Nasal sprays from sinusitis nasal antibiotic: list of effective sprays

What sprays can be used in sinusitis?

Stuffy nose, intense headaches, and fatigue can be signs of sinusitis. Therapy of this disease, especially in case of neglect, is difficult. Today, more and more popular nasal sprays from sinusitis nose.

In some cases, the use of these tools gives the possibility to avoid surgery by puncture of the sinuses.

What is sinusitis

Under the sinusitis means an inflammatory process that attacks the sinuses. In most cases the cause is a cold or a deep cold, which at the time was not fully cured. In the case of the development of the disease the patient lays the nasal cavity, inside which there is a gradual accumulation of mucus. Over time the pus.

This process is accompanied by a change in the patient’s condition. First he loses the sense of smell, a feeling of heaviness in the head. In the area of the temples and bridge of nose pain is felt. Along the way, there is an increase in body temperature up to thirty-eight degrees.

Important! In the absence of timely treatment possible transition of the disease into suppurative stage, which can lead to the development of third-party disease.

In the case of acute sinusitis, inflammation affects the thin mucous membrane that obscures the maxillary sinus. The disease also affects the vessels located in this region, and connective tissue. Chronic sinusitis affects the bony walls of the sinuses.

Disease affects both men and women. Age restrictions for its development there. Statistics show that in autumn and winter the number of patients significantly increases. A similar situation is observed in early spring.

Nasal sprays

Today, in addition classic medication in the treatment of sinusitis are actively used nasal spray. Their use allows you to irrigate the nasal passages with the smallest droplets of the active substance. Because of this property, the effect of the use of nasal sprays occurs very rapidly. List of sprays from sinusitis will help to understand their diversity and to choose the best tool.

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Help to remove the feeling of stuffiness of the nasal cavity. Reduce the puffiness, restoring, thus, a normal nasal breathing. The disadvantage of such sprays is short period of their possible use. If you use decongestants for more than seven days, the body gets used to the action of the active substances that reduce its effectiveness.

Among the vasoconstrictor nasal sprays should be highlighted:

  1. «Glycine». Active ingredient – Xylometazoline. Effective spray against sinusitis (the effect is felt in a few minutes after application). Acceptable use of the drug for the treatment of children who have reached the age of six. It is forbidden to use the product in the case of treatment with inhibitors monoaminoxidase.
  2. «Sanorin». Active ingredient is not effective. Reduces swelling, has a systemic effect on the blood vessels in the nasal cavity. The effect of the use lasts only four hours, so use the spray you need to three times a day. Maximum therapy – no more than five days.
  3. Vibrocil. In contrast to previous funds, provides not only a vasoconstrictor but also antiallergic action. Despite the almost complete absence of side effects, use of the drug to persons under the age of six, is prohibited. Maximum therapy – no more than a week.

Attention! Vasoconstrictor drugs may not take pregnant women, women during lactation.

In the case of prolonged use of sprays, described above, may increase nasal congestion that will exacerbate the patient’s condition. Therefore, it must not be overused.

Nasal sprays with antibiotics

In contrast to the vasoconstrictor, sprays containing antibiotics, act only against the symptoms of sinusitis, but also affect the cause of the disease. In some cases they can completely replace the antibiotics in pill form.

Well the following medications:

  1. «Bioparox». The active ingredient is fusafungine. Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. Actively struggling with streptococcal, pneumococcal and staphylococcal infections. Side effects are rare. To use tool for the treatment of children under the age of 2.5 years.
  2. «Izofra». Active ingredient – framizetin. The aerosol is effective against most bacteria that multiply in the nasal cavity. In some cases after applying are allergic. Allowed to use for treating children from two years.
  3. «Polideksa». Contains the aminoglycoside neomycin. Acts against inflammation, bacteria and swelling. Also has antiallergic effect. Effective against the most part of pathogens, provoking inflammatory process in the nasal sinus. Can be used in the treatment of children older than 2.5 years.
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Nasal spray antibiotic cannot be used too often. Like decongestants, products containing antibiotics can be addictive.


Mucolytic aerosols have the ability to liquefy the mucus, which facilitates its way out of the sinuses. They normasol the condition of the nasopharynx and reduce swelling. Some drugs also have anti-inflammatory effect, so can prevent congestion.

Among the mucolytics is to provide:

  1. «Rinofluimucil». The best spray for the treatment of sinusitis in adults from this group of funds. Contains tuaminogeptana and azetiltsistein. Acts against inflammation, reduces swelling, hyperemia. Can be used for children older than six years. Pregnant women, Allergy sufferers and glaucoma patients are advised to stop taking the drug.
  2. «Sinuforte». Contains herbal components. Thins mucus and reduces swelling. Can be used by children older than twelve years. The product can be used after a puncture and endoscopy. Pregnant drug is contraindicated.

Sprays represented in this group, can not replace the antibiotics. They do not kill pathogenic microorganisms. Their main purpose is the relief of the patient.


Nasal aerosols related to this group have strong anti-inflammatory and antiedematous action. Corticosteroid suitable means to combat chronic disease and sinusitis with an allergic component.

Help! The therapeutic effect occurs only after a few uses corticosteroid nasal spray.

Good effects have any of the following medicines in this group:

  1. «Nasonex». Contains the hormones being produced by the adrenal cortex. Inhibits the development of pathogenic microorganisms, suppresses the infectious process, does not penetrate into the bloodstream. Approved for use by pregnant women and children under two years of age. The effect of admission comes a day later.
  2. «Almost four years». Also active against edema, allergic reactions, inflammation. Partially absorbed into the bloodstream. The effect of the drug can be felt within five days after the start of use. Can be used for the treatment of pregnant women and children (from six years), but is contraindicated in persons with a sensitivity to individual components of the tools.
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The market is also represented moisturizing sprays («Marinasol», «saline», «Aqua Maris»). They do not have therapeutic effects, but is able to moisten the mucous membranes of the nose to remove allergens and to clean the sinuses. Such nasal sprays are completely safe and have no side effects.


Thus, nasal sprays are well established in the treatment of sinusitis. Some types of these drugs are capable not only to facilitate the course of disease, but also to influence its causes.

Before using the above tools, it is recommended to consult your doctor.