Neuritis of the auditory nerve: symptoms and treatment of inflammation

How to treat neuritis of the auditory nerve?

Inflammation of the auditory nerve occurs mainly in people over 50-60 years. The disease causes severe hearing loss, which can occur both suddenly and gradually, obrazovalas few months. The defeat of the auditory nerve has several symptoms, in which patients complain of loss of coordination, nausea, and dizziness.

To ignore these signs quite difficult, so people go to the hospital at the first symptoms. In this situation there is favorable outcome of treatment, but if not promptly treated, the patient can go deaf from a few months up to the loss of deafness forever. To prevent complication and to begin therapy as soon as possible, learn the symptoms and methods of treatment of neuritis of the auditory nerve.

What is the neuritis of the auditory nerve

Neuritis of the auditory nerve or cochlear neuritis is a pathological disease that is localized in the inner part of the ear. During the disease of the labyrinth, there is a dysfunction of the parts of the inner ear, including severe disruption of the nerve, which has the function of transmitting sound impulses to the brain.

This inflammation can occur due to many factors, on the basis of which is determined by further treatment.

Most often, the inflammation of the ear nerve is found in men over the age of fifty.

In connection with age, many patients think that this is a natural change and rarely go to the doctor for diagnosis.

This is a big mistake patients, because in the future, without qualified treatment, the inflammation progresses only.

Interestingly, people living in big cities suffer this inflammation more often than those who live in rural areas. This is due to the constant noise in the city, which is quite strong impact on the hearing aid, stimulating the nerve cells.

Inflammation is divided into three types:

  • acute phase;
  • subacute;
  • a congenital form.

In the case of acute neuritis of the auditory nerve inflammation is formed very suddenly and causes pronounced symptoms. While on the ear is not mutated and functions easy to recover with proper therapy in the first days after inflammation.

The next stage of treatment required is more complex. Often at this stage the patients assigned to surgical intervention. And in the case of chronic inflammation of the drug treatment in most part inefficient and to restore hearing is practically impossible.

The cause of the inflammation

When inflammation of the neuritis is celebrated hypersensitivity to external factors, as well as to the processes occurring inside the body.

To restore hearing in this case quite difficult, as you first need to find out the cause of the formation of the disease.

Among the signs of inflammation is most often observed in the penetration of viruses and infections in the middle ear region, where it flows into the labyrinth. Other reasons include:

  • the pathological changes;
  • congenital anomaly of ear;
  • bacterial lesions of the ears, nose, or throat;
  • a complication of the flu or common cold;
  • frequent alcohol consumption or Smoking;
  • professional activities related to frequent contact with chemicals;
  • the toxic effects;
  • mechanical damage;
  • injury the ears or head;
  • change the structure of the ears in connection with age;
  • the formation of atherosclerosis;
  • the appearance of tumors or cysts;
  • prolonged or uncontrolled use of antibiotics or other drugs.

If you work in noisy places, such as in a nightclub or at a construction site, you should not forget to be checked by a doctor-otolaryngologist. In addition, it is important to prevent health and take large amounts of vitamins.

But if you began to experience frequent dizziness or nausea, and also noticed the sharp decrease in hearing, it is necessary to pay attention to additional symptoms that develop in this disease.

Symptoms of neuritis of the following:

  1. Most often occurs a malfunction of the ossicles, in connection with which the person experiences loss of hearing acuity.
  2. In addition, patients complain of pain inside the ear. This is due to the dysfunction of the nerve endings in the inner ear.
  3. Disruption of the vestibular apparatus, causing nausea and dizziness.
  4. The appearance of unusual sounds, noise, squeak, Bang, not connected with the outside world.
  5. Pain in the head or ears.
  6. Severe fatigue and fatigue.
  7. The feeling that before your eyes, there are flies.
  8. A strong increase in temperature.

If you notice these signs, probably, ear is formed inflammation of the auditory nerve in which it is necessary medication. If not treated in time the disease can become chronic.

If the patient was diagnosed with congenital hearing problems, symptoms can be almost not to disturb the patient, the exacerbation occurs a few times a year.

Keep in mind that these symptoms may be indicative not only of neuritis of the auditory nerve, but also the threat otitis media or other ear inflammation.

It is therefore important to diagnose inflammation of the doctor and not to self-medicate prior to diagnosis.

If you started self-treatment before seeking medical attention, you can worsen the inflammation and to reach the point of no return. In this case, the correct medication will be ineffective, and the patient will be prescribed hearing AIDS.

Drug treatment of neuritis

The treatment is not without diagnosis. So be prepared for the fact that to start, you need to take the blood and smear from the ears.

How to repair the auditory nerve without conducting audiometry or tomography is unknown, so be patient and go through all the necessary examinations. In examining your problem, the doctor will determine the stage of inflammation and the threshold of deafness, and will also indicate the root cause of inflammation.

Neuritis in the early stages is treated with antibiotics and drops. If the inflammation is more serious, the patient is placed in the office for a few weeks.

  1. First and foremost, patients should use medications that allow you rid your body of unwanted water and salt – Hydrochlorothiazide, Vero-Indapamid, Vero Spironolacto, Versprechen, Verospiron.
  2. Further, the patient must be to restore blood flow to the brain with drugs Cavinton, Piracetam, Cinnarizine, Cerebrolysin.
  3. To normalize the metabolism of such drugs as Cocarboxylase,
  4. It is important to improve blood counts. To do this, prescribe medicines, which are aminopenicillin or cephalosporin.
    Swelling and inflammation will relieve Tsiklometiazid, Indapamide, gidrokhlorisiazit, Furosemide.
  5. In the case of bacterial lesions the doctor will prescribe drops, which are antibiotics – Otofa, Sofradeks, Garazon, Cipromed.
  6. If nausea and dizziness become unbearable patients prescribed Dramina, Relanium , Cinnarizine, Flunarizin.

Be prepared for the fact that the course of treatment lasts about three weeks.

At this time, try not to engage in active sports, to drink more purified liquid and watch your diet.

Sick neuritis is strictly forbidden to eat spicy or fatty meals.

If you have chronic inflammation, then the treatment begins with the destruction of the etiological factor.

In the treatment of neuritis, resulting from the penetration of viruses to the patient are assigned:

  1. Antibiotics – Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Suprax, Sumamed, and other.
  2. Anti-inflammatory drug Ingavirin, Arbidol, Ibuprofen, Atroven.
  3. In addition, it is important to improve the immune system and improve metabolism. To do this, take vitamins.

If ear problems arose due to work, you first need to change the scope of activities and only then start a course of treatment. Otherwise, medical therapy will be ineffective.

After the elimination of primary symptoms and the normalization condition of the patient need to undergo rehabilitation to restore the immune system.

If the treatment proved ineffective, and my hearing is getting worse every day, the patient is appointed for hearing AIDS.


It is important to understand that the use of traditional methods in the treatment of neuritis ineffective due to the deep location of the maze. Therefore, do not self-medicate and follow the advice and recommendations of a physician.

Remember that the course of treatment without imaging the impossible, so don’t trust the doctors who prescribe treatment without special studies.

In the first days after the detection of inflammation in patients prescribed diuretics medicines and tablets against viruses. After all the treatment you need to strengthen the body. At this time it is important is in the fresh air and eat healthy food.

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