Nasal spray of nasal congestion for adults and children: best spray

What are the sprays from nasal congestion?

In the case of the inflammatory process in the mucosa of the nasal cavity, patients first notice appeared cold. Rhinitis can be a precursor to more serious diseases or cause blockage of the Eustachian tube, which carries with it the consequences, such as otitis media or sinusitis. To avoid such complications, it is necessary to treat acute rhinitis in the early stages. The only way to stop the process of inflammation.

For help in combating a runny nose with nasal congestion in adults and children, come sprays. They help in combating viruses and infectious inflammation, and protects the nasal mucosa from pathogenic processes. In choosing medication it is necessary to pay attention to its side effects and contraindications. It is important to read the instructions for use and to clarify possible allergic reactions.

What happens to a person with nasal congestion

Rhinitis manifests as an inflammation of the nasal mucosa. At this time, the patient feels a lot of unpleasant symptoms. He had a headache, there are mucous discharge, which in the absence of treatment switching to purulent stage and provoke various complications.

By themselves, these processes are not terrible for the patient and if the treatment begins in the early stages, the disease can be defeated in a few days.

If the healing process of the patient began at a later phase, patients report a number of acute symptoms:

  • severe nasal congestion;
  • pain in frontal sinus;
  • a feeling of pressure in the nose;
  • mucous or purulent discharge;
  • poor outflow of a sputum;
  • coughing and sneezing;
  • decreased sense of smell;
  • loss of appetite;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • burning sensation in the lining of the nose;
  • the increase in body temperature.

At this time you need to go for consultation to a specialist and start treatment with certain medicines.

Nasal congestion appears spontaneously and unexpectedly, therefore during treatment it is important to determine the root cause of the formation of the disease. Often rhinitis is manifested not as a single symptom, as a signal of the beginning of the entire inflammatory complex in the ENT organs. Therefore, the choice of medication depends on the shape and nature of the disease.

Please note that the medicine with rhinitis must cope not only with congestion but also to narrow the blood vessels, to moisten the mucous membrane and perform other functions.

Best to use nasal sprays for colds, flu, sinusitis, inflammation of sinuses, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and other inflammations in the ENT organs.

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When treatment is necessary to follow all the rules of the medicine and any negative changes in the body, seek medical help.

The most effective sprays

Nasal spray from congestion to pick up easy. When choosing a drug should take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. When you buy a medicinal product, note the annotation, especially on side effects and contraindications.

Do not take medicines in case of high sensitivity to the components included in the medication.

Aflubin note

Available drug for the treatment of rhinitis and reduce inflammation symptoms — the first sign of Nate. The drug from nasal congestion is of vegetable origin and has a powerful effect in acute symptoms. It consists of mustard, milkweed, and a Luffa. This combination of components allows the use of a tool in the struggle not only with rhinitis, but in the case of inflammation of sinusitis, pharyngitis, Eustachian.

Aflubin NASA considered a homeopathic drug, so you can take it in cases of allergic reactions to other medicines, but with caution.

To use spray is recommended from the age of twelve. At one time, you must vpryskivat no more than two times.

The total number of application 4 times a day for three weeks.

If necessary, the treatment can be repeated, but only after a break of thirty days.

When acute course of the disease is necessary to apply two inject every two hours, but no more than eight times a day.

The drug effectively reduces the symptoms of the disease, so it is recommended not to forget to apply the medication before bedtime. It helps clear the airway, so the patient will quickly fall asleep.

Do not use the tool in case of hypersensitivity to components and in case of inflammation of the thyroid gland. Dangerous to be treated with the drug in case of pregnancy and also during the formation of the disease in children.

To lower blood pressure mother

Effective remedy for runny nose is the nasal spray «lower blood pressure mother». Best medicine to cope with allergic rhinitis and in acute rhinitis.

The product has good properties when inflammation of the nasal passages perennial allergic rhinitis.

To apply the means necessary since I was twelve.

For treatment for two years, a children’s spray «to lower blood pressure mother».

Not treated with this drug with a special sensitivity to fluticasone furoate, and in the case of severe violations of the liver and kidneys.

In other cases nasal applications per day. In more severe symptoms of the disease should adhere to the following regimen:

  1. For children from two to eleven years is assigned to two vspryskivaniu special children’s medicine.
  2. For children over the age of twelve and adults are allowed to use up to three vspryskivaniu per day.
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Keep in mind that the tool has a cumulative effect, so the result appears only on the third day of treatment.


Vibrocil is a combined tool for local use. Its vasoconstrictor property allow to apply the remedy in acute or chronic rhinitis. In addition, the drug reduces swelling of the mucous membrane and normalizes the General condition of the patient.

In the treatment of «Vibrocil» you must follow the technique of drug administration. Immediately before administration of the drug clear the nasal passages with the help of washing, and then enter the tool according to the dosage.

  1. For adults assigned to four drops in each nasal passage.
  2. For the treatment of children is enough to use two drops.
  3. Such dosing must be adhered to every day for weeks.

Vibrocil should be taken not only when cold and catarrhal forms. Its pharmacological properties effective in vasomotor rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes, sinusitis and otitis media.

Not treated by this medication with a special sensitivity to the components and also in the case of atrophic rhinitis.

As in the case of treatment of other vasoconstrictor drugs, in the treatment of this drug should be used with caution. Often, these medicines have strong side effects that you need to know in advance.


Strong medicine with a cold is considered a «Sinuforte». Despite the pricing, and the drug is quite expensive, its effect is observed almost immediately after application.

Effective against inflammation of sinusitis, sinusitis, acute rhinitis and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

The drug has no serious contraindications, because it is based on vegetable extract.

The main substance of the medicine cyclamen. It is harmless during pregnancy and lactation, making the drug especially attractive.

In the treatment using the «Sinuforte» must adhere to the following course:

  1. When inflammation of the respiratory tract in kids need to vpryskivat the drug once within six hours.
  2. For adults the dosage is different. When acute course of the disease only three applications, but with milder symptoms should one drug.

Before each use «Sinuforte» it is necessary to clean the nasal passages. You can use such drugs as «Furatsilinom», «Dolphin», «Aqua Maris», «Furatsilin».

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When acute course of the disease physicians may prescribe a combination of drugs with antibiotics. One of these medicines is considered to be of the nasal spray «Izofra».

The drug has a powerful effect and fights against various types of viruses and bacteria, exerting a positive effect immediately after application.

He works for eight hours after administration, so doctors prescribe a very short period of treatment.

For adults you need introduction to two vspryskivaniu. In the treatment of children twelve years of age appointed by one administration of the drug.

Follow the health of the patient over the weeks of treatment. The manifestation of any allergic reactions, you must stop taking the drug and to replace the analogue medication.


An analogue of the drug «Izofra» and effective medication is considered a «Polideksa».

The drug is designed to treat sinusitis, acute rhinitis, sinusitis and all chronic diseases of the respiratory tract.

Spray nasal congestion without a runny nose «Polideksa» has a strong effect already at the fifth application.

Its powerful action has been noted for a long time, so the drug can be used without fear of side effects education. But still, to risk and to break the dosage and the prescribing physician is not necessary, because in this way you can trigger the development of disease.

In the treatment of acute rhinitis is assigned three drops of the drug every six hours. The positive effect is achieved on the third day of treatment, but doctors recommend not to break the rules and continue treatment for seven days.


In the formation of rhinitis, in addition to medical treatment, doctors recommend to use various herbal teas and tinctures. And will also be useful in every way to strengthen the body and in the future to monitor their health.