Natural adjuvants and immunomodulators: a list of modern resources

Modern immunomodulators and Immunostimulants

Immediately we should distinguish between two concepts: immunomodulators and Immunostimulants. Under the first refers to tools that influence the human immune system. Immunomodulators are divided into two types: adjuvants — drugs that improve the immune system, and immunosuppressants — drugs, whose action is aimed at decreasing immunity.

From this we can conclude that any immunostimulant falls under the concept of immunomodulator. In this article we consider what are the modern immunomodulators and Immunostimulants, which have, and when their admission is justified.

Types of adjuvants

Modern adjuvants are divided into several categories:

  1. (Natural, vegetable) funds. These include tincture of schisandra, Echinacea, etc. a Distinctive feature of natural products is gentle to the human body. They are perfectly suited to patients with immunodeficiency. Natural Immunostimulants are used as prophylaxis, because their intake decreases the risk of infectious diseases.
  2. Antimicrobial adjuvants. For example, quite well-known drug – Imudon. Its action is directed on monocytes, which help to flush bacteria from the body.
  3. Interferone products – cream, etc. Their action aimed at protecting the human body against viruses, bacteria and harmful bodies of other origin.
  4. Synthetic funds – Amiksin, etc. Their action is directed on stimulation of immune reactions.
  5. Endogenous drugs, for example, Timalin or Timogen, created on the basis of brain cells. Using such kind of medicines, you can restore the number of blood cells, and increase the activity of the immune system.

Caution! Pills adjuvants is not recommended without consultation with a medical specialist. To schedule an appointment immunomodulators have immunologist.

Natural Immunostimulants and immunomodulators

For several centuries to treat many diseases using herbs. In nature there are many herbs that have a positive effect on the immune activity of the organism. However, it is not necessary to make the entire course of treatment alone plants and herbs. There are a large number of effective medicines. In many cases, integrated treatment brings the best results.

A variety of herbs that have a positive effect on the immune activity of man, is astounding. On every continent you can find plants that effectively manage infectious and other pathologies.

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Natural immunomodulators are very rarely cause adverse reactions, but also possess a high degree of digestibility. Derived traditional medicines in a natural way, which is important in the 21st century, when products contain chemical additives that cause severe damage throughout the human body.

There is a list of the most popular immunomodulators, which have a high degree of effectiveness and absence of side effects:

  • Echinacea;
  • ginseng;
  • wild rose;
  • schisandra;
  • raspberry;
  • birch.


Composed of Echinacea has a large amount of various trace elements and vitamins. The plant has a high degree of efficiency. Echinacea is recommended for infectious diseases.

The plant is used almost entirely, not only used the leaves and flowers of herbs, but also the stems. Take Echinacea in tea form, pre-dried parts of the plant. 1 teaspoon of herbs it is recommended to use a liter of boiling water.


Another popular immune stimulant of natural origin is ginseng. The translation of the title plants with Chinese language – the root of life. Ginseng is recommended to use to enhance immunity. The plant will help to get rid of constant fatigue and weakness. Greater efficiency in grass are shown in physical and mental exhaustion.

For the treatment used only to ginseng, which is carefully ground to a fine powder, then poured the boiling water.

For one teaspoon, use 1 liter of boiling water. The resulting liquid should insist a minimum of 30 days, from time to time shaking the bottle.


Very popular in the pathology of catarrhal nature is the rose. It is especially popular in the spring and autumn months, when the epidemic escalated. Its high degree of effectiveness due to the high concentration of vitamin C in the plant.

Enhance the effect with raspberry – this will allow you to recover in the shortest possible time. To prepare a decoction, you want to push the hips within 24 hours, then boil the liquid. The plant can be brewed several times.

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In nature there is a plant that is much more effective than coffee in terms of invigorating properties – lemongrass. With a decoction made from the branches of plants can provide a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Schisandra is not recommended for use for children and pregnant women.


If the daily use of a decoction of raspberry leaves, you can supply your body with significant amounts of active substances.

Medical experts recommend drinking the tea of raspberry leaves during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

This will strengthen the uterus and increase the chances of childbirth without complications.

One tablespoon of used 200 grams of boiling water, the broth should infuse for 60 minutes.


With a birch in ancient times men fought with a large number of diseases. Immunomodulatory effect have not only the branches and leaves of the plant. The activity of the immune system and increases in the use of birch SAP. The plant is known high concentration of ascorbic acid.

To generate a broth using 10 large spoons of leaves and 500 grams of boiling water. Fluid infused for 60 minutes at room temperature. Before taking the decoction, it is recommended to drain.

What are adjuvants for pregnant women?

In the period of carrying a baby it is very important to pay attention to the protection of the mother’s body. Any infectious disease can greatly affect the future of their baby. Therefore, it is important to know what medicines can strengthen the immune system of the mother at this crucial period of her life.

Before you purchase any drug, you should consult with a medical professional.

In most cases during pregnancy the doctor prescribes one of these drugs:

  1. Viferon is the most popular drug to enhance immunity during pregnancy. The drug can be used as a cure against viral infections. Make it allowed after 14 weeks gestation.
  2. Oscillococcinum is distributed in the territory of the Russian Federation to the French drug. Taking this drug will help prevent the flu and colds.
  3. Limontar is a drug which is aimed at the General strengthening of the body. In its structure two main components citric acid and succinic. The drug will help to improve the adaptation of the organism.
  4. Magne B6 — original French drug, one of the vitamin complexes, assigned medical specialists with a deficiency of magnesium. The drug restores sleep and calms nervous irritability.
  5. A decoction of the leaves of raspberry, mentioned above.
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Immunomodulators have become popular relatively recently, just 20 years ago about them no one knew. People managed perfectly well without them. There are many ways to improve the activity of the immune system. For example, you can balance the diet should be sufficient macro-and micronutrients.

Medical experts recommend more walk in the fresh air, it improves blood circulation. Chronic lack of sleep negatively affects the immune system, it is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours a day. It is also recommended to avoid stress.

Be careful! Long-term use of immunomodulators has a negative impact on the body. If you do not follow the recommendations of a medical professional, there is a risk of worsening the immune system. You should not experiment on your health, take care of yourself and be happy!