Nasal spray with eucalyptus for the common cold — what are, and what is better

Nasal sprays for the common cold with eucalyptus

Eucalyptus, due to the special structure of the root system, accumulate in the leaves of a variety of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and other nutrients. Scientists count about 40 components that people can use for medicinal purposes.

A very popular means of a cold-based eucalyptus. These sprays and drops do not dry the nasal mucosa. They have a therapeutic effect, acting on the cause of the common cold.

The properties of eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus essential oil has a number of useful for human medicinal properties. It is used to prepare medicines for many diseases.

Tart aroma similar to the scent of pine trees, peculiar to this bright oily liquid. The main component that gives the drug most used qualities is cineole is a natural antiseptic. Thanks to this substance, essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.

Eucalyptus oil in its pure form, and in the composition of the drugs used for the treatment of influenza, SARS and inflammatory processes in the joints.

Sprays for the common cold

In most nasal sprays are used as the basis of a chemical vasoconstrictor and bactericidal action. The eucalyptus oil is added as an additional component. Antiseptic natural origin helps to enhance the therapeutic properties of the drug mitigating side effects.

The most popular nasal sprays for the common cold with eucalyptus:

  • Viks The Asset;
  • Otrivin;
  • Kviks;
  • Pinosol.

Viks The Asset

The main active medicinal component of the Oxymetazoline spray is a substance belonging to the group of alpha-adrenostimulation. Eucalyptus in nasal composition used as a mitigating component.

Viks the Asset is recommended to use with all types of rhinitis for the normalization of nasal breathing, decrease in the production of secretion. Spray widely used for the treatment of rhinitis of bacterial origin and reduction of symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

The drug is recommended for adults and children over 6 years. The dosage depends on the disease and General condition of the patient.

The spray is sold without prescription, but use without a doctor’s advice it is not worth it.

Viks the Asset available in bottles of different weight, equipped with fine spray. Adult dosage is 1 injection in each nostril two to three times a day. The course of treatment is not more than a week. A special form of the drug for children is not available.

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Like many medicines, Vicks Asset has its contraindications:

  1. It is not recommended to use medication for diabetes, hyperthyroidism, some heart diseases and kidney diseases.
  2. With careful use spray if you are hypersensitive to substances included in its composition.
  3. The drug is contraindicated in children under 6 years and pregnant women.

The spray can cause a slight burning sensation in the nose and nasopharynx. In rare cases, leads to a feeling of stuffiness after therapeutic effect. System action components of Viks the Asset can cause headaches, increased blood pressure and impaired mental nature (insomnia, anxiety).


Otrivin is a vasoconstrictor used in respiratory catarrh, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and preparation for surgical intervention in the nasal cavity.

The drug is available in the form of a nasal spray and contains 0.1% camelina as the primary therapeutic agent. As additional components are used sorbitol, hypromellose, eucalyptus oil and menthol.

The inactive components of the spray help reduce the dryness caused by the action ksimelin. Eucalyptus acts as an antiseptic component, and menthol — cooling.

Nasal spray with menthol is recommended for adults and children over 12 years. Medical standards in accordance with the instructions for use depend on the age and condition of the patient. But not more than 2 vspryskivaniu in each nostril 2 times a day. The therapeutic effect lasts up to 12 hours.

Contraindications to the use of:

  1. Do not use the spray if you are hypersensitive to substances included in its composition.
  2. The drug is contraindicated in high intracranial pressure and atherosclerosis.
  3. It is not recommended to use spray glaucoma, diabetes, disorders of the thyroid gland and the cardiovascular system.
  4. Components of the drug are able to penetrate into the milk during lactation, therefore, lactating and pregnant Otrivin contraindicated.
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The drug can cause negative side effects such as nausea, high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. In rare cases, problems with the respiratory system and hyperactivity of the mucous secretion.

The drug does not cause swelling of the mucosa. In case of overdose you may feel increased dryness in the nose and nasopharynx.


Kviks — nasal spray with eucalyptus, prepared on the basis of the waters of the Atlantic ocean with a full range of natural salts. Eucalyptus has antiseptic and antibacterial action in the cold. The tool is used to reduce nasal congestion due to the osmotic effect of salts.

Due to the unique composition of natural ingredients, nasal spray Kviks reduces swelling of the mucosa, reduces the production of secretion in the nose, gives a feeling of freshness and ease of breathing.

The drug is recommended for adults and children over 6 years for relief of nasal congestion in allergic and bacterial rhinitis. The absence in the chemical therapeutic substances provides drug the absence of resistance. Kviks is used as a prophylactic during the period of SARS.

The drug is contraindicated in pregnant women and nursing mothers. Hypersensitivity to eucalyptus is rare, but if present, should abandon the use of nasal spray.

According to the instructions, apply the drug can be up to three times a day for 1-2 inject children 6 years and 2-3 adults. The rate of application is determined individually, but should not exceed 10 days.


The effect of the nasal spray differs from most similar products. Pinosol does not render the instant action. Its therapeutic properties are cumulative and occur within a few days from the start of use.

In the composition of the Drops only natural components:

  • oil mountain pine;
  • eucalyptus essential oil;
  • peppermint extract;
  • vitamin E.
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The nasal spray is used for the treatment of bacterial rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis. It provides a bactericidal effect and a decrease in the level of secretions from the nose.

Adults and children over 6 years are recommended to apply the spray in the form of vspryskivaniu 1-2 times a day, one in each nasal passage.

Thanks to its natural ingredients! non-addictive and has few contraindications.

The drug can cause allergic reactions with special sensitivity to its components. Drops are not effective in viral infections in the nasal cavity.

Information on the effects of nasal spray on women during pregnancy and lactation is not available. But doctors believe that the components of therapeutic and preventive means are not harmful to the fetus.

Thus, in the composition of nasal sprays eucalyptus oil often acts as an additional component. Each of the above preparations are selected individually depending on the diagnosis and General condition of the patient.

Attention to the choice of the nasal spray for the common cold seriously. Whatever the means nor advised by friends or advertising in the media, before using it, consult your doctor.