Nasal spray to lower blood pressure mother: user guide, reviews and analogues

How to use the drug to lower blood pressure mother for your nose?

Among the wide variety of medicines from the common cold, sprays and drops based on synthetic hormones of a number of glucocorticoids is always indispensable for the therapy of allergic rhinitis of any type. Among preparations of this group the most widely known hormone nasal spray to lower blood pressure mother.

If you apply the remedy on prescription, this drug will allow to achieve good results even in very advanced cases. To lower blood pressure mother acts in such a way that leaves not only a runny nose and swelling of the nose, but stabiliziruemost overall health of the patient. The drug reduces the risk of developing inflammatory diseases such as sinusitis, and has been used successfully in the treatment of already current process, reducing swelling of the nasal mucosa.

The drug

To lower blood pressure mother (country of production: United Kingdom, Latin name: Avamys), though popularly called drops in the nose, is produced in a familiar spray form. It is composed of a fluorinated corticosteroid, as well as the active component fluticasone furoate, characterized by the operational anti-inflammatory action.

The main purpose of the drug symptomatic treatment of patients with diagnosed allergic rhinitis.

Nasal spray to lower blood pressure mother: instruction manual

The preparation is intended for intranasal application. A key requirement of regular use, with no gaps. The first effect is visible after about 7-8 hours after the procedure, the greatest effect of the drug manifests within 3 days.

Before the first use of the vial to shake. It is necessary to remove the protective cover, then press the button to spray until it stops in order to distribute the dose. The same should be done in cases when the drug was not used more than a month. Before each treatment, the nasal passages should be cleared.

How to use to lower blood pressure mother:

  • during the procedure, keep your head straight;
  • gently insert the spray nozzle into one nostril, press the other finger;
  • following the direction in the direction from the nose, press the button to spray at the same time taking a breath;
  • immediately after treatment, is desirable to exhale through the mouth;
  • repeat the same with the other nostril.

The nozzle should be wiped dry and be sure to replace cap after each use. The optimal dose and duration of therapy patient identifies solely with the doctor-otolaryngologist in individual consultations.

The use of features in different ages

Children 2 to 11 years initial dose of 27.5 micrograms (1 spray) in the left and right nostril 1 time per day (maximum daily dose — 55 micrograms). Subject to the recommendations of the doctor and instructions to lower blood pressure mother I have the baby does not cause side reactions and gives good results.

For adults and adolescents (from 12 years) initial dose of 2 injections in the left and right nostril 1 time a day (maximum daily dose — 110 micrograms). When the symptom control will be installed — the dose should be reduced to 1 injection into the left and right nostril 1 time per day (maximum daily dose — 55 micrograms). This dose is sufficient to maintain effective treatment.

Therapy depends on the duration of the period of exposure of allergen.

Nose drops to lower blood pressure mother: counterparts

The closest analogs of the drug are:

  • Flixonase, slightly different from the lower blood pressure mother the composition;
  • Nasonex (contains another hormone).

Other drugs in the form of sprays that can be treated with similar symptoms:

  • Platinex;
  • Nasobek;
  • Rishel;
  • Metaspray;
  • Nazofan;
  • Tafen, nasal.

All drugs have anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects, which are directed to the treatment of allergic rhinitis and also have the same contraindications.


To lower blood pressure mother is contraindicated in the following patient groups:

  • children up to 2 years;
  • patients with severely impaired liver function;
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • people with high sensitivity to ingredients of the medication.

The use of lower blood pressure mother as drops in the nose from allergies is contraindicated in patients using Ritonavir treatment.

In a parallel use of it can lead to overdose of the hormones of this type.

Nose drops to lower blood pressure mother: reviews

Tatyana, 53 years old, Tolyatti: «Suffer allergies for more than 20 years. Every spring is torture. It is difficult to fully work as a teacher, when you constantly stuffy nose, and in his hands the scarves are replaced one after the other. I just got lucky once to get a good doctor who correctly prescribed tests and their results – any drug. To lower blood pressure mother brought me back to a normal life.»

Victor, 45 years, Khanty-Mansiysk: «I always felt ashamed of my allergies. Walking with a handkerchief in hand and is constantly sneezing, not being able to breathe properly, — for me it was a real complex. None of the spray (and I have tried a lot!) could not cope with the congestion efficiently and for a long time, the relief was only temporary. Heard about the drug by accident – had heard of him in a queue on reception to the doctor. He confirmed that the drug in my case, to be effective, and after that I never experimented with before. At the first sign of allergies I buy the lower blood pressure mother and it helps perfectly.»

Valeria, 32, Moscow: «I Work as an HR Manager in a large company. I love my job, but communication with candidates like torture for me when overcomes allergies and in the interview I’m sick and sneezing. Do not believe it, but the Director saw how I was suffering, and once advised the good doctor. It was my «lifeline». The doctor analyzed the situation, I did all the necessary tests, and found that there is a magical remedy to lower blood pressure mother which gives me today the opportunity to live and work. Thanks to lower blood pressure mother and, of course, my chief!»

Natalia, 28 years old, Podolsk: «I am a young mother. Like all parents, worried for the child, if suddenly there is a runny nose or other cold symptoms. When Elijah was sick, always regularly went to the doctor. But when the baby was already 7 years old, decided that he’s a big, and very involved in the selection of products. But the cold did not pass, and it lasted for months. Until finally we got to the doctor, which I’m a little shamed for unauthorized treatment and opened my eyes to what my child has turned out to be allergic. Today on the advice of the doctor use the lower blood pressure mother, the drug always helps my son to get rid of annoying cold.»


Allergic diseases are very common today. At first glance it seems that caused by allergic rhinitis is a pretty harmless condition, many simply do not treat it. But the progressive studies prove that this pathology significantly reduces the quality of life and can cause the patient has bronchial asthma.

It is therefore important to choose a drug for the control of allergic rhinitis and reduce side effects from drugs used. The modern representative among these drugs is to lower blood pressure mother. However, the choice of medication remember that a consultation with a doctor is always necessary. It is only his opinion and the Council will determine the choice of treatment.

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