Nasonex relieve sinusitis and reviews

How to use «Nasonex» in the sinus?

According to statistics, every 12 Russian citizen diagnosed with sinusitis. Moreover, among the pathological processes of the nose, inflammation of the maxillary sinuses chronic type than the 50% figure.

In most cases, specialists prescribe a comprehensive treatment, which includes medication «Nasonex». Sinusitis is quite a serious disease that can be hidden, so without the use of corticosteroids treatment for almost no cost.

Pharmacodynamics of the drug

Drug release form – suspension, implemented in the spray – bottles of 10 and 18, are designed for a certain number of doses (10 g. 60 irrigation, 18 g. 120 irrigation). The set includes a special dispensing nozzle which eliminates the possibility of drug overdose.

This medical product has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect.

Therefore, in practice, the treating specialist will make the choice in favor of the drug «Nasonex» in the sinus. Reviews most patients confirm the efficacy of medications, which due to the presence of the following components consisting of:

  1. Current component – mometasone furoate, hormone synthetic origin, synthesized by the adrenal cortex. Mometasone suspends the process to produce biologically active substances that determine the development and outcome of the inflammatory process (inflammatory mediators). In other words, the hormone responsible for the blocking of the inflammatory process in nasal mucosa.
  2. Excipients cellulose, citric acid, glycerol, etc.

Important! In the treatment «Nasonex» you can not use vasoconstrictor drops as the effectiveness of the drug is reduced to zero. Also, when using other local medicines necessary to sustain an interval of at least 2 hours.

The drug efficacy is not a reason for self-therapy, to appoint «Nasonex» when sinusitis is the direct prerogative of the doctor.

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It is understood that this drug is not used as the treatment of viral rhinitis, as there are some limitations to the use of «Nasonex». Medical product is appropriate for therapy:

  • rhinosinusitis, to prevent the transfer of disease from chronic to a more severe form;
  • long-term allergic rhinitis, is effective in treatment with antihistamine drugs of the group;
  • chronic sinusitis in acute, can be used as a single-agent preparation or as additional funds;
  • adenoiditis.

«Nazoneks» has the effect of a local nature on the body, virtually eliminates the absorption into the systemic circulation, therefore, recommended for use for children under two years of age.

Regardless of what treatment-and-prophylactic effect is manifested only at the point of use of the medication, «Nazoneks» still not recommended in pregnancy and lactation. As there are no data from clinical studies of the influence of active ingredients on the baby.

Important! It is acceptable to use «Nasonex» during pregnancy and lactation in exceptional cases, when the potential risk the mother outweighs the risk to the fetus.

Dosage and method of administration of the drug

«Nazoneks» from sinusitis can be administered to both adults and children (over 2 years). Prescription and required number of doses determined by the doctor after determining the etiology of the disease, the patient’s age and individual characteristics of the organism.

According to the instructions, recommended dosage use:

  • for adults – on 2 injection in each nostril, but not more than two times a day;
  • for children 2 to 11 years – 1 injection into each nasal, not more than once a day;
  • for children over 12 years dosage same as for adults.
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Depending on the improvement of patient, number of doses may be reduced.

Increase dosage only after doctor’s permission but it is understood that the maximum possible dose of the drug is equal to four sprays in each nostril.Therefore, there is an increase not frequency of use and quantity of medication.

Should adhere to certain rules before irrigation of the nasal mucosa «Nasonex»:

  • before each use you must shake the bottle to ensure that the suspension have a uniform consistency;
  • included in a detachable dispenser is required before each treatment, rinsed with running water to avoid clogging of the orifice of the pipette with the suspension;
  • to get rid of accumulated mucus by using a saline wash or spray based on sea water;
  • therapy should not exceed 14 days as a high probability of addiction and the occurrence of the syndrome (reciprocal reaction on abrupt cessation of use of the drug that can cause addiction).


Although «Nasonex» is a new modern drug, its use does not preclude the manifestation of possible side reactions, including:

  1. Irritation of the nasal mucosa in the form of a burning sensation, sneezing.
  2. Epistaxis (blood from nose).
  3. Occasional or regular strong headaches.
  4. Elevated intraocular pressure.

Important! Increase in eye pressure may provoke the development of such diseases as glaucoma. So at the first sign of side effects, the drug should be replaced by the analogue.

To clinical cases prohibiting therapy «Nasonex» should include:

  1. Individual intolerance of the drug.
  2. Age under 2 years.
  3. TB.
  4. Recent nose injury or surgery.
  5. A history of ENT diseases viral, fungal and bacterial nature, the treatment of which is not carried out.
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Valentine. I had to re-puncture of the sinus, after consultation with their doctor decided to try to «Nasonex» as I’ve seen only positive reviews, in performance I do not doubt. I was not embarrassed that a hormonal drug, especially because it does not affect the gastrointestinal tract and is not absorbed into the blood. Was treated for 10 days. What I want to say, «Nasonex» for me, just saving for the past two years I about sinusitis do not remember.

Anastasia. During the month could not overcome a sinus infection that just was not accepted. Prescribed «Nasonex» and after a few days of use my nose was breathing, headaches gone and quite large quantities of it began to depart the pus. Before burying the nose definitely washed to the effectiveness of the treatment increased. After 6 days of treatment I said goodbye to sinusitis and is very happy.

The effectiveness of the product proves the most positive reviews among patients. Compliance with doctor’s instructions will help to avoid side reactions and to get rid of sinusitis in a short time.