs to see a doctor. This is necessary for timely detection of recurrences.

Traditional methods

How to treat polyps in the nose of the child at home? To get rid of nasal polyps, you can use the following recipes:

  1. Dissolve 2 teaspoons of salt in 2 liters of water. The solution needs to be used for washing the nasal sinuses 2 times a day.
  2. The procedure for nasal lavage can be carried out using broth with salt with added iodine. Add 2-3 drops of liquid drug.
  3. Has medicinal properties, a decoction of celandine. Pour tablespoon of dried leaves in a separate container and pour a glass of boiling water. The mixture should steep for 20 minutes. Ready solution should be instilled into the nostrils 3-4 times a day. To obtain positive results can take up to 2 weeks.
  4. To stop the growth of polyps can, if you drip into the nose decoction of chamomile and celandine. Mix all ingredients in equal proportions. For 500 ml solution you need to chop 2 tbsp. spoons of raw materials. After cooling, pass the liquid through a piece of cheesecloth. Bury the mixture 2 drops every 4 hours.


The dimensions and contours of the lesions on the photos can be obtained after passage of x-rays. Conservative treatment can help only at early stages, when the polyps are small in size.

To stop the growth of tumors in the nose are used corticosteroids. To remove larger tumors, doctors refer children for surgery. The choice of method depends on the nature of the disease.

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A single education can be removed with the help of laser. However, this method does not guarantee the absence of recurrences. After a few years the patient may re-appear tumors of the nose. At emergence of various complications the patient is sent for re-operation.

In identifying groups of tumors, an endoscopic method of treatment. The doctor on the monitor screen to monitor the progress of the operation. This way you can remove all polyps identified during the diagnosis.