Natural remedy for children: instructions on the use of and analogues

Can children Prescribed?

Most often, acute respiratory inflammations affected children. Their immune system is unstable, therefore, any intensification of an infectious inflammation ends with severe complications. To avoid the development of disease is necessary with two years to actively strengthen the health of the baby and treat even common cold. But caring parent wants to minimize any contact with drugs, so not every mom and dad give the baby a drug without making sure there are no side effects and contraindications.

If a child is faced with an acute inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, it is important to take immediate action. To stop the progression of the disease and eliminate the acute symptoms, the baby can be given «Prescribed». The drug, designed to fight the unpleasant signs and diseases in the oral cavity.

«Prescribed» and children

When inflammation of your baby’s mouth, it is necessary to begin serious treatment, even before development of complications. In the period of intensified infection in this cavity, the child in the first hours complaining of pain when swallowing liquid or eating, so notice beginning of inflammation is not difficult. To get rid of inflammation requires a holistic treatment. One way to eliminate the symptoms is the pill or spray «Prescribed».

Despite wide popularity of the drug, parents are still concerned about the question of whether children are «Prescribed»? This question is justified, as an active ingredient of the drug may cause some side effects.

Tablets in the form of candy is not forbidden to treat children from three years, but first it is important to ensure that the child has no hypersensitivity to ambazone monohydrate. This substance is the main component of the drug.

In addition, the composition include sucrose and lactose monohydrate as well as some additional substances.

The combination of active ingredients considered to be allergenic, so you should use «After» without medical supervision can be dangerous.

Wondering what age is it possible to give the child a «Prescribed», it is important to undergo a medical examination. Usually the drug is prescribed only three years, but the acute need for specialist can prescribe medicine to two years. To use the drug at an earlier age is prohibited.

When you can apply

Instructions for use «Faringosept» for children warns that the use of drug to treat children with inflammation of the throat, as well as infectious inflammation of the pharynx and the mucous membrane.

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Most often doctors prescribe the medication under the following ailments:

  • sore throat;
  • tonsillitis;
  • chronic inflammation of the tonsils;
  • stomatitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • gingivitis;
  • tracheitis.

In addition, to apply the «Prescribed» as prevention, as well as at activation of infections, for example, in kindergarten. Upon timely application, the drug will be able to protect the child’s body from penetration of malicious organisms.

How to be treated

Apply the «Prescribed» permitted from the age of three. In this age of the baby, doctors prescribe one tablet at a time. Just a day are allowed three candy. To apply the medication is required four days.

From the age of seven the child is allowed to dissolve up to five tablets a day not more than five days.

Fourteen years the dosage is calculated as adults. At this age, you need six tablets a day. Treatment should continue for five days.

Apply «After» can be for thirty minutes before taking food. After resorption of the drug within three hours do not eat and any drinks.

Before using the product, ensure conformity of dosages of the doctor. If not properly treated, the patient can appear allergic reaction and other adverse symptoms.

Do not swallow the medication! In the treatment the tablets should dissolve.


Strict contraindications «Prescribed» is not. However, keep in mind that the preparation includes lactose, and sucrose. Therefore, the medication cannot be used in diabetes, and if you are allergic to milk.

Lollipops reinforce the functions of the salivary glands, therefore, the resorption of the drug in a child may receive active salivation. Thus, the drug begins to struggle with malicious germs.


If you breach the terms of use of the drug, the formation of the acute signs of overdose.

It is important to remember that the increase in the number of candy will not speed up the healing process and will only worsen the patient’s condition.

What to do in case of overdose «Faringosept» the child in the first place? The manifestation of overdose, patient has dryness of the nasal passages, itching and burning in the throat, and also discoloration of the face, common symptoms of intoxication.

To get rid of these signs can provoke vomiting or washing the stomach.

If your doctor has prescribed the medication along with other medicines, check the possibility of formation of undesirable consequences. In case of hypersensitivity to the medication, the child may receive allergies in the form of itching and burning and redness around the mouth.

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In some cases overdose of the baby are formed itchy blisters, and in severe cases there is swelling Kwinke. With such symptoms it is important to immediately call an ambulance.


Before you buy «Prescribed» parents can ask about the analogues of the drug. Analogues «Faringosept» for children are presented in the form of sprays, lozenges and sprays intended for topical application.

The most effective similar drugs are:

  1. «I have» is a powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial agent. In addition, the medication affects the immune system, allowing you to speed up the healing process of inflammations in the mouth.
  2. «Septolete» — an antiseptic designed for treatment of children aged four years. Its properties help eliminate bacteria and viruses within eight days of treatment. Can be used only after consultation with your doctor.
  3. «Strepsils» — known antiseptic that have a devastating effect on microbes. Is appointed for children over five years.
  4. «Hexetidine-tabs» is another equivalent of «Faringosept». The drug has anti-inflammatory effects, but other than that the tool can be used when severe pain in the mouth caused by infectious inflammation. Prescribed for the treatment of five.
  5. «Tantum Verde» — similar to the drug «Faringosept», designed to eliminate infectious inflammation. «Tantum Verde» has not only antiseptic, but anti-microbial, immune-stimulating and analgesic effect.

Remember, to apply any of the above means after consultation with your doctor. Self-treatment can be dangerous and cause a number of complications.

It is better for children: «I have» or «Prescribed»

Basic analog «Faringosept» is «I have». Medicine is based on natural ingredients that have powerful antibacterial action.

Cells destroying harmful microorganisms, «I have» quickly removes the infection and restores the function of the nasopharynx.

I wonder what «I have» is produced from protein chicken eggs. Enzymes the active ingredient contained in the human saliva so the medication is easily accepted by the patient.

Providing the necessary protection, «I have» speeds up the healing process of the affected cells and inflamed areas in the mouth.

«I have» prescribed for inflammation of the mouth, and in the case of gingivitis, stomatitis and ulceration mouth. Often, doctors prescribe this medication as prophylaxis in the season of colds and inflammation of the SARS, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and tonsillitis. However, the «Faringosept» this list is much higher.

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Apply «I have», as «Prescribed», it is possible to treat children from the age of three. Before this age to apply the remedy is prohibited, as the medication is necessary to dissolve in the mouth for a long time. In connection with age, it is important to monitor this factor all the time of treatment.

The dosing of the drug the following:

  • with three years you can apply for half of one Lollipop in the morning, afternoon and evening;
  • five years is assigned to one tablet three times a day;
  • seven years old, you can apply the medication four times a day one tablet;
  • with twelve years prescribed two tablet three times a day.

After resorption of the drug can not eat or drink for thirty minutes. The treatment must support seven days.

If we compare the two drug considered «Prescribed» has a more powerful effect on inflammation, but «I have» more sparing in their properties. Since «I have» produced in the ingredient is similar to components of human saliva, the parents prefer it this way.

One of the obvious advantages «Faringosept» it is necessary to allocate the limited contraindications. Therefore, the choice of these drugs doctors most often prescribe it «Prescribed». They, unlike the «Lisabetta» do not irritate the mucous membrane and are not absorbed into the bloodstream.


When inflammation of the throat, pain in the mouth and a strong activation of bacteria in the nasopharynx it is important to begin a comprehensive treatment. In this case, the doctors prescribed «Prescribed» as a comprehensive treatment. Do not use the tool without help from the physician, and without an accurate diagnosis of the disease.

Store «Prescribed» necessary in a dark place where the temperature does not exceed twenty degrees Celsius. The shelf life of the drug is two years.