Nasal spray into the nose in sinusitis and rhinitis children, reviews and how to apply

How to use ointment nasal spray?

About ointments Levomekol name heard, probably, everyone. Very wide spectrum of its applications: wounds, scratches, acne, boils in the ears or nose. An effective nasal spray with sinusitis.


The treatment has deservedly received such popularity because it is inexpensive, reliable and safe remedy has antibacterial and healing properties. Even the excipients in the ointment Levomekol actively participate in the treatment process.

It is composed of two active ingredients: chloramphenicol is a good and reliable antibiotic and methyluracil – immunomodulatory substance.

Due to the content of antibiotic, this cream perfectly eliminates bacterial infections, heals wounds, even suppurating, and helps to prevent infection in open wounds. The second active substance increases local immunity, and accelerates cell division, and with it increases the rate of wound healing.

In order that the active substance is distributed in the ointment evenly, and that it was easier to apply, it added polyethylene oxides. But it’s not just auxiliaries, they are also involved in wound healing due to the dehydrating properties. Contribute to the diversion of excess fluid. It helps to get rid of edema.

It is also important that the Treatment penetrates easily into the deeper layers of the skin, while not damaging the cell membrane.


The treatment is used widely. Most often it is applied to purulent wounds because of its healing properties does not interfere with even layer of pus. However, to prevent the occurrence of infection, the Treatment can be applied to clean wounds, scratches or burns.

You can lubricate it purulent acne, boils and similar entities, and as before they will reveal, to accelerate the ripening process, and after.

Also put ointment Levomekol children in the nose, as adults, for example, to cure chronic rhinitis or sinusitis. Or in the ears, in the treatment of purulent otitis media or other infections caused by bacteria.

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Contraindications and overdose

Since the Treatment is a drug local action, and the blood is not absorbed, side effects from it are not used. Is that an allergic reaction to one of the components of the ointment. As a rule, chloramphenicol.

However, pregnant women apply this drug is still wary. It’s best to consult a doctor.

But the cases of drug overdose, almost nothing is known. Even heavy and prolonged use of Levamisole is harmless to the body.

Important! Nasal spray contains an antibiotic. And the bacteria gradually adapt to any antibiotics. If at some stage of treatment the effectiveness of the ointments is falling, it makes sense to replace the treatment, talking to your doctor.

Synonyms and analogues

Ointment Levomekol may also be released under several other names, for example:

  • Lavomatik;
  • Netron.

The composition of these medicines is almost identical with the composition Levamisole.

There are drugs with different active ingredients but similar pharmacological action. For Example, Levosin. It differs only in that it has in its structure an additional substance having analgesic effect.

The treatment of colds and sinusitis

In all instructions to the ointment Levomekol be sure to remind you: only external use. However, tips to cure this ointment runny nose or sinusitis are quite common. But in the nose we have – the mucous membrane if the Treatment is to smear the nose?

It is possible, but everything in order. As an effective antibiotic, this drug can help to cope with chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. But we should start to learn to distinguish one from the other. The treatment will help to cope with a cold or sinusitis, if caused by a bacterial infection.

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In the fight against fungi or viruses antibiotics are powerless.

Remember! Before treated Levomekol, you need to contact the doctor to get tested and to determine exactly where the disease.

Methods of treatment

As already seen above, in the nose we have a delicate mucous membrane, damage which, especially during illness, is not necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to act carefully.

You can take a cotton swab and gently smear the nose ointment. This method is more suitable for the treatment of purulent formations.

And how to apply the Treatment when the sinusitis? Here is more appropriate cotton swabs or gauze turundy with Levamisole in the nose. Do not forget to rinse the nose with saltwater or saline solution.

First you need to prepare turundas: cut a little bit of gauze, folded in several layers and wound into a tight cone. Then the ointment is heated to 35 degrees and it turundas impregnated. Turundy should be placed in the nasal passages and hold for about half an hour. The patient at this time, it is advisable to lie down and put your head back.

During the day this procedure was repeated 3-4 times. Well, the treatment lasts 5 to 7 days.

Important! Sinusitis disease is a serious and difficult. In severe forms of sinusitis nasal spray can act only as an auxiliary means supplementing oral antibiotics, which must appoint a physician.

If you could cure sinusitis drug methods will not work, you will have to make a puncture of the maxillary sinus.


Because the Treatment is affordable and effective means to find reviews on the treatment of sinusitis with it will not be difficult.

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For example, Natalia talks about her treatment experience: «I do perfectly removes pus. Used it for sinusitis, helps. I also took Cinnabsin to swelling from the nose to remove. Here and cured sinusitis».

It’s nice that people don’t forget that the Treatment, despite the fact that it is tested and safe, is a serious drug, antibiotic.

Here is what the user Irina: «Be careful with levomekol will not heal them without a prescription. Because it contains an antibiotic, it is effective against purulent sinusitis. And the common cold, the virus, to cure them will not work.»

Negative reviews on nasal spray with sinusitis are almost there, and they are all connected, usually by self-medication or allergic reactions.

So if you suffer from chronic rhinitis or sinusitis, do not despair. There are numerous ways to cure both. However, the prevention of sinusitis is much easier and safer than treatment.