Nasal polyps treatment at home folk remedies

How to cure nasal polyps at home

Any disease be sure to find at least one folk method of treatment, although, as a rule, they are more than a dozen. Unfortunately, modern medicine effectiveness of such methods has not been proven, and the results are sometimes not as great as expected. Is it possible to cure nasal polyps at home folk remedies and the dangers they currently pose?

That for an animal such – a polyp

The task of the mucous membranes that line the nasal cavity, preventing inflammation. If the person is often sick with respiratory diseases affecting the sinuses, and untimely or improperly treated, the strength decrease of the mucous tissue; it is worse to cope with their work. The body, in an effort to assist in the fight for a cure, increases the surface area and volume of shells. And the resulting excess tissue is not converted into an extra assistant, and a real problem: overgrown mucous clogs the air passages, prevents normal breathing and causes headaches. This is polipous rhinosinusitis, as called pathology assistants.

In addition to the frequent recurrences of colds and viral respiratory infection that causes of polyps in the nose can be:

  • allergic reactions;
  • chronic diseases of the nasal cavity (sinusitis);
  • some systemic diseases, such as diabetes;
  • bronchial asthma and other diseases occurred on the background of sensitization of the organism;
  • anomalies in the anatomical structure of the nose, for example, a deviated septum.

In the early stages of the formation of excess mucous membranes are easily eliminated with medication. But the trouble is that the polyps at the beginning of his «way» is almost imperceptible: the breathing if difficult, slightly, no pain, a rare nasal discharge similar to the common cold. Therefore people in most cases come to the doctors with the whole «bunches» of appendages, and conservative treatment to go, alas, can not.

Folk remedies stronger

Lots of recipes, methods and techniques are collected in a work entitled «folk medicine». But can she help against polyponic entities? Evidence-based medicine, which is recognized in most countries of the world, this tactic self-treatment considers ineffective and unsafe. And there are good reasons for this:

  1. If the growth of the mucous membranes associated with allergic manifestations, folk remedy for nasal polyps collected from plant components, can significantly worsen the situation. Herbs, fruits and other «gifts of nature» – the Champions of provoking allergies. They can cause additional swelling, or worse, anaphylactic shock.
  2. Popular methods of «burning» aggressive substances such as kerosene or italki – a direct path to the intensive care unit. The mucous tissue is very delicate and sensitive, so such actions are very painful and severely injure the nasal cavity.
  3. Another similar option is the treatment of nasal polyps with hydrogen peroxide and iodine. These tools are made for outdoor use and only for him. They treated the injury on the skin: wounds, scratches, bites. But ingestion (the nasal cavity is clearly not outer body) and is unreasonably unsafe because of possible burns and more serious injuries.
  4. A variety of drops from nasal polyps of juices and pomace of fruit and vegetables also can cause unpredictable allergic reactions. In addition, they cause a lot of discomfort in the form of a strong burning sensation, unbearable itching and even pain.
  5. Warming. Moreover, they are ineffective in principle in the polypus, and is able to trigger the growth of bacteria in the nasopharynx. Then to outgrowths of tissue will increase the infection, and it’s a different tactics of therapy.

The main danger of the people’s self – the loss of time.

Often the patient is in need of proper selection of medication or emergency surgery, attempts to eliminate the disease personally using home recipes. When it does reach seeking qualified help, the situation is very advanced, and often complicated by allergies. Therefore it is not necessary to think, how to get rid of nasal polyps at home: the vast majority of cases it is unjustified and ineffective. Need to see a doctor.

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Alternative to popular recipes

The last couple of decades the popularity of in home care bought homeopathy. Alas, many of the conducted research is not able to confirm the effectiveness of this area of medicine. The positive results sometimes achieved by therapy of such drugs, are equal to the effect of «placebo» or to self-cure of the body.

The danger of homeopathy similar remedies, because most medicines are created from plant components. Besides, in these specimens the proportion of «active substance» is so meager that any therapeutic benefit in principle, it can not render. So when the sinuses lays swelling, clogged nose polyps, homeopathy is useless. However, for all other diseases.

What can be done at home

A lot, but after consultation with a doctor, since only the ENT specialist to assess the real picture of the disease, to define the terms therapy and to find real, effective treatment. Even if surgical intervention after the holding thereof, it will be necessary to take special medicines from nasal polyps for quite a long time.

At home you can:

  • neat and effortless to wash nose salt solutions;
  • the use of vasoconstrictors in patients with severe breathing difficulties;
  • to maintain the immunity power active walks in the fresh air, wholesome food and drink;
  • to prevent drying of the mucous membranes, regularly irrigating the nasal cavity of saline or astringent drops;
  • to avoid cases of SARS friends and relatives;
  • not to visit crowded places during the mass flu;
  • to abandon bad habits.

These measures are also effective prevention of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and the answer to the question: «What can I do to avoid growing polyps in the nose?». Of course, all medicines for home use need to discuss in advance with your doctor.

What do the experts

If the polyps are discovered in the beginning of the sprawl, the impact on them can medical. For this purpose hormones of local action, mainly corticosteroids. Contrary to the fears and myths prevailing among the people about the «dangers of hormones,» drugs intended for local effects do not affect the organism as a whole. But to pick them up should only be a doctor, as the dosage, the frequency of reception and the type of active substance depends on the safety and effectiveness of therapy. One of the most popular drugs when polyps in the nose – Nasonex (reviews can be read on the website). It is also used in chronic diseases, vasomotor rhinitis and other conditions associated with allergies.

When the medications to deal with overgrown tissue is no longer in force, required a radical approach in the form of removal of nasal polyps. This can be done in three ways:

  • classical polypectomy with a loop or hook of the Langhe;
  • laser dryness;
  • endoscopic method.

Best option of modern surgery is considered, endoscopic polypectomy, as it lacks most of the complications of the classic method has advantages and safety of laser takes a little time.

With adequate postoperative therapy the patient has a real chance to eliminate polypous rhinosinusitis forever. Treatment after the intervention will consist of regular inspections the ENT doctor, the application drops or spray from nasal polyps by the doctor, carrying out of preventive actions.

Polypous rhinosinusitis is not an easy pathology, with which you can manage without doctors. So do not look for materials how to treat nasal polyps at home. Rash actions could be the beginning of a new disease and, at least complication the old. You need to go to a ENT specialist and follow all of the recommendations.