Natural remedy in pregnancy: a manual for use in the 2nd trimester

Is it possible to take «Prescribed» during pregnancy?

Being in an interesting position, a woman should care about their health. Much attention requires state enforcement to ensure the function of external respiration.

The modern pharmaceutical industry is able to offer a wide range of products for relief of ENT diseases in pregnant women without harm to health of the child. The first line of protection is headed by antiseptic the drug is «Prescribed».

Is it possible to take «Prescribed» in the early stages of pregnancy?

Active substance – Amazon, exhibits bacteriostatic activity against gram-positive and gram-negative strains. The high efficiency of the drug allows you to use tablets as single-agent preparation or for the treatment of pathologies of the oral cavity of light and medium severity.

Pharmaceutical product effective for the following violations:

  • tonsillitis;
  • stomatitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • gingivitis.

«Prescribed» is used as a prophylactic agent to prevent unwanted consequences of surgical intervention.

When resorption of tablets occurs by reflex irritation of sensory nerve endings in the mouth, which causes increased secretion of the saliva glands. With the outflow of the biological environment evacuated pathogenic agents.

The effect of the drug is aimed at relief of inflammation, reducing discomfort when swallowing, reduced sensation of the sore, scratchy throat.

Efficiency «Faringosept» for the treatment of colds in the expectant mother confirmed the local action of the main components, which eliminates the possibility of penetration through the placental barrier unformed. Are not involved in the processes of hemocirculation do not interact with other drugs.

For reference! Patients prone to diabetes should take into account the high percentage of lactose (729 mg).

The risk of side effects is minimal, with the exception of hypersensitive body parts.

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A significant advantage of antiseptics is the ability to act locally on the lesion, without affecting the healthy microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, preventing the development of dysbiosis. Only local effect enables the use of «Prescribed» in lactation.

Review the list of eligible antiviral drugs during pregnancy

Instructions for use «Faringosept» during pregnancy

Therapy of pathologies of the oral cavity and the larynx begins to determine the cause of the irritation. If the list of causative agents are staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci otolaryngologist appoints pills «Prescribed». According to the annotation of the manufacturer of the antiseptic is allowed at all gestational ages.

In the first trimester, when there is a bookmark of vital organs and systems, the slightest disturbance can provoke the detachment of the placenta, spontaneous abortion. To exclude serious consequences, prevent allergic reactions, use of medication requires specialist advice.

Fact! The maximum concentration of the drug in the saliva is observed through 24 hours after start of the reception.

Tolerable daily intake of ambazone varies from 30 to 50 mg., respectively, to pregnant it is administered 1 lozenge every 3-4 hours, but not more than 5 times a day.

To increase therapeutic effect it is necessary to observe following recommendations:

  • to take medication a quarter of an hour after a meal;
  • to limit the intake of food and liquids for 1-2 hours after resorption of the tablets;
  • pills do not swallow, and hold in mouth until dissolved.

The duration of treatment with antiseptic the doctor sets taking into account the characteristics of the course of pathology. The average rate is 3 to 5 days, if necessary, can be extended to a full recovery. Excess dosage or frequency of administration does not strengthen the effectiveness «Faringosept».

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In the absence of positive dynamics at the end of the course it is advisable to consult a doctor for replacement medication.

How to treat a cold during pregnancy can be found here.


«Faringosept» — antiseptic wide spectrum of action for the relief of pathologies of the oral cavity in pregnant and lactating women.

Minimal risk of side effects from taking the drops observed in the 2 trimester of gestation and late gestation.